Aim to Freeze is a Happy Tree Friends arcade game exclusive to Description

Have a ball escalating the arms race in this cold war. Show “snow” mercy because revenge is a game best served cold!


This game can be played in 1 Player or 2 Players. In 1 Player, the player controls Toothy, while the CPU controls Lumpy. Move your mouse to decide your aim, then click and hold the mouse button as you move your cursor to your character to decide the stretch power. You can't tell where your opponent's exact distance is, so try different angles and stretches to find out your opponent's position. Hit your opponent three times to kill him.

If your snowball lands in a bucket of water, it will be frozen and you'll have a second chance to throw the frozen snowball. If the frozen snowball manages to hit your opponent, he'll instantly die regardless on how many times you've hit your opponent before.


  • (If Toothy gets hit 3 times) Toothy gets frozen, then his upper body parts break into pieces.
  • (If Toothy gets hit a frozen snowball) Toothy's upper body parts get destroyed by a frozen snowball, leaving only his lower torso, feet, and tail.
  • (If Lumpy gets hit 3 times) Lumpy gets frozen, then his upper body parts break into pieces.
  • (If Lumpy gets hit a frozen snowball) Lumpy's upper body parts get destroyed by a frozen snowball.


  • This game is based on Strain Kringle.
  • This game shares the same game mechanics as another flash game called "Ren & Stimpy's Robin Hoek".
  • This is so far the only HTF arcade game to have a 2-player mode option.

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