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  • Ralphini

    One Lump or Two

    April 23, 2016 by Ralphini

    Just a short little HTF fanfic I wrote. It's in the style of one of the shorts.

    One Lump or Two

    Starring: Lumpy

    It starts with Lumpy working an office job, half-asleep and barely able to stay awake. So, he leaves his cubicle to get some coffee.

    The office coffee machine is a massive mass of buttons, levers, and a massive grinder at the top. There's also a pile of coffee beans next to it. Lumpy looks confusedly at the various parts of the machine before finding what seems to be a coffee nozzle. There doesn't seem to be any lever, so Lumpy feels his hand around the nozzle for a button. However, the nozzle activates automatically and pours extremely hot coffee all over Lumpy's hand. 

    Lumpy yells and pulls his hand back, sending drops of the coffee…

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  • Smart zombie

    How does everyone feel about us adding this to all of the characters survival rates. Right below the percentages?

    This is a chart for Cuddles.

    Episodes Survived
    1 5 5 0
    2 8 7 1
    TV Series 31 25 6
    3 9 6 3
    4 3 2 1
    Kringles 4 3 1
    HTF Break 6 3 3
    Other Episodes 10 6 4 Read more >
  • PokemonTDHTF98

    I was thinking about it all day at school and everything. Plus, there hasn't been any new episode for like 2 years or something, and I'm thinking "What if HTF has a reboot?

    In my opinion, I would love it if HTF reboot is an anime-like style with continuous plots, like every other anime, such as Pokemon, Bleach, One Piece, Dragon Ball, etc, but with why they have been reincarnated all the time and other good plots. Also, have all the characters (Minus Mime, Cro-Marmot, Mr. Pickels, and The Mole(because they're silent)) speak clear English all the time. Like every other anime, about 22- 30 minutes long per episode, like every 30-min TV Shows, and have an Anime Opening and Ending with HTF with Japanese music.

    That's all of my ideas. Agree, Disa…

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  • LordShadow2003

    Who here from SEA agree that Happy Tree Friends should air here?

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  • Young Little Unicorn

    I'm not going to write any relationships or interactions that hapepned throughout my stay here, instead you guys get to comment in the comment's section about my interaction with you. here's an example :

    • [Your Username]
    • [Our interactions throughout this year]
    • [Conclusion]
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  • Young Little Unicorn

    • AnimationFan15
    • HelloWhatsUp
    • HTFan
    • KennyX1994
    • Lord O' Darkness
    • Mr Creeper500
    • Sandgar
    • Smart Zombie
    • Yong Feng (SEMI-ACTIVE)

    • Ditto Creeper
    • IThrowLemonsAtLife
    • Juan the American Brony
    • Keen65813
    • Terrios
    • TheGamerBuddy
    • Young Little Unicorn
    • Sotnosen93

    • YowzaBowza
    • MechaMan(X)(Not necessarily the guy we're looking for, but he's suspicious in other ways.)

    Administrators, if you want to you can edit this blog and put an X on the one you find suspicious, you can put an X on 3 or more users as long as they are showing off as vandals recently. Recently joined users, I won't assume them to be vandals because they usually make very few edits, but what do you think?

    If I miss anybody you can easily add them in this list. I won't be the one tracing it because I wasn't he…

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  • Sandgar

    Known Sockpuppets

    March 20, 2016 by Sandgar

    Caidin is a very well-known vandals/sock puppeteers on the wikia network.

    • He commonly includes his own name in his sock puppet account names.
    • His edits include:
      • Major content deletion.
      • Senseless Disney rants.
      • Content pertaining to the "Oh No Bunny Show", it's anyone's guess what that is, but if you see a user who adds this to page, it's definitely Caidin.
    • He always joins the same four wikis: HTF Wiki, Blues Clues Wiki, Logopedia, and Community Central.
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  • Young Little Unicorn

    Since I'm on happy tree friends, I'd like to ask some of you if you'd like to be my friend because I'm quite bored without a friend and it won't be as enjoying.

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  • Young Little Unicorn

    Goof Page

    March 17, 2016 by Young Little Unicorn

    About the Goof page, I don't think 'impossibility in logic' is part of an error. Impossibility in logic can happen in cartoon shows and it's BOUND to happen, it's MEANT to happen because the creator's want it to happen.

    I don't think impossibility in logic really is part of a glitch. I won't edit the page because I'm afraid I'll make mistakes myself, also I'm waiting for the other approval of admins (BTW, I'm not an admin I don't have the rights to do anything stupid).

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    Test blog

    March 16, 2016 by AdamISAWESOME

    This is a blog to check the no-comments feature works.

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    Just to clarify

    March 16, 2016 by AdamISAWESOME

    OK, for the record, in case you don't know already, I'm stepping down as admin. There are many reasons for doing so, and let me clarify a few things:

    1. I do not hate Sandgar. In fact I think he is a good guy and a good admin, I just do not think he should have been head bureaucrat, which is why I did what I did. However, I can deal with him being in charge now since he was good to me about my departure and apologized.

    2. The main reason I'm leaving is not because of Sandgar being in charge either. I was already considering it for a while before I decided to do what I did. I'm sadly losing interest in the show and my edits aren't as productive as they once were.

    3. I'm not stepping down completely. I'm just stepping down as an admin, Creeper …

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  • SaenihpNnylf

    Voting With My Feet

    March 16, 2016 by SaenihpNnylf

    To Every User,

    I'm really sorry it has come to this. This is the last thing I wanted and I will miss a good bit of you but I hope you understand why I'm doing this. I have been judged, cursed out, and publicly humiliated more times then I can count and, just recently, even banned. At this point, I have absolutely no hope left for the future on this wiki for me and I wouldn't be lying to say I'm crying the whole time I write this. I simply do not feel safe on this wiki.

    You can call me a coward or any number of things for this but just as "Everyone Dies at the End" says, "Some people call it paranoia but Flaky preferred to call it Common Sense."

    Nothing can change my mind at this point so please don't try but I figured I owed you all an actual…

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  • Sandgar

    Due to some recent problems with other admins. I would like for the community to vote on my continued leadership of this wiki or not. All users of this wiki are asked to vote on this very important issue. If you support or disagree with my demotion. Please talk about it in the comment section below. I also added another poll about how users view me. This should stay anonymous.

    3 for demotion 8 against demotion 2 were unsure

    Sandgar will not lose his rank.

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  • Mr Creeper500

    Name Shadow Poll

    March 12, 2016 by Mr Creeper500

    We need to reach a decision wether the highlighted admin usernames should be with or without shadows.

    An example of colortext without shadow.

    For an example of text with shadow, check any admin's username.

    Poll Closed

    No won 6:2

    Name colors will no longer have shadows!

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  • Young Little Unicorn

    Hello There

    March 11, 2016 by Young Little Unicorn

    I'm Young Little Unicorn, hello there! Anyways I'm a new user and I don't know where to start since all pages have all the info it needs in them. Right now, I'm just looking forward to interacting with users and probably making new friends.

    But… I still want to kinda look for if there's any thing redundant or unneeded in here and report them to admins. Honestly, I'll try my best not to be too sneaky but yeah.

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  • Lt Snow 911

    Hi Everyone

    March 10, 2016 by Lt Snow 911

    Hi everyone, I'm fairly new to the wiki and I'm willing to contribute and help out as much as I can.

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  • AnimationFan15

    I found a video on YouTube that I found particularly funny. I felt like writing the video's script just for the fun of it.

    Note that this was made for entertainment purposes only!

    (The video begins with the lower 48 states, either giving a cheeky grin to the camera or glaring at each other)
    Mississippi: Quit crowdin' me!
    Alabama: I'm not crowdin' you!
    Kentucky: Hey, Virginia. Get outta my butt.
    Virginia: Whatever.
    (Arizona is seen kicking California)
    California: That's it, Arizona. We're boycotting you.
    Arizona: Pfft! Good luck doing it without P.F. Chang's.
    Washington: At least I let people pump their own gas.
    Oregon: Hey.
    New Jersey: Hey!
    Delaware: I got no sales tax.
    Pennsylvania: Shut up, Delaware!
    Ohio: Buckeyes!
    Michigan: Wolverines!
    Massachusetts: S…

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  • SaenihpNnylf

    I must say, this once one-shot is much more fun then I thought it would be. It's just below the halfway point now. If you don't know how I know the exact number yet, I am amazed.

    About August 4th 1956

    This whole blacking out thing is starting to get very dangerous. Not just in the time blacked-out itself but when I wake up. When I was still with my comrads, I'd wake up in relatively normal places, maybe because they helped direct or even move me? I don't know. I've never had any idea what happens when I black out. I wish you could actually give me your thoughts on things, Journal. I need to be able to actually interact back and forth with someone who isn't a tiger.


    I need to focus.

    Where was I?

    Oh, that's right. When I came to last, the p…

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  • SaenihpNnylf

    Wow, this chapter didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would. Y'all lucky you're following a story that isn't co-authored seeing how much longer those are taking. If you're following both this and my co-authored stories... well... then you know exactly what I'm talking about and are happy to at least have this and maybe even On The Flip Side as well.

    Now where were we? Oh! Yes! Giggles is in jail! Well, how did that happen? Is Giggles a bad person? I knew it! Eh, let's not jump to conclusions and see what this chapter has to say about it. I know I wrote it but I forget things sometimes!

    There was no answer. I suppose I couldn't have really expected one at midnight, most of the town have already went to sleep unlike me who hasn't gotten…

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  • SaenihpNnylf

    July 14, 1956... give or take

    Still haven't found any of my comrads, Journal but I'm keeping my hopes up. Not only that but I've been coming to in some rather weird places. Just today was a pretty weird and very dangerous one.

    I'm not sure what I was doing in the doorway of an enemy base. It was a fairly small one, there were six Tiger Soldiers in it and one of them was already badly injured. As terrble as it sounds, I took that soldier's injury as a good sign. Let me explain that, Journal. It does still sound bad. The reason I took the injury as a good sign is that someone must have caused it. That's right, Journal, my comrads must have been here recently! I wondered if they were still here in the base. After all, they might have been captu…

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  • SaenihpNnylf

    Poll is closed.

    Yes: 7
    No: 6

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  • Mr Creeper500

    If you could design any flash-based HTF themed game(like Bun and Run or Deadeye Derby), what would:

    • the name of your game be
    • your sprites(characters) be
    • your stage(location) be
    • would it have levels or just be continuous
    • be based off an episode(if yes, which one)
    • controls be

    (Note:Flash Games are only 2D, not 3D.)

    Just for Fun: If I find an idea which interests me I'll try my best at building that game in Scratch(

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  • SaenihpNnylf

    Hello, yeah, this was a bit of a wait. I'm a college student okay. I was busy. I'm pretty proud of this chapter. Some pretty dang important stuff going on here so pay attention!

    I could only watch as he sat up, brushing off some of the sand. I took in a breath looking around at the other friends who were still sleeping. "We need to get somewhere more private; could we go to your house." I asked, afraid that someone might wake up and see us together, even though, looking at my watch, it was only one o'clock in the morning.

    "That sounds groovy, I can dig it," Disco Bear said, getting up to his feet, by now I have figured out what most of those sayings are supposed to mean. "Let's take my car though."

    Normally, I'd be against the idea of taking …

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  • Smart zombie

    List the episodes for every character where you think they should have died or survived.

    Default: I think every character except Cuddles should be considered survivors of Youtube Live and Claw and every character who is in Stealing the Spotlight should be considered dead.


    • Dies: Doggone It, By The Seat of Your Pants, A Bit of a Pickle
    • Survives: Ipso Fatso, See What Develops, Happy New Year


    • Dies: Stayin Alive, Eyes Cold Lemonade, Let It Slide, Ski Ya Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya, From Hero to Eternity, Wipe Out, Swelter Skelter, Cold Hearted, Gems the Breaks
    • Survives: Every Litter Bit Hurts


    • Dies: All Flocked Up,
    • Survives: See What Develops, Happy Trails pt. 1


    • Dies: Happy Trails Pt.2, Stealing the Spotlight, See You Later Elevator, W…

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  • Sandgar

    Admin, if you want custom comment boxes like me and Yong have. You can now ask for one. Give me color, and optionally a transparent image.

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  • Sandgar

    GIF Request

    February 28, 2016 by Sandgar

    I now know how to make gifs. So if you want a specific GIF for a particular scene I will make it for you guys.

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  • HTFan

    The picture speaks for itself; we could have never picked a better time to update her profile!

    I hope you all enjoyed this marvel!

    (Source of this amazing pic can be found here)

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  • IThrowLemonsAtLife

    Let's talk about those moments where the laws of physics blatantly change for the sake of violence. To name a few:

    Every time someone gets sliced by a thread or a pipe.

    Disco Bear opens a soda can and explodes.

    Ooh, Swelter Skelter. Nutty's head cracks open when he gets tripped! Then... apparently fire and friggin explosions can freeze!

    Cuddles flies off to space... with a see-saw!

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  • PokemonTDHTF98

    I'm thinking about it for a few years and What if Happy Tree Friends are going to be in Smash Bros (Which is a high chance of not going to happen). So I thought for who will be the fighters, what stage is it going to be, what items will be used, and who will be an assist trophy

    Here are my choices:







    Deadeye Derby

    False Alarm stages

    Assist Trophies:

    Buddhist Monkey


    The Cursed Idol: Which I think that once you pick it up, you'll get 50%, but if you're 100%, you'll get KOed. If you throw it and hit your opponent, no matter how low the percentage it is, your opponent gets KOed.

    I know it wouldn't happen, but if there is, which characters do you want to see as fighters, what stages you want to see, who's go…

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  • PokemonTDHTF98

    Before I start this blog, let me tell you, I'm truly sorry that I just edited my profile instead of anything else for a past few months. I hope you guys can forgive me about my error.

    Back on topic, It's been a while since I've done my last blog. I was thinking that what if we have a Crossover Episode of HTF. I think it's a really good idea since both shows would contribute with each other.

    In my opinion, If I had to pick, I would choose Pokemon and HTF Crossover because I love both of these shows and it might fit, but not doing any blood or gore since, but make it kid-friendly. In your opinion, which show do you want to have a crossover with and why? And What you like about HTF and Pokemon Crossover in your opinion since it's been a while I…

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  • SaenihpNnylf

    A Perfect Disaster

    February 22, 2016 by SaenihpNnylf

    Of course, perfect disasters are the lifeblood on Happy Tree Friends but this job is specifically relating to putting characters in jobs that they would completely fail at and they have never had.

    Naturally, Lumpy, The Mole, and Handy are obvious options but there are many others. Other options include (but aren't limited to) Mime in a job that involves talking, Flaky in a job that requires bravery, and Nutty in a job that involves sweets… or doesn't.

    Here's a few of my own:

    • Handy directing traffic. (I'm surprised this hasn't happened...)
    • Flaky as a firefighter.
    • Nutty as a candy shop clerk.
    • Sniffles as an exterminator, and comes across a certain family...
    • Flippy as a balloon shop worker.
    • OCD Petunia as a garbage collector.
    • Lifty and Shifty as banker…
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  • IThrowLemonsAtLife


    February 22, 2016 by IThrowLemonsAtLife

    Alright. I know. I know! This isn't the purpouse of the show. At all. Still, having in mind that HTF parodies the sicklenly sweet cartoons, of course it will have the heartwarming stuff, at least as a starting point. This blog is mostly about them. Isn't it sweet that the characters decide to do things together before their insides go out? Isn't it adorable that they play in the snow with one another before they paint it in red? They're still called Happy Tree Friends, after all. 

    It's hilarious that Lumpy left the gas and poisoned everyone in the Kringle Feast. The massive explosion simply topped it off. Still, it's sweet to see that all of those characters, including 'Lifty and Shifty decided to have a christmas dinner together.

    Perhaps particula…

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  • SaenihpNnylf

    My Full Head Canon

    February 14, 2016 by SaenihpNnylf

    I was originally going to comment this on a different blog but it seems to have disappeared. Besides, this is so long that it's probably much better this way.

    My head canons are plentiful and strange. I have sorted them by some of the major ones and then anything branched from them.

    • While my most famous is that Lumpy is a genius and Sniffles is an idiot, I feel my most important is that Lumpy is a tyrant. From the first episode I saw of him to the second I'm writing this, I had never thought anything else and was actually shocked to find that so many others completely disagree but he is, plain and simple actually, you’ll find that most of my other head canons are built off this. He owns and runs everything in town and uses all the other char…
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  • Mr Creeper500

    New Video=New Hope?

    February 13, 2016 by Mr Creeper500

    So I just logged on to YouTube and saw this video on Mondo's channel, it contains various valentines related content(specials, love bites, etc.)

    I know it isn't much but it's the most we've gotten in months, please comment with your thoughts.

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  • Ralphini

    Simply put, which moment did you feel saddest for each character?

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  • SaenihpNnylf

    I have been doing a lot of thinking about this recently. Obviously, they are considered the Ying and Yang best friends of the show and for a good reason: Flaky's a nervous reck afraid of everything from vicious sharks to innocent chicks; Cuddles is a reckless daredevil who doesn't seem to be afraid of anything (except medical needles and the dark). This is set up intentionally so that their personalities can clash in Cuddles dragging Flaky dangerous places against her will.

    Now, as you may already know, I strongly believe that every Tree Friend remembers every detail of every death and injury they've ever experienced. Originally, I always thought that Cuddles and Flaky's mental processes went like this:

    • Flaky looks at the world around her an…

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  • HarmonTower805

    I'm Back Everyone :D

    February 11, 2016 by HarmonTower805

    What's up everyone....This is HarmonTower805, Creator of HTF Battle (Season 1)....and Promised a Season 2 over 8 months ago....Which is also what this blog is about....

    Over 8 months ago...I did a Character (HTF) Battle which resulted in a SUCCESSFUL season 1....I promised an Animated Version of Season 2.....But was delayed due to School and my New DeviantArt Account....

    I am Happy to Say that HTF Battle Season 2 is not cancelled, but It will be back to scripted mode due to animation being to long and time consuming to do....SO....

    Be prepared for Season 2 of HTF Battle to come out in about a week or so.... Stay Tuned Everyone :D

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  • IThrowLemonsAtLife

    Moments of Awesome

    February 11, 2016 by IThrowLemonsAtLife

    It's not about how amazing is a certain gory scene. It's about moments of awesomeness that are done by the characters! Each of them has flaws, has done stupid things or some of them still need to be worked on as characters. However they have their great highlights which deserve to be talked about. Perhaps it was something that complimented the characters' basic traits? Perhaps they did something despite their usual behaviour, or the moments of determination to reach their goals or to help someone warmed your heart? Maybe even one of their stupid moments have something awesome? Let's share a few!

    I covered plenty of mine in the "Best starring role for each character" blog, but if I think of more, or if I feel like adding more details to the …

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  • Ralphini

    Episode ideas

    February 10, 2016 by Ralphini

    I haven't seen this type of post in a while, so if you have any ideas for episodes you want to share, feel free to post them here

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    This doesn't necessarily mean your least favourite main character, (my answer isn't) but which character is the most disappointing to you? 

    For me, Russell. He's a pirate, and if you watch HTF you expect each new character you see to have a cool twist about them, right? So, say someone was telling you about HTF and they tell you the basics of the show, and it grabs your attention, and they tell you about the characters, they eventually mention Russell, who is a pirate. You get interested and think he's sort of like a mix between Lifty and Shifty and Flippy/Fliqpy, so overall a fun sounding exciting character, right? Then you watch the show and you notice in his episodes that he's fairly bland and doesn't have any major personality traits, s…

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  • SaenihpNnylf

    Hey guys, we are really sorry for such a long delay on this chapter, and right after we said we wouldn't. Neverwhere Guard has been busy and unfortunately, this chapter is a bit shorter than the previous one's but we really needed/wanted to get this chapter out today because today is a very special day for the both of us and maybe some of you reading this:

    It's Tiny But Mighty's birthday! For those who don't know, Tiny But Mighty is a group Neverwhere Guard and I founded of fans who believe Sniffles is an idiot and Lumpy is a genius. This chapter will portray both of these beliefs, especially the former, and also include a flashback many of you have likely been hoping for.

    Happy Birthday Tiny But Mighty and we both hope you enjoy your presen…

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    What do you think your favourite opening sequence is in the series? Personally I like the TV series one in the style of the pop up book, plus it briefly references the pilot episode.

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  • SaenihpNnylf

    This is kind of random and of course solely for the purpose of fun but through reading fanfictions, as you probably already know that I do a lot, I've seen three different "flipped-out" versions of Flaky but they are each extremely different and I was wondering what any of you think is the best of the three. Here is some information on the choices, before anyone asks, none of them have a clear trigger for flipping out. I included Flippy's involvement since Flippy has an important and very different role in each (note, that's only for Flippy, not Fliqpy). If you have any questions regarding any of them, ask in comments and I will answer if an answer exists:

    • Story: A Match Made in Hell and Unholy Union by Flaky550
    • Appearance Difference: sharp …

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  • Ralphini

    Two Bit and D Void

    February 8, 2016 by Ralphini

    They're two new shows by the creators of HTF. They can be found on the youtube channel zwak. Anybody who's seen them, what do you think?

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  • Mr Creeper500

    Bloodiest Moments

    February 7, 2016 by Mr Creeper500

    What I want you to do first is to remove ALL the guts, ALL the miscellaneous organs and ALL the pain, suffering etc. from all the episodes you've whatched.

    After that make your choice of the BLOODIEST moment, and by bloodiest I mean the moment with the most blood in form of fluid. I cannot stress the fact that gore(guts, brains etc.) is to be left out enough, as there are existing blogs on goriest moments, whereas this purely refers to the amount of bloodshed.

    An example of would be Petunia in Royal Flush, where she mainly exploded into a giant bloodstain.

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  • Lord O' Darkness

    I'm not giving up hope just yet (however I'm no longer contributing to the fanon wiki, except for the occasional pictures). But if you found out Dream Job was the last episode and this truly was the last you'd see of the HTF gang, what would your reaction be?

    Read more >

    Requested by Sandgar please go here for details:



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  • Ralphini

    We've talked about the most painful deaths, but which deaths would you consider the most embarrassing/humiliating? 

    For me, either Flaky in Breaking Wind or Nutty in the first choice of his Smoochie.

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  • SaenihpNnylf

    Cub's Age

    February 3, 2016 by SaenihpNnylf

    Though this obviously won't change anything on the wiki. I have seen many different opinions on this so I decided to put it up to vote. Because Cub is anthropomorphic and it only makes sense, ages are based on human aging, not bear. Again, this is only for fun and curiosity.

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  • SaenihpNnylf

    This was a sweet chapter. I like this chapter.

    October 29th 1957, I doubt that

    I'm not going to lie, I'm having a lot of trouble trying to make any sense of the stuff that went down today. I'll try to explain it to you as best I can, Journal but I doubt any of it will make sense. I guess I might as well start from the beginning.

    The first soldier I encountered put up quite the fight which I should expect but it made me question some of the other encounters I've had since I've been on my own. For the most part, the kills were fairly easy, they barely put up a fight at all even though most of them were armed. I guess I never really had the chance to mull of this fact but now that I had. It doesn't only make me feel extremely confused but rather…

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