• This is one of the few episodes where actual numbers are shown.

    I hope that my math test will be easier than this...

  • On the Mother Ant's helmet is a black ace card.
  • This is the only Ants' episode where Sniffles recieves no injuries to his tongue.
  • If one looks closely when Sniffles' chest bursts, the piece of bread from before flies away from the pressure of the explosion.
  • This episode, along with his character description and the Collect-Them-All section, reveals that Sniffles loves calculating long divisions.
  • The YouTube thumbnail spoils Sniffles' death.

Cultural References

  • The title of this episode is a pun on the idiom "a hard act to follow", which means to be so good that whatever follows will most likely seem lesser in comparison.
  • The moral means to act according to one's feelings.
  • Sniffles waking up to find himself pinned down by smaller beings is a reference to Gulliver's Travels.


  • Sniffles' death is similar to Kane's death in the 1979 film "Alien", Toothy in his Easter Smoochie and Giggles' death in Ski Patrol. They all involve the chest being burst.

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