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In Happy Tree Friends different advertisements, involving different Characters and how they are played out, which is, in some way, based around what they are linked to.

  1. Cuddles shouts into a tin can connected to another tin can via a string. The volume of his voice ruptures Giggles' ear drums. The ad says "Time to start networking!".
  2. Lumpy begins to stick his tounge in a fan. The ad says "Facebook: Be a Fan".
  3. Cuddles puts a computer screen on his head. The ad says "Put money in your pocket and put Happy Tree Friends on your computer".
  4. Flaky, Giggles, and Russell are running away in fear. The ad says "Follow us on Twitter".
  5. Toothy's fallen face first into the ground, breaking his jaw. The ad says "Plant Your Face on our social network".
  6. Cuddles is lying dead on the ground, having choked on something. The ad says "Shop Till You Drop".
  7. Flippy is holding a grenade in his mouth pulling the plug of it. The ad says "DVD Blowout".
  8. Lumpy is holding an IPod, the IPod cables are around his head and horns, his body is black and the Background is green like on many IPod ads. The ad says "iTree".
  9. Flippy is seen sitting in a movie theater with popcorn. The ad says "Watch us on".
  10. Toys based on Happy Tree Friends also exist.

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