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Asbestos I Can Do
For the first time in his life,
Lumpy completes a simple task
without hurting anyone.
Season: Irregular Episodes
Title Reference/Pun: As best as I can do
Writers: Kenn Navarro
Warren Graff
Ken Pontac
David Winn
Jeff Biancalana
Director: Kenn Navarro
Starring Roles
Happy Tree Friends - Asbestos I Can Do04:12

Happy Tree Friends - Asbestos I Can Do

Asbestos I Can Do is a special Easter Egg episode available on one of the Happy Tree Friends DVDs. Since all the deaths in this episode are repeats from previous episodes, they are considered non-canon.


The episode begins with a narrator saying "Previously on Happy Tree Friends..." Then we cut into a montage of numerous deaths and injuries characters suffered from the TV series. They go in this order:

Then the episode begins with Lumpy sitting on a rocking chair, knitting something. After a few seconds, Lumpy finishes. We see that he has made a cozy for one of his antlers.

Then the narrator says "Next time on Happy Tree Friends..." We cut into another montage of deaths and injuries. They go in this order:

Survival Rate

  • Amount of surviving main characters: 1
  • Amount of dead main characters: 0
  • Total Rate: 100%



Episodes not featured

  1. From Hero to Eternity
  2. A Change of Heart
  3. Every episode that aired after Aw, Shucks!.

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