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  • Yong feng

    New episode Template?

    February 21, 2015 by Yong feng

    As I see the Counter-Strike Wiki have a new and better appearance of the template. So than I decides to doing same thing. With the help of Mroosa, he helped me how to use the template wikia.css. Now I got finally made with it. So I decided to modify the template with CSS codes. Since the old template seems outdated or obsolete. But I cannot do it without taking a question first. So this is the compensations:

    The decision will end at 23/02/2015 (EU date format)/02/23/2015 (U.S. date format).

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  • -=+=-Flamey-=+=-
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  • -=+=-Flamey-=+=-

    Hi I am Flamey, Im a new editor for the HTF Wiki I enjoy adding stuff to pages and communicating with others on the Wiki but today I am having a contest to do with my two favourite things HTF and FNAF! Now here's the rules 

    1:Nothing extremely violent for example nothing like the violence in "Wishy Washy" or "Tongue In Cheek".

    2:No shipping (srsly guys).

    3:Have Fun!

    Deadline : 20/2/14 or for America 2/20/14

    Post your Fan-art here!

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  • InanimateInsanityNickel

    Happy Tree Friends Battle: Episode 16 - How do I REALLY love thee?? Let me count the ways!!!

    Handy: I can't believe it, all this time I was a loser, and I won an immunity card, Isn't that great Petunia??

    Petunia: Yeah, Sure

    Handy: Guess what today is.....!!

    Petunia: Ugggh....Valentines Day?!

    Handy: Yep, and I got you these roses as a gift from my WONDERFUL girlfriend

    Petunia: Gee, Thanks

    Handy: Why are you so, not energized, is something wrong??

    Petunia: Well, last challenge, I kinda didn't like the fact that we kinda cheated

    Handy: Don't worry, I promise we won't cheat this challenge, DEAL!!?

    Petunia: Deal!! By the way these roses are beautiful, (smell) although they do smell a bit like feet


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  • InanimateInsanityNickel

    Can you guess where I live??


    1) It is a famous city

    2) It's not on the east coast

    3) It has experienced many building implosions


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  • InanimateInsanityNickel

    Happy Tree Friends Battle: Episode 15 - Secret Alliances don't last they??

    Cuddles: I'm scared, I don't want to be eliminated today, What if I am? What if I did something to anger the viewers to make them vote me out, this is awful, What will I do???

    Toothy: I know how you feel, let's just hope that either Handy or Lammy are eliminated, they are mostly the useless contestants.

    Handy: Hey, just because I have no arms doesn't mean I'm useless, I placed 7th last time, with no hands, that's better than last, RIGHT!!!??

    Cuddles: I let you have that chest, I could have taken that chest if I wanted to, but I didn't because I was nice, but if you are not grateful for what I did for you, then have fun being eliminated, Come on Toothy, Let's …

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  • 360gibson

    HTF Movie ideas?

    February 10, 2015 by 360gibson

    Since there's a HTF movie coming soon, what do you think the plot will be about?

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  • InanimateInsanityNickel


    February 9, 2015 by InanimateInsanityNickel

    Hey Everyone this is InanimateInsanityNickel wanting to ask a few questions about Happy Tree Friends Battle, But first What I can tell you now is that the next episode is being worked on, I am currently finished with the beginning and will do the elimination and challenge part, once the voting is over. But for now onto the questions.

    1. There will be a season 2, but it will have only 14 contestants, should all of them be from Season 1 or should I add some other characters from else where

    2. Should they be contestant voting or viewer voting?

    3. Finally, Do you have any ideas for future episodes? let me know in the comments.

    Let Me know if you have any questions, As for now, This is IIN, Signing off.

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  • InanimateInsanityNickel

    Happy Tree Friends Battle: Episode 14 - Seriously Handy!!??

    Flippy: Hey Flaky, Are you nervous about the elimination today

    Flaky: Sure I am, After surviving this long, I might be eliminated today, AND I DONT WANT THAT TO HAPPEN

    Flippy: Don't worry, I just know that the viewers wouldn't have the nerve to vote you off

    Flaky: You really thinks so??

    Flippy: I know so

    (With Handy and Petunia)

    Handy: So how's it been, while I was gone??

    Petunia: Well, It been kinda awful without you, I'm sorry for yelling at you in episode 2, I was just only thinking about myself, I hope you can forgive me

    Handy: I do, By the way, who do you think will be eliminated today??

    Petunia: I just hope that Flippy and Flaky are safe, The Mole needs to go!!!

    Handy: I'm sure they w…

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  • InanimateInsanityNickel

    I think Polls will be better for HTF battle because, I think Comment Votes kinda spoil the voting, so I got this poll app and the link below is just a trial test for the poll, I can see the votes by you can't

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  • Lord O' Darkness

    I've been thinking about the galleries for the episodes lately. I think we should rearrange the images in the order they actually appear. That way the galleries tell the story for those who are just too lazy (or scared) to watch the episode itself.

    As for the character galleries. They each have two categories: general and episodic. I'm seeing a lot of episode-based pictures in the former, when they should be in the latter. So should either of these be rearranged or are they fine on their own?

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  • Cuddlefan

    We all know Handy doesn't wear, nor use boots at all anymore (Ever since his first appearance, "House Warming".). This is probably (Or is) the only time Handy ever uses boots, as you never see him use them ever again, it's obvious why he used them in the first place in House Warming ( know what I mean), Handy probably removed his own boots (Because they're ether old, or he ether has a hard time putting them on. As you can see, his boots look bigger than his foot, which can sometimes cause the boots to come off his feet while he's walking. Or maybe he doesn't need his boots anymore). Believe it or not, Handy (Probably. I know I'm kinda using that word a bit too much here, but there's no other word I can use besides "probably") had n…

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  • InanimateInsanityNickel

    Happy Tree Friends Battle - Episode 13: A Conflict Leads to mistakes (Part 3)

    Russell: Splendid, Lammy, I want to talk to you

    Lammy: What is it Russell?

    Russell: Remember I told you guys about the stranger

    Lammy: Oh, Yes, by the way, Who was he, or she

    Russell: That's why I called you here, I want to describe the stranger to you, and I want you to help me identify him

    Splendid: Ok, Shoot

    Russell: Well, he was blue, and it had bushy looking tail, I couldn't see his face that well, but it was a deep voice.

    Splendid: That's Weird, That doesn't seem like anyone I know

    Lammy: If I didn't know better, That looks more of a description of YOU


    Russell: Well, Sure, You have a bushy tail, and you a…

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  • InanimateInsanityNickel

    Happy Tree Friends Battle - Episode 12: Around the World in 10 minutes

    Petunia: I can't believe out team lost for the umpteenth time, THIS IS STUPID!!!

    Flippy: Well, it was your fault that.......

    Petunia: MY FAULT!!! You read it to stupidly, Your such a (BEEP), I can't believed that your (BEEP) rejoined


    Petunia: That's it, Lysol time!!!

    Flippy: (In Flipqys voice) NO!!! (Kicks Petunia so hard she flys 100 feet away and cracks her head on a rock)

    Flaky: Flippy, CALM DOWN!!!

    Flippy: Sorry Flaky, I just can't stand Petunia anymore, she's such a (BEEP)

    Flaky: Well I'm going to give her a taste of her own cleaning supply

    Flippy: Don't you mean MEDICINE??

    Flaky: No........CLEANING SUPPLY…

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  • InanimateInsanityNickel

    Happy Tree Friends Battle: Episode 11 - Actions Speak Louder than Words

    Lifty: I can't believe our team is up for elimination, don't really feel like going home, so early in this game!!

    Flaky: I know how you feel, Eliminations are just terrifying art they?

    Petunia: Hey Losers, Hows it going?


    Petunia: Are you asking for another fight

    Lifty: This Could get ugly 😰

    Flaky: Why are you so mean to everyone, It's because of Handy isn't it?

    Petunia: No!! Handy was such a (BEEP) He failed at challenges

    Lifty: But Petunia......?

    Petunia : (Sprays Lysol in his eyes) Shut up!! No one likes you, and it's pretty obvious that you'll be eliminated!!

    Lifty: Says WHO!!

    Petunia: Says me (BEEP), You and your little (BEEP) friend …

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  • WhateverItIs

    I just thought about a question I really feel like asking:

    "If you were one of the Happy Tree Friends, who do you think you'll be?"

    No, I didn't ask which character is your favorite, that was asked many times. I mean, which character shares traits with you? It can be personality or physical traits, or even fur(I mean hair)colour or anything that relates them to you!

    Talk about your friends too! Who will they be?

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  • InanimateInsanityNickel

    HTF BATTLE Episode 10: Sugar and Spice, but Lysol ain't nice

    (Episode 9 is out, before reading this, a Read episode 9 if you haven't seen it)

    Flippy: Why do so many people hate me?! I'm nice, and friendly,..........and cute 😐

    Petunia: How's the little beast doing?

    Flippy: BEAST!? I'm not a beast, I happen to be very.......!

    Petunia: (Sprays Lysol in his eyes) Shush your face, Nobody Likes you

    Flippy: Petunia!! Stop, Your making my eyes bleed!!

    Petunia: This will teach you to not be such an (Beep) to everyone

    (Sprays Lysol in his eyes numerous times causing Flippy's eyes to swell up and gush out blood)

    Flippy: (Wailing in Pain)

    Flaky: Leave him alone, Petunia!!

    Petunia: What did you say, you little (BEEP)

    Flaky: I said, LEAVE HIM ALONE!!

    Petunia: This b…

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  • InanimateInsanityNickel

    HTF Battle - Episode 9: A Job worth doing, is worth doing WELL!!!

    Cuddles: I'm still sad that Giggles is gone!!

    Toothy: It's ok Cuddles, the 2 of us will make it to the Final 2 together and we will win for Giggles, Remember?

    Cuddles: Thanks, Toothy you are the best!

    (At Team Icebox's Cabin)

    Petunia: I'm so glad that we got a cabin for our second reward, at least this place is clean

    Pop: Petunia, why are you such a neat freak, and so mean these days, you used to be a nice little girl.


    Pop: Well, Fine, you want to be alone, then so be it, Let's go Cub

    Lifty: Hey, Speedy, When is the Rejoining Ceremony

    S.E.W: Right about...................NOW!!!


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  • Yong feng

    Happy New Year! (2015)

    December 31, 2014 by Yong feng

    Flippy The Army (or Toy Bonnie) wish you a Happy New Year of 2015! The 2014 is over and the 2015 has started.

    Yong Feng (Reply←→Edits) 13:07, December 31, 2014 (UTC)

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  • WhateverItIs

    A new BlurB

    December 30, 2014 by WhateverItIs

    Eye candy, a really famous episode and also the first one I ever watched. Today my tutor asked me to write a report about the eyes, and Eye candy suddenly came to mind......

    So here's my BlurB idea:

    '--'Hi! I am S.P. your professional ophthalmologist

    --I'm here today to share some information about the eye

    --And here's your little demonstrator......


    --Fact#1: The optic nerve of an eyeball can stretch up to 5 meters 

    --Fact#2: They tangle easily

    --But are impossible to untangle!

    --Heard that Toothy? Climbing that tree isn't really a solution.......

    --But whatever, I don't care!

    --Fact#3: Your optic nerve is connected to your brain

    --Which is why Toothy can still see through that eye

    --Fact#4: Your eye is very sensitive

    --Fact#5 :Your optic nerv…

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  • Sandgar

    Fan Plots

    December 30, 2014 by Sandgar

    Hello there, and I am a fan fiction plot writer, I make plots that are probably never going to be made, but hey, I love making them, and they are fun to read.  I am a very dark writer, who makes  plots that are just plain weird, and usually have a weird sense of humor to them.  I have three, some very old, and some that are new, you will be able to tell by how I wrote them, and how well they were written.

    Trampoline Fun









    The friends are in a backyard jumping on a trampoline. The backyard is next to a road. There is a House with many windows on it. It is also nice and is a beautiful day.


    S1 - We see Nutty, Giggles, Flaky and Cuddles, jumping on a trampoline, each of them having a …

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  • InanimateInsanityNickel

    Happy Tree. Friends Battle Episode 8: Nothing But the Truth

    (Note: Sorry that this episode is a bit Lazy, Episode 9 will be better than this)

    Lifty: I'm so glad I'm safe, Pop sure gave a hand there

    Flaky: What did he do?

    Lifty: He gave me his immunity card, says he didn't deserve it, so, that was that

    Flaky: How clever!! 😯

    Petunia: Hey Giggles, I'm worried about the elimination today, one of us is going home

    Giggles: Yeah, but I should be the safe one because, you know, I'm much cuter


    S.E.W: Giggles and Petunia, come on over, it's elimination time

    Giggles: Ugghh!!!

    S.E.W: We got 14 votes, WAY less than last time, but like I say, "We will deal with it." Anyways, TV display the li…

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  • Yong feng

    Merry Christmas! Everyone!

    December 25, 2014 by Yong feng

    Hello everybody! I wish everyone on the wiki a Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!.

    The Happy Tree Friends Wiki is 6 years old and we have articles and images. Good job everyone!

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  • InanimateInsanityNickel

    Happy Tree Friends Battle: Episode 7 - A Conflict Leads to Mistakes (Part 2)

    S.E.W: Ahhhh, Aruba is great, the sandy beaches, the refreshing ocean, the 5 star hotel, this is paradise, and best of all, there is no Petunia yelling.

    (Back at HTF World)

    Truffles: I am so glad that I joined the game, I'm obviously going to win, I'm superb

    Splendid: Can you say anything else, without saying YOU, YOURSELF, AND YOURS

    Truffles:.............What I didn't quite hear you

    Splendid: (Face Plant)

    Cuddles: We lost the challenge, this is awful, who was the good who failed the test?

    Toothy: Well, I got a 3/8 and you got a 3/8 too, so did someone else get a lower score than use.

    Sniffles: I got an.....

    Toothy: Yes, we know, no need to brag, Anyways, Nutty, what did yo…

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  • InanimateInsanityNickel

    Happy Tree Friends Battle - Episode 6: A Conflict leads to Mistakes

    S.E.W: (Inside his home, drinking a cup of hot cocoa by the fire, and Watching TV) Ah, This is Heaven, Hey interns, where is the salmon I ordered?

    (Interns roll in cart with a plate of Salmon on it)

    S.E.W: That will do, Now you can go home, you have 4 weeks off for Christmas vacation.

    Interns: Thank you, Sir, your the best (Leave S.E.W's mansion)

    S.E.W: (Munching on Salmon)MMMM, This is so....

    Petunia: SPEED E. WOLF, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!?? 😠

    S.E.W: (Chokes on Salmon) Agghh....Don't scare me like that, anyway, what do you want.

    Petunia: I can't believe it, I just can't

    S.E.W: What, is something wrong?

    Petunia: I can't believe it, your just lounging lazily away, while we are freezing…

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  • InanimateInsanityNickel

    HAPPY TREE FRIENDS BATTLE: Episode 5 - Snowy Showdown

    Lifty: This is the worst day of my life

    Shifty: I agree, not only that we are up for elimination, this is a double elimination, which means 2 of us is going home, who do you think will go

    Lifty: Obviously Disco Bear, he's so Lazy and Annoying, Mime, I'm not sure about him, he's a silent type.

    S.E.W: Well let's see which 2 will be eliminated

    Lifty: Uggh, Don't scare us like that

    (At the elimination)

    S.E.W: Welcome to the Elimination Team Sneaky, as you know, this is a double elimination, which means 2 people get to go.

    Disco Bear: Let's just get to the votes

    S.E.W: Fine, we got a whopping 26 VOTES, WHICH IS THE MOST EVER

    Lifty: So who one the prize?

    S.E.W: Glad you asked, TV, display the likes


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  • InanimateInsanityNickel

    Each Episode an elimination table will be uploaded hear (JUST REMEMBER THAT THIS PAGE IS A SPOLIER)

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  • InanimateInsanityNickel

    Happy Tree Friends Battle: Episode 4: Do you believe in Magic

    Handy: Uggh, this sucks,I hate this place, Can my life get any worse

    Flippy: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH (Lands next to Handy)

    Handy: Oh, Hi Flippy, Did you get eliminated too

    Flippy: (Breathes Heavily and Viloently, looks at Handy with the evil eyes)

    Handy: Uhh, Flippy, are you ok....

    Flippy: (Attacks Handy)

    Handy: Ahhhhhhh

    S.E.W: Hey, Team Science, guess what it's time for?

    Lumpy: Challenge Time?


    Lumpy: Oh my Antlers, It's time already, what if I'm eliminated

    Cuddles: Don't worry, I'm sure you won't be, your AWSOME,even if you killed over 185 people

    Lumpy: Thanks Cuddles

    S.E.W: Ok, anyway, to the votes, We got only 14 votes, 4 VOTES LESS THAN LAST TIME, I feel like cryin…

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  • InanimateInsanityNickel


    December 9, 2014 by InanimateInsanityNickel

    I have another question, In Episode 6, their will be a debuting challenge, but who do you think should participate in the debuting? Old Characters are Fan Characters

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  • InanimateInsanityNickel

    Happy Tree Friends Battle 3: Sleepy Time Tea vs Coffee

    Rating: PG

    S.E.W: Ok everyone, it's time for the elimination

    Shifty: Already, Can't we do it later?

    S.E.W: Can we eliminate you sooner ?

    Shifty: Wah!! No, no, ok let's go


    S.E.W: Welcome to your first elimination Team Sneaky, as you know 1 of you will be eliminated and 1 person will be eliminated

    Flaky: I'm scared what if I'm eliminated?

    Lifty: Don't worry, You're a like person, you will be safe, I just know it

    Flaky: Thanks

    S,E.W: Anyway, we got 18 votes, 9 likes and 9 dislikes, that's more than last time, so let's show the prize votes

    Lifty: 0

    Disco Bear: 1

    Mime: 1

    Flaky: 2

    Shifty: 2

    Flippy: 3

    Lifty: What, he won the prize, that is not fair

    Flippy: Oh yeah, look at your votes, Mr. Thi…

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  • DisastrousWeb01

    I probably won't be doing much here, but we'll see what happens.

    Anyone want to chat?

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  • InanimateInsanityNickel

    Happy Tree Friends Battle: Episode 2 - Eating for the greater good

    Rating: PG

    Handy: I can't believe my team was up for elimination,and it's all because of me

    Petunia: Heck yah it was, I thought you were my hero, but I stand corrected, you are the WORST!!!

    Handy: But Petunia, Blame the Team Captain, he picked me, and you....

    Petunia: I don't want to hear it, were over >:(

    Handy: (Bawls out in tears) Why does so many people hate me. I'm a fierce competitor you know.

    S.E.W: Well anyway, it's time for the elimination

    Handy: Oh great, you just reeeeeaaaallllllyyyy made my day

    (At the elimination)

    S.E.W: Welcome to your first elimination Team Icebox

    Petunia: Thanks to Handy

    S.E.W: Shush, Anyway we got 10 votes with 4 likes and 6 dislikes, not bad for a sta…

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  • FamilyGuySimpsonsfanonlin

    I likes Truffles and Lammy and I thought that would happen if they were a couple because that would be pefect for a possible new episode and could be called "'Love and' Pickels" and could be as follows: Lammy makes a tea party with Mr. Pickels and then appears Truffles walking and both (Truffles and Lammy) fall in love making Mr. Pickels is jealous, Truffles and Lammy One day they go to the cinema to watch a movie Mr. Pickels destroys all room to put a bomb on all cinema killing many who wanted to see the movie and Lumpy (as a cop) sees everything and arrest Lammy and Truffles thinking that were causing the explosion and then Mr. Pickels escapes on a truck and kill Lumpy, Lammy and Truffles see it and follow it to stop him while he kills al…

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  • InanimateInsanityNickel

    Happy Tree Friends Battle: Episode 1 - All that Glitters is not always worth it, It mostly lame.

    By: InanimateInsanityNickel

    S.E.W - Hello Everyone, Welcome to Happy Tree friends battle, I am your host, Speed E. Wolf. This is a show where 18 Happy Tree Friends Characters will battle for 5 million Dollars. Each episode contestants will do challenges to test their skills and the team that loses will be put up for elimination where you viewers will vote someone off and give someone a prize, And on the next episode the person with the most likes will win a prize. While the person with the most dislikes is eliminated and cannot return (Until the rejoining challenge). So without further ado let's see who will be our team captains for this show

    (At …

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  • InanimateInsanityNickel

    Hey, guys this is InanimateInsanityNickel here, I have a question for you all. What if there was a HTF game show, like survivor, or Total Drama, or Battle for dream island. My idea was writing the game show episode and you guys will vote someone off in either a poll or comments. Let me know whether this is a good idea or not. Also, for voting should it be polls or comments

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  • InanimateInsanityNickel

    For the info Go to the other blog post.

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  • Valerie the buneary

    Some edit suggestions for the Spin Fun Knowin' Ya article.

    I think you should add this:

    • In the future episode, the merry-go-round is bigger and wider than the one in this episode.
    • In the future episode, Giggles, Cuddles and Toothy are a bit smaller and farther apart from each other.

    And for some reason, I cannot save my edits because whenever I tried to publish them, it still loads and never stops loading. Please help. I am new to wikia.

    Tell me what you think.

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  • Keylonrocks

    Deaths in "In a Jam"

    November 19, 2014 by Keylonrocks

    Hi, I'm Keylonrocks, and I'm here to show these deaths in "In a Jam".

    • Russell, who is electrocuted to death.
    • Handy, which the top of his head is sliced up by two symbols.
    • Sniffles, whose organs and spinal cord are pulled out of his body by the recording mechanism.
    • Lumpy, whose body explodes when Cuddles strums an exceedingly loud note on his guitar.
    • Cuddles, whose body is filled with chair cushioning, crushing his organs and/or causing him to suffocate.

    See you in my next blog!

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  • Keylonrocks

    Yep. Thanksgiving is coming closer. A big feast is a big celebration. The leaves are falling, so it's time for fun, some greatness, and we thank God for it.

    Happy Thanksgiving to the Happy Tree Friends...and everyone else.

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  • Keylonrocks

    Here's your favorite regular HTF internet episodes.

    What's your favorite Season 1 episode(s)?

    What's your favorite Season 2 episode(s)?

    What's your favorite Season 3 episode(s)?

    What's your favorite Season 4 episode(s)?

    This time, no irregular episode, TV episodes, Ka-Pow! episodes, HTF Break shorts, Smoochies, Kringles, or Love Bites.

    Know my favorite Internet episodes here.

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  • ATrules

    Any HTF fan theories?

    October 27, 2014 by ATrules

    Do you guys have any good fan theories?

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  • Keylonrocks

    What TV episode is your favorite? 

    No internet episodes, irregular episodes, Ka-Pow! episodes, Love Bites, Kringles, or Smoochies. Just TV episodes.

    Know my favorite episodes here.

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  • Keylonrocks

    What's your favorite G rated film?

    What's your favorite PG rated film?

    What's your favorite PG-13 rated film?

    What's your favorite R rated film?

    What's your favorite animated film?

    This time, no NC-17 films or short films. Just G, PG, PG-13, R, and animated films.

    If you wanna know my favorite movies, go to my profile.

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  • Rorosilky5

    HTF Harlem Shake

    October 18, 2014 by Rorosilky5

    I just wanted to share this with you all, Whaddya think?

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  • Lord O' Darkness

    Mondo Media is scheduling feature films for three of their series. One of them is Happy Tree Friends, with a film slated for a release in either late 2015 or early 2016. I guess this is why the episodes are taking so long now. We all knew this was coming at some point. There are also plans for a Dick Figures movie sequel and a film for Deep Space 69. 

    Read this if you don't believe me

    In addition, Mondo also plans to appeal to kids - not just teens and adults - by teaming up with Spin Master (Bakugan, Air Hogs, etc).

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  • MrWoola


    October 15, 2014 by MrWoola

    It's October... The last episode was in March, The Dick Figures creator confirmed the show was cancelled, which leaves me thinking... Has HTF died.... I hope not... :(

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  • ATrules

    HTF Movie!!!!!!

    October 10, 2014 by ATrules

    THERE IS GOING TO BE A HTF MOVIE!!!!!!!!! Don't believe me? here:

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  • 763492

    What would you think if HTF franchise will someday to be translated to full-length feature film in theaters at some point? I think, if that happens, that movie will be distributed by MGM which it'll be funny to hear the screams of one of Happy Tree Friends characters from the lion's mouth in that opening MGM logo, right?

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  • Mylittletoaster

    If you think Yong Feng should be a bureaucrat, please say in the comments.  Explain why you think so too, because I'm sending this to the Wikia staff for them to review and decide if he should.  I think he should because both of the current bureaucrats are inactive, and he is the most fit to be one in my opinion.  So please tell me your opinion in the comments.

    The voting is over.
    Vote Passed
    Thank you for support. Read more >
  • 763492

    Question about "We're Scrooged"

    September 30, 2014 by 763492

    In the opening credits of HTF episode "We're Scrooged", why a there's a tagline says "Based on a true story..." shows up after we see the title of a cartoon? Is it because that cartoon was inspired by the real-life event where some owner of his gift shop who kill his employee to pieces so he could sell his worker's body parts to costumers for money until he accidentally got poked in the eye by a spinning top and then got crush to death by a shelf, a safe and a large piggy bank after he tried to get one last body part of his worker's from the top shelf? That sounded scary if it's true. Is that where the idea of a cartoon came from?

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