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Asbestos I Can Do
For the first time in his life,
Lumpy completes a simple task
without hurting anyone.
Season: Irregular Episodes
Title Reference/Pun: As best as I can do
Writers: Kenn Navarro
Warren Graff
Ken Pontac
David Winn
Jeff Biancalana
Director: Kenn Navarro
Starring Roles
Happy Tree Friends - Asbestos I Can Do04:12

Happy Tree Friends - Asbestos I Can Do

Asbestos I Can Do is a special Easter Egg episode available on one of the Happy Tree Friends DVDs. Since all the deaths in this episode are repeats from previous episodes, they are considered non-canon.


The episode begins with a narrator saying "Previously on Happy Tree Friends..." Then we cut into a montage of numerous deaths and injuries characters suffered from the TV series. They go in this order:

Then the episode begins with Lumpy sitting on a rocking chair, knitting something. After a few seconds, Lumpy finishes. We see that he has made a cozy for one of his antlers.

Then the narrator says "Next time on Happy Tree Friends..." We cut into another montage of deaths and injuries. They go in this order:

Survival Rate

  • Amount of surviving main characters: 1
  • Amount of dead main characters: 0
  • Total Rate: 100%



Episodes not featured

  1. From Hero to Eternity
  2. A Change of Heart
  3. Every episode that aired after Aw, Shucks!.


  • The opening of this episode is the same as the one for the TV episodes (the extra death scenes are from them). However, there is no ending part for this episode.
  • This episode is now on the HTF website.
  • On March 6, 2009, this episode was posted on YouTube by the official Mondo Media Channel. Before and after the episode, they show clips of past episodes (TV series only), all of which consist of all the characters (except for Flippy and Cro-Marmot) getting violently killed or injured (this was likely done so the viewers do not get disappointed when they see this).
  • This is the second episode with only Lumpy in it. The first was Out on a Limb and Lumpy survives in both episodes.
  • Cro-Marmot is the only character who does not appear in the extra death scenes before and after the episode.
  • Flippy is the only character shown in the extra death scenes that never dies in any of them.
  • If one does not count most of the HTF Break shorts (which only last for around 17 seconds) and the extra death and injury scenes from this episode, this is the shortest episode in the entire series, with it being only 20 seconds long.
  • This is the only episode with just one shot in it.
  • The music in this episode can also be heard at the end of See What Develops, though at a higher pitch.
  • This is the only episode in the entire series so far to have no goofs. For regular episodes, Tongue Twister Trouble has the fewest, with only three goofs.
  • Lumpy has a picture of a block of cheese, which perfectly describes his love for cheese.

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