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  • HTFan

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    November 25, 2015 by HTFan

    (Saying this a little early to not forget) I like to just say it now to all my fellow North American HTF wiki editors, admins and bureaucrats:

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Eat plenty of turkey (if you're vegan, stuffing, that stuff is good), enjoy your time with your family and friends, and give thanks to everything in your daily life, be it an object, person, animal, God, or anything truly special to you, that brings joy to your life every moment!

    To the others editors that current reside across seas and do not celebrate this day, well, I still say Happy Thanksgiving to you, and have a great Thursday!

    Oh, and thank you all for being a great bunch of fun and twisted people and friends for enjoying a sadistic show of cute critters being brutal…

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    If you were in HTF

    November 23, 2015 by AdamISAWESOME

    Blog title says it all.

    1. Would you rather be:

    A) Mr. Pickels' best friend

    B) Shifty's brother

    C) Pop's son

    2. Who would you rather co-work with?

    A) Lumpy

    B) Handy

    C) The Mole

    3. What mental disorder would you like to have the most?

    A) Petunia's OCD

    B) Handy's sociopathy

    C) Flaky's anxiety

    D) Nutty's ADHD

    E) Lifty and Shifty's kleptomania

    F) DB's narcissism.

    G) Flippy's PTSD

    H) Lammy's (possible) schizophrenia)

    I) Russell's hysteria

    J) Mr. Pickels' psychopathy

    4. Who would you rather saved you?

    A) Lumpy

    B) Splendid

    5. Who would you rather be in the medical care of? 

    A) The Mole

    B) Sniffles

    C) Lumpy

    6. Who would you not want to have as your best friend?

    A. Cuddles

    B. Flaky

    C. The Mole

    D. Flippy

    7. Who would you rather be killed by?

    A. Fliqpy

    B. Lumpy

    C. The Ants

    D. The Mole

    E. …

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    Quick and random blog, but, basically, if Flippy and Splendid were to fight who do you think would win?

    I personally think Splendid would win because:

    A: He has some incredible super-powers.

    B: He is nigh-invulnerable (I don't care if Warren Graff says that "He's not as vulnerable as he seems to be", it makes more sense if he is nigh-invulnerable anyway) wins,  so the only way Flippy could stand a chance, is if he somehow got his hands on kryptonut. which I doubt is very common.

    C: Even if Flippy somehow got kryptonut, Splendid could defeat him practically the same way he did to Lifty and Shifty in Gems the Breaks.

    D: Flippy can get killed by Lumpy easily and while Lumpy is strong, he's DEFINITELY weaker than Splendid.

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  • SaenihpNnylf

    Who knew there would be so many different ways to look at such a simple cartoon? Yet the norms still remain of what a "normal" Happy Tree Fan should believe. This is a voting to find the Happy Tree Fans who refuse this and dance to the beat of their own drummer. Please leave a comment with a fan that you know that deserves the title regardless of if on the wiki, on a different site, or in real life. Share a name to enter them in as, the site they can be found on if applicable, and a few beliefs that you think makes them deserving of the title. Nominations are limitless. The only rule is that you cannot nominate yourself.

    Nominations end and voting begins on December 3rd

    Note to Nominees: These nominations are not at all intended to be in a bad…

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  • BonnieBunny1987

    What a (not) fun day!

    November 18, 2015 by BonnieBunny1987

    Today I fell down a muddy hill at school, and destroyed both my trousers and shoes. I also managed to hit a tree root during my fall, and I cut my leg open. I spent about 5 hours in A & E, before I needed my second injection of the month to put me to sleep, and they sewed up my leg. I thought of HTF the entire time, but I'm OK now. I got home a few minutes ago.

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    What are your favourite and least favourite..


    Season 1 episode?

    Season 2 episode?

    Season 3 episode?

    Season 4 episode?

    TV Season episode?

    Episode overall?



    Villain in the main show (characters who are almost always villains only, Lumpy and Sniffles don't count for example)

    Villain in Ka-Pow?

    Ka-Pow episode?

    Ka-Pow only character?

    Irregular episode?


    I'll post my answers in the comments below.

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  • SaenihpNnylf

    Hello readers and readeresses, time for the chapter that I planned on doing no matter what and I’m honestly very happy with the results. Those who know me well might have likely guess who this character is going to be. Let’s just start the story.

    "Why is the ceiling so low?" He reached his hands up trying to see if it's really as close as it seemed and was quickly met with the rough material of his ceiling. "That doesn't make any sense, it was the normal height when I went to- Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" Splendid looked down only to find that he wasn't laying on anything but air.

    He was freaking out. Everything was normal the other day. He looked to his hands, almost expecting answers to be there. "I... I don't get it! What the heck is going on?!" he cri…

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  • BonnieBunny1987

    Yesterday we were having some injections at school. At first I was trying to make myself feel better about it by thinking of In a Jam and how it couldn't be worse than Cuddles' injections. However, the nurse asked me what my favourite TV show was, and I told her about HTF. I told her the names of some of the characters and what kind of things happen in the show, and she said she liked the sound of it. Best of all, she did the injection while I was talking to her and I didn't notice because we were talking so much. We talked for a bit afterwards and held up some other people, so that was good. I told her my favourite character was Flippy and she thought he was good at gymnastics initially, until I told her why he's actually called Flippy, t…

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  • ZootyCutie

    A lot of these "this character is similar to" stuff...doesn't really make sense. A LOT of these characters come from shows that debuted AFTER Happy Tree Friends, or with characters that only have ONE similar character trait, with like, none of them confirmed to each other.

    It's just...a lot of them feel like they're pushing them, you get what I mean? Like, Lumpy being a parody of Bullwinkle was flat-out confirmed by the creators. A lot of these other ones were not, especially ones that are from future series than Happy Tree Friends...

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    I was inspired to make this blog during a conversation on the Bite Sized page, so here it is:

    How much do you sympathise for each main character, and if you would rank them, who would be top and who would be bottom? And which episode do you feel bad for them the most?

    Here's my list going from least sympathy to most sympathy:

    Mr. Pickels: I actually love him as a character, since I find him interesting and funny, but when it comes to sympathy I have literally none for him. He is a terrible friend to Lammy and kills anyone whom she socializes with, which is just plain dickish. Also, he has the highest survival rate out of ANY character, so even if he was nice I wouldn't be sympathetic towards him. Episode in which I sympathise with him: N/A


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  • SaenihpNnylf

    I seriously needed to share this with you guys. My psychology professor is awesome! I brought HTF up in an email and two days later (today), in the middle of the lecture, I look up and do a double take like "That's Lumpy's trailer..." And he seriously added a scene from Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow as part of the lecture showing the actual video clip, gore and all.

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  • BonnieBunny1987

    Happy Halloween

    October 31, 2015 by BonnieBunny1987

    This is just a quick and random blog post, but hey, it's Halloween and I'm just wondering if anyone's going trick-or-treating and what they are if they're going. As some of you may know, I'm going as Fliqpy.

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  • BonnieBunny1987

    Cue the triumphant music, '87 has written her first non-stupid Happy Tree Friends story! Made up in her head and written exactly as she thought it, this story is sure to confuse you with use of ridiculous words that are fancy!

    I shall provide you with a link to the semi-dumb story! Do be warned, there is blood! What can I say, it's Happy Tree Friends!

    Happy reading!

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  • HTFan

    If you haven't heard or figured it out by now, I, like SaenihpNnylf, am a part time fiction writer over at FanFiction.Net. While I contribute all my works over there, I also take the time now and then to give other writers my attention and read their works along with providing whatever assistance if they need so. With around 2,500 total stories, over 260 published this year (so far), and 330 total updated this year, there are multiple stories ranging from a variety of styles, genres and authors. Some are good, some are not so good, but I respect and read as many as I can to give them the support they deserve for the courage to go out and submit their works.

    But sometimes, I find that one story that just topples the many others I read, and 2…

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  • SaenihpNnylf

    These are obviously just for fun they are taken from fanfictions that I do not own and scenes are in summery I tried to provide as much relevant information as I could that's important for the question. You can provide your reasons in comments. More will be added.

    Mime pantomimes pointing a gun at one of the Tiger Solders. The Tiger Soldier laughs but is soon riddled with bullets and dies.

    1. There is never an actual gun.
    2. The bullets came from Mime's "gun"
    3. It was those shots that killed him with no other factors.
    4. Apparently a similar idea was officially brainstormed...
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  • BonnieBunny1987

    In my dream...

    I was watching an episode at home in which Sniffles was at a library. Strangely, the library was in my hometown but in a different place to where it was in reality. I was with Sniffles in the episode and he asked me if I wanted to read these two Harry Potter books. They didn't really exist (one was called something like "Harry Potter and the Magic Book") and I said no to reading them. Sniffles was disappointed so he went on a laptop nearby and watched an episode of HTF (I think it was Eyes Cold Lemonade). I didn't watch it, but the rest of the episode I was in was very different. I wasn't in it.

    It was a lot like Easy For You to Sleigh. Lifty and Shifty went to Sniffles' house since he was at the library and stole his pencils.…

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  • Sandgar

    Well I am fully back today, and I like to ask if there is anything that needs to be done on here. I can do a lot of repetitive work and know how to do some template coding.

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  • Kay Kitteh and Lifty


    And I'm Lifty!


    And by we,Shifty stole it,and Kay and I jumped in.

    Whatever.Well,we're here,and I LOVE FUN!

    And Nutty...

    What?You jealous,Lifty?

    NO... you WEREN'T in the corner of the room last time I was talking to him?


    I'll just stay here...with tht pile of money Shifty stoleeee...



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    Which characters have you grown to love? Which characters have you grown to dislike? Which characters have always stayed more or less the same for you?

    Here are my answers:

    Under construction! 

    I grew to love:

    Lumpy, I have really liked him for a while, but I used to hate him when I first saw the show, since I was disgusted at the whole thing at the time, and because he caused everyones death in that first  episode I watched, so I felt bad for all those characters, but when I rewatched the show, it took three episodes for me to grow and laugh at this guy. He makes great comedy.

    Mole, when I first saw him I didn't like him too much, and I did eventually start to sorta like him, but he was just there for me. Nothing special, until I watched Blind …

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  • SaenihpNnylf

    Recently I had chanced upon a page on this wiki that has not been updated in two years called Video Bomb Collections which, at first glance, appears solely fanon and therefore needing deletion. However, upon a web search, I discovered that the page is on a series of blog posts by Mondo which can be found here, here, here (aka the Flippy-sue pack), here, here, here, here, here... um... you get the point. I don't need to include that all do I?

    Basically, with this information, the page is part fanon, part official. They are Mondo's way to appreciate the fans and display what they like and don't like where more fans can see them. comparable to a much more recent practice.

    Also, looking at the content of the page. It focuses more on the fanon as…

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  • SaenihpNnylf

    Note: This question is completely unrelated to which character is your favorite and least favorite overall!

    Since the show is pretty much literally all about death, destruction, and injuries, this is a reasonable question and has different answers than most other shows. Which character when they appear are you sitting there like "Come on, please die this time. And make it good." And which character when you see are you like "No, please don't kill him/her! Please let him/her live!"

    My favorite to see die: Even though he's my favorite character overall, Splendid. I mean, come on, it's so uncommon and his only on screen death was so awesome that I just need to see it again. Plus, according to Warren Graff, he's just as vulnerable as the other c…

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  • SaenihpNnylf

    Hello, sorry if this took longer than you wanted though it's certainly the fastest updated of my stories. I have been busy recently though with school and work. Also, this was reminded to me in a different story and is important here that though I accept this as fact, most people don't so I will let you know now that the story takes place during the 1950s. Disco Bear's just a hipster. Making sense? Whether or not you believe that for the show. Just keep in mind that it is the setting for this story. Understood? Good. Start the story!

    It was a while before I said anything at all. It was the first, but also the last thing I had wanted. At that moment, though, I knew there was no way around the truth. Just as in the nightmare though, I had no …

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    This may seem like a weird blog, but basically, we all love our favourite(I spell it differently because I live in England) character (for me Lumpy) and some of us hate our least favourite (Petunia here, sorry petunia fans). But are their any episodes where your favourite character annoys you and/or you feel bad for your least favourite?

    My examples are below:

    Petunia is by far my least favourite character, yet I felt kinda felt bad for her in I Nub You. It's one of the few episodes where she has a major role and she doesn't do anything to annoy me, or at least bore me. She's actually somewhat likable. But first she loses her arms, and that combined with the sad music when she stares at her nubs made me feel bad, then she falls in love with …

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  • AnimationFan15

    Organized Trivia

    October 1, 2015 by AnimationFan15

    If the trivia was more organized, I believe that this is what they should look like. Fell free to express your opinion on what you think of it.

    Note: This is the trivia for From Hero to Eternity.

    • This is the first episode of the TV series in which the starring character survives.
    • This is one of the four episodes where Splendid is not responsible for every death in this episode. The other three are Wrath of Con, See What Develops and Mirror Mirror.
    • It is hinted in this episode that Pop might not be fond of Splendid, as he looks somewhat annoyed when Splendid repeatedly enters and leaves the laundromat.
    • This is the only regular episode where one can be certain that Cro-Marmot has died, as he is sucked into a hole that plunges him into lava.
    • Pop an…

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  • SaenihpNnylf

    I like to distract myself from the war okay? If you’re reading this, clearly you do, too. So who of the main characters would be (once they’re old enough if applicable) the best and worst parents? Each includes a short reason. Judgements are mostly based off infancy to preschool.

    Note: For the sake of this list, completely ignore who might be the mother/father along with said character. If it helps, with the obvious exception of Pop, pretend the child was adopted with no other parental figure.


    Cro-Marmot: Um… just… wow… okay? He’s frozen, smug, cryokenetic, he’s the only one I’ve seen never do anything good and there’s just no way this could end well.

    Pop: It’s literally his whole character. Plus, besides the obvious, he clearly has NO id…

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  • Dittodoritos

    Note: This is not a fanfiction

    Just as I notice

    Lumpy's scream in It's a snap episode when he got trapped, just sounded same as the Halloween episodes Read E'm and Weep and Can't stop coffin's theme. Starting of the Halloween episodes ( Read E'm and Weep and Can't stop Coffin ) have the halloween voiced theme song and before the episodes starts, it has a scream, and that scream sounded just like Lumpy's scream in It's a snap.

    Since I'm still studying, my grammer i'snt that good.

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  • SaenihpNnylf
    1. FlippyXLammy: I know they’ve never even met each other in canon, but their personalities go together so beautifully, regardless of if you think Lammy is schizophrenic or not. Both are indirectly turned into a murderer by someone that believes their only trying to protect them. They understand each other, both of their own hands stained with the blood of their own friends for reasons vastly different from some freak accident. I also refer to this as “the pairing that could never happen” because even though they’re both characters who rarely die, if they were to go on a date together, there’s no way they would both make it out alive. Either Fliqpy would kill Lammy or Mr. Pickels would kill Flippy and I just find that the funniest thing to th…
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  • SaenihpNnylf

    Self Discreditation

    September 21, 2015 by SaenihpNnylf

    Though this may sound weird to many people, as leader of Tiny But Mighty, it is imperative that I report the most accurate data possible and sometimes this includes completely discrediting myself.

    Some of you may or may not have seen this picture and caption on my profile though I had recently took it down for the reasons I will explain.

    However, today in my Philosophy class (I know, weird place to learn it), I learned that this picture here mimics very severe hydrocephalus which is an over accumulation of spinal fluid in the brain leaving no room for brain matter. However, it was found in the real world that a large number of adults with severe hydrocephalus are highly educated and can have high IQ scores.

    For that reason, this picture does …

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  • SaenihpNnylf

    Hello fans, I was honestly super surprised by the popularity of this fic and so far no flames at all. Hopefully I didn’t just jinx that. Anyway, enjoy!

    This is it. It’s what needs to be done before I literally drive myself insane. I swallow a lump of cotton in my throat (metaphorically at least) and look around the area to make sure that no one else was around. They weren’t.

    This was it. This was my time. It was now or never. I raised my trembling hand and give a few good, hard knocks on Disco Bear’s front door glad that his house is up here in the branches instead of made out of a tree so I’m less likely to be spotted but I instantly felt like running but my feet remained in place as I waited for an answer.

    I didn’t have to wait long until h…

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  • ATrules

    HTF movie fan-script preview

    September 18, 2015 by ATrules Here's a short little preview of my HTF movie fan-script. Comment below what you like, and maybe some advice on what I should fix.

    **Update**- It seems some people are having a problem with the link so, here it is for those who can't view it:

    (Several HTFs are seen entering a cinema)

    (Flaky, Russell & Cuddles are standing by the posters)

    (A van comes out of nowhere and crashes into the building, killing Russell & Flaky)

    (Cuddles lets out a sigh of relief)

    (Lumpy swings the van door open, slamming Cuddles against the building)

    (Lumpy runs out of the van with a film reel)

    (Cut to: Petunia, Nutty, Toothy & Giggles in the theatr…

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  • Htfmlpstevenu567
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  • Sandgar

    Zwakattack wikia

    September 15, 2015 by Sandgar

    Here you go guys, the wiki Zwakattack wiki, I am making Yong Feng and AnimationFan15 admins

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  • SaenihpNnylf

    We hear it all the time, why is our favorite: character, episode, pairing, etc. our favorite. Or why do we like HTF period but whenever we answer it's some superficial reason like "it's funny" or "for all the gore" but for any of the above, I was wondering if anyone here has some deeper reasons for any of the above that they care to share. For example of what I mean, I'm going to give my own for each. Note, it doesn't have to be your number one favorite just one of your favorites that you know why.

    When I first started watching the show, I had a lot of medical issues that left my whole body in constant pain randomly ranging from throbbing to agonizing the biggest issue being severe costiocondritis (inflammation of the cartilage that attache…

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  • Smart zombie

    Happy Tree Friends has a lot of instrumental music in the background. Which sounds catchiest or is just nice to listen too.

    Ipso Fatso: The music that plays when the treadmill Disco Bear is using starts moving by itself. (I hum this one to myself all the time)

    Chew Said a Mouthful: When Nutty is chasing Toothy on the street.

    Don't Yank My Chain: Handy being dragged by a train.

    A Sucker for Love: Elderly Nutty and Chocolate Box rocking in chairs, before she collapses.

    Can't Stop Coffin: Cuddles helplessly dragging himself across the floor before getting crushed.

    Read 'em and Weep: Pop and Lumpy mourning Cubs death at the end.

    Doggone It: Moles death

    Easy For You to Sleigh: Shiftys death. (Sounds really dark with Shiftys screaming)

    Halloween Intro mu…

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  • SaenihpNnylf

    Hello Happy Tree Fans, this is my first HTF fanfiction with Batmarcus but one of MANY fanfics with him first of all. However, I will warn you that because we’re working on so many different fanfics at the same time, this story will take a very long time between edits, like, so if you have a problem with that, you can take the exit on the left (backspace) or right (close window) our feelings will not be hurt. Now, for those still here, START THE STORY!

    It was the beginning of another normal day in Happy Tree Town, most recent news being the giant squid that got into Sniffles house while Handy, Petunia, Toothy, and Cuddles were over so Flippy steers clear of that part of town but didn't feel like staying home.

    As he walked though, he passed th…

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  • Smart zombie

    In There Shoes

    September 8, 2015 by Smart zombie

    Out of all the characters on the show which character would you live the life off. Who ever you choose you have to go threw all of the injuries and Deaths they have suffered and if you lucky survive all the episodes they also survive in. (Do not choose Splendid, Lammy, Mr.Pickles, Cro-Marmot they have it very easy)

    I would choose Pop and its NOT because he's one of my favorite characters. It's because he barely suffers any injuries and rarely dies. Sure I'd have to live with the grief and guilt of constantly killing my infant son, but what are you gonna do.

    Also Pop has had sex. (No I'm not a furry)

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  • HTFan

    Regardless of the debate with Mr. Pickles being an actual living creature or the pure imagination of an insane lamb, one thing is certain: he is a ruthless killing machine capable of some gruesome murders, and can do it all without ever getting caught.

    But there is one question I have been thinking lately after seeing Mr. Pickles. Let's say he is alive, capable of having intelligent thoughts and make his own choices for his own reasons; let's say he has actual emotions and is a person just like everyone else. If he truly is a living creature,

    Then why does he go off and kill everyone besides Lammy? What is his reason just to go off and murder anyone that makes even the slightest interaction with her* (at least for the episodes A Bit of a Pic…

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  • SaenihpNnylf

    Am I the only one that thinks that what the TV Series did to Giggles and Petunia (with Every Litter Bit Hurts and Wishy Washy respectively) ruined their friendship?

    I mean, they've always been shown as very good friends but environmentalists and people with mysophobia are natural enemies and it only gets worse the more extreme either of them are. The only thing they have in common is that neither likes litter. An HTF example for why this is being that the Giggles in Every Litter Bit Hurts would NOT be okay with Petunia using an entire role of paper towels/toilet paper to clean a speak of dirt on the mirror as Petunia had at the beginning of Wishy Washy.

    On the flip side, many environmentalists will dig through garbage for recyclables or compostables,…

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  • Smart zombie

    Breaking Wind Questions

    September 6, 2015 by Smart zombie

    First of, should all of the characters who didn't appear in the episode (Nutty, Flippy, Sniffles) have breaking wind as an official part of there death count. It can be listed under fates but just not as their official death number in there character bio. Also, was Lumpy killed by the microphone cord or when the world was set on fire. (He was still making sounds when Splendid zapped the cord)

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    This is one of the most commonly asked theories: WTF happened to Pop's wife/Cub's Mum. (I live in England  so I spell Mum differently can we please get back on the topic?) Now, as all you users know, Kenn Navarro confirmed that she died on Twitter. Which leaves two questions: how did she die and why is her death permanent?

    I'm going to post a theory i read on the website TV Tropes, since this seems like a plausible theory, but feel free to write your own theory below. I'm actually gonna post a few more theories below:

    Are you sitting uncomfortably?:

    Good. Now let me begin below:  

    Pop's wife and Cub's mother. The trope Mama Bear is named that for a good reason. None of the characters who come back to life after each episode have done any Heroi…

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  • YellowishWolf

    (For those of you who saw that MLP parody, you'll get what this is)










    Might do Season 3..

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  • Smart zombie


    September 2, 2015 by Smart zombie

    Does anyone else think that Sole Cause and Rebel without a cause should be applied to animals.

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  • HelloWhatsUp

    Have a nice day!

    August 31, 2015 by HelloWhatsUp
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  • SaenihpNnylf

    Hello theoretical readers, though, given the pairing this focuses on, I'm not sure ANYONE will read this but I'm writing it and posting it anyways even though I might as well stick my hand in the Ants home with the flames and overall hate this fic will likely get. I like the pairing though and there literally aren't ANY stories for it. This is also my first non-co-authored HTF fanfic. Anyways, START THE STORY!

    Is it wrong to feel embarrassed to love someone? You don't need to tell me, I already know the answer. I can't help but feel embarrassed whenever I think about him that way. Petunia would laugh at me if she knew. So, I keep it a secret, act like I hate him as much as she does because Petunia and I have been best friends for as long as…

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  • Smart zombie

    Best HTF Friends

    August 29, 2015 by Smart zombie

    Which friendship in the show makes you the happiest to see? Which one gives you just a small sense of satisfaction just seeing them interact and get along. This by no means a shippers thing just friends.

    Cuddles and Toothy

    Cuddles and Lumpy

    Cuddles and Flaky

    Cuddles, Giggles, Toothy, Lumpy

    Giggles and Petunia

    Giggles, Petunia, Flaky, Lammy

    Toothy and Sniffles

    Handy and Mole

    Nutty and Sniffles

    Sniffles and Lumpy

    Russell and Lumpy

    Mime and Cro-Marmot

    Flippy and Flaky

    Good Flippy and Lumpy

    Lammy, Nutty, Sniffles

    Tell me if I missed any

    My personal favorite is Sniffles and Nutty. Even though I usually dislike Sniffles I can't do so when he is around Nutty. They just look so awesome together. Nutty's crazy behavior and Sniffles (somewhat) genius behavior mixed …

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  • Smart zombie

    Future of HTF

    August 27, 2015 by Smart zombie

    As you may already know there are a lot of things that await for Happy Tree Friends that haven't started or finished yet. The rest of Season 4

    A possible second season of the TV Series

    More Kapows for characters (Still waiting for Operation: Treasure)

    The Movie

    Out of these things answer which would you like to see happen first and which are you the most excited for.

    I personally want the TV series to comeback I like the extended time length of the episodes. (And the movie)

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  • SaenihpNnylf

    Many fans have a lot of different opinions on how exactly it is that the characters come back to life after every episode. Because I read a lot of non-sex based HTF fan fictions, I have seen a lot of different theories that I will provide for clarification. Please share on comments either what you believe or what you would find most believable and it's okay if it is not on this list so don't think you're limited to it.

    Other Examples
    Why? What causes the tree friends to come back to life? Sniffles created a time paradox in Blast from the Past. The Cursed Idol.
    A person (either sadistic or unaware) on the outside controls the world like a video game.
    The town itself is some kind of sentient being.
    The show simply has no continuity.
    When? How long …

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    Out of each duo character which member is your favourite? My answer will be put in brackets, just in case your wondering what these brackets mean. Lifty or (Shifty)? (Cub) or Pop? Lammy or (Mr. Pickels)?

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  • Smart zombie

    Does anyone think Smoochie deaths should be added to additional deaths or should they stay as regular deaths.

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  • SaenihpNnylf

    Just a place for anyone to share what they believe is the weirdest pairing that you would consider yourself a fan of bonus if you can find a canon picture that you think seems to imply the pairing. Before I share my own, I'm going lay down a few guidelines:

    1. OCs are excluded. Both characters have to be canon, however, they do not have to be main characters, minor and even one-time characters are okay. It also is not necessary that the characters have ever meet.
    2. You are allowed to ask why someone likes that pairing but ABSOLUTELY NO SHAMING! I know this is a wiki rule but I just wanted to emphasize it here.
    3. You are not required to give any reason for the pairing, even if someone asks. For that reason, if you ask someone why they like a pairing an…
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