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  • Ralphini


    January 31, 2016 by Ralphini

    So, if Truffles ever becomes a main character, how do you think he would act? What would his deaths be like?

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  • SaenihpNnylf

    Hello fans! I am pleasantly surprised with the reactions I have been getting for this story. Especially how many people I got wondering if Disco Bear likes Giggles romantically which used to be common sense. I guess it's just my job to make people question what used to be common sense (like that Lumpy is an idiot). This chapter was really fun to write and I hope you like reading it just as much.

    "I wasn't doing anything wrong," Disco Bear told her in a forceful voice that scared me even more. I was sure at that point that he was going to tell her and then it would be all over, all those years trying to keep it a secret from everyone around me down the drain. "I just came to get breakfast. Flirting isn't all I ever do, you know?"

    With a huge …

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  • Mr Creeper500

    The Future?

    January 28, 2016 by Mr Creeper500

    Recently the wiki has been starting to look better and better, and I am bothered by that, because it sparks the question, what next? What do we do when we run out of things to edit, what do we do when everythings perfect, what do we do, if HTF is gone for good?

    And now, for my next question, when do we accept that our worst fears, that HTF is gone for good, and that the idea is dead in the water?

    Or do we keep hoping?

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  • SaenihpNnylf

    Hello folks, welcome to the second chapter of Things Just Got Real with my awesome co-author HTFan. We had a blast writing this chapter and we hope you have a blast reading it and finding out who's going with Cuddles and Flaky on their adventure... or death trap. Only time can tell which.

    Cuddles led Flaky over to the desk he had been working at and showed her the list, which Flaky was actually very surprised to see. With how much Cuddles seems to act on impulse, especially on the decision to go on this 'trip,' she hadn't expected him to put so much thought into who to bring with, but he had pretty much covered everyone.

    Flaky's lips pursed slightly as she scrutinized every bullet point he had taken down before finally speaking in the cleare…

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  • Sandgar

    Chat Tags

    January 23, 2016 by Sandgar

    If you want a chat tag for the chat. Just give me phrase you want to use, or if none is given I will just use your name.

    your name will be wrote out as this: 'sandgar, with all names having a ' in front of it.

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  • Mr Creeper500

    HTF Taylor Made

    January 21, 2016 by Mr Creeper500

    There are lots of blogs similar to this one, but I doubt there is one EXACTLY like it.

    Now, I want you to imagine every HTF episode ever made, that's right, every regular episode, every tv episode, every irregular episode, every break, every love bite, every kringle, basically anything official bearing the HTF name, as a pack of cards.

    Now imagine ALL these packs of cards spread out in front of you, and YOU, yeah, you, , have the ability to: remove cards, add cards and change cards.

    So if you never wanted a character to be added, remove that character's "cards" from all the episodes, if you never wanted a death to occur, change those "cards", and if you wanted a character do be in an episode, add their "cards".

    It doesn't have to be in the format…

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  • Mama mittens

    I range all styles of art. anime, to realistic. And very cartoony. and yes I love anime, and one of my favs is panty and stocking, and I worked on a series based off of it. enjoy~

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  • SaenihpNnylf

    Define Intelligence

    January 19, 2016 by SaenihpNnylf

    Don’t worry, this is HTF related after the intro.

    So, I was exploring the internet and found this interesting thing that got me thinking this is what it said: “In social issues class today our professor held up a black book and was like ‘this book is red’ and we were all ‘no’ and he said ‘yes it is’ and we were just all ‘that’s not right’ and he turned it around and the back cover was red and he said ‘Don’t tell somebody they’re wrong until you’ve seen things from their point of view.’”

    This all got me thinking about Tiny But Mighty and all the people that tell me and the other characters that we’re wrong. Just replace the book with Lumpy and Sniffles and the color with intelligence levels. So then the question is: what is behind the desk or…

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  • Mama mittens

    Just finished up these hairstyles for my humanized flaky~

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  • Mama mittens

    Here is new crap I finally downloaded  to my computer. Enjoy!

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  • Mama mittens

    so, I am doing an anime cover for each episode. And so far I have a bunch down but, I will be posting slowly....ever so slowly, because I am lazy person, and I will admit it too!

    But here is this one from one of my favorite episodes!


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  • Mama mittens

    Do not get confused!

    January 18, 2016 by Mama mittens

    Ok so people are really thinking my art is messed up from the feed back I've been I have clarified that It is just my style. nothing of the sort. just the way I draw. (I am going to be posting my other works!) But here's the original HTF wallpaper I did that has got people so struck.

    now in the original picture, disco bear is cut off, why? because he is my least favorite to draw!

    anyways I hope this cleared things up on that...I hope. 

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  • IThrowLemonsAtLife

    Are there moments you like in episodes you otherwise dislike? Or vice versa? I'll share mine some other time.

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    I make too many blogs like this but title says it all. Please respond I like hearing people's opinions and am sick and tired of people not responding with their own list.

    Three quick notes: 1. The world exploding in Breaking Wind doesn't count for any of them. 2. I know I did a blog called worst deaths but that meant goriest and most painful, this means least favourite, though if you wish you can use any of your worst deaths for each character as your favourite and least favourite death. 3. Regular episodes only

    Now onward ho.

    Cuddles: Aw Shucks!: Not sure why, but I found his death hilarious, especially since it occurred in a moment when he thought he was completely safe and then BAM! railway lines cut him in half.

    Giggles: Snow What? That's W…

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  • SaenihpNnylf

    Around June 13, 1957

    Something amazing happened today, Journal. As I write this, I'm in one of the best moods I can ever remember being in. I know that's not saying much considering my situation but this is very important to me.

    As you already know, I had managed to take hold of an abandon base. An alarm of some kind had started going off and three soldiers had found me but I was able to handle them without even injury to myself and no more had come. The alarm stopped going off as well. I still can't seem to figure out what it was for.

    That's not the amazing part though, the amazing part is what happened after that. Someone else entered the base but it wasn't an enemy soldier. It wasn't one of my allies either but it was the next best thing. …

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  • SaenihpNnylf

    Just wondering what are some episodes that when you first saw it, you expected something to go a completely different way than it did. For the sake of this blog, this excludes your first HTF episode and the first episode you saw with a specific character that you would have expected what did happen if you knew anything about the character/show. This also excludes scene's that are intentionally misleading like Petunia screaming in Royal Flush or when Pop came across the cacti in And the Kitchen Sink.

    Here's two examples for me. I may add more:

    When I first saw Autopsy Turvy (Double Whammy Part II), I thought that right before the massive battle, when Flippy opened the door behind him, I expected him to find more Fliqpys, not a bunch of Flippy's. …

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  • Mr Creeper500

    Basically it's a blog about unsuspected moments where you encountered the HTF fandom, hence the title.

    I had such an experience today, me and a couple of friends were whatching HTF and the next moment our register teacher asked that very question.

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    Sorry for not being active earlier on today, basically I had an after school detention for forgetting homework and I couldn't skip it or delay it because of my Mum.

    Anyway tomorrow is my 14th birthday so I may not be as active as I may go out and I have to socialize for my birthday but I will edit at some point and respond to any messages people give me. And I should be home relatively early, though slightly later as I have PE and may take time to get out of the crappy changing rooms and my asshole PE teacher. 

    Again sorry and hope this clears up any possible misconceptions about me slacking off duty as an admin.

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  • Smart zombie

    Whats your favorite and least favorite TV episode from each TV segment

    One Foot in the Grave

    • Best: And the Kitchen Sink
    • Meh: From Hero to Eternity
    • Worst: The Wrong Side of the Tracks

    Lesser of Two Evils

    • Best: Ipso Fatso
    • Meh: Don't Yank My Chain
    • Worst: Party Animal

    The Third Degree

    • Best: Concrete Solution
    • Meh: Sea What I Found
    • Worst: Doggone It

    Four on the Floor

    • Best: Wishy Washy
    • Meh: Who's to Flame

    Worst: Easy For You to Sleigh

    The Marooned Five

    • Best: As You Wish
    • Meh: Take a Hike
    • Worst: Every Litter Bit Hurts

    Deep Six

    • Best: Gems the Breaks
    • Meh: Dunce Upon a Time
    • Worst: Snow Place to Go

    Seventh Heaven

    • Best: A Change of Heart
    • Meh: Mime to Five
    • Worst: A Hole Lotta Love

    Behind the Eighth Ball

    • Best: See What Develops
    • Meg: Chew Said a Mouth Full
    • Worst: Blast from the Past


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  • SaenihpNnylf

    Sorry for the wait on this one. I ended up scraping this chapter a few times because I was unpleased with how it turned out.

    Cuddles is a nice person. He is my friend. He would never hurt me on purpose. Right? It must be right. He's just trying to make sure I don't die on the way home. He's just… terribly misguided.

    I really hope I'm right.

    While self-splinting my injured arm, I tried to focus out the window instead of on my situation. Though, the weather seemed to only mock me. It was a typical summer day in Happy Tree Town, the sun shone bright and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. How could a town so full of death and despair always look so picture-esc?

    After what seemed too long for the short drive it must have been, my house came into view…

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    An inversion to this blog because I felt like making it, same rules apply.

    Note: Bold equals I liked the episode overall, just felt it could have been better. Italic equals the episode was average (not particularly bad but not good either) at best.

    Here are my examples:

    Cuddles: Water You Wading For- This is one of those episodes where the deaths and injuries were too random and Cuddles was the only character who suffered here.

    Giggles: Helping Helps- She just doesn't do anything. The episode itself was OK, just she didn't do anything.

    Toothy: Brake the Cycle- The episode just seems uninspired and predictable and it's why the creators are getting nowhere with Toothy's character.

    Lumpy: See You Later, Elevator- Hard choice, but while I like him …

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    In your own personal opinion, what is the worst death for each character with an explanation?

    In order of favourites here is my list:

    (Note: the world exploding in Breaking Wind doesn't count)

    Lumpy: Letter Late Than Never- falling down a mountain, slowly being eaten by a tortoise and accidentally spraying your own eyes, need I say more?

    The Mole- Don't Yank My Chain- It was honestly pretty horrifying watching The Mole's head being torn open like that.

    Cro-Marmot- Dino-Sore Days- I don't have many options to choose from here................................

    Mr. Pickels- All In Vein- Again, with Breaking Wind not counting I have no choice but this one... and it's a debatable death too........yay.

    Cub- Water  Way to Go- Okay, for the record the reas…

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  • Mr Creeper500

    Which episode do you want to see get the "BlurB treatment"?

    I want to see Easy For You to Sleigh, In a Jam, Flippin' Burgers and By The Seat Of Your Pants.

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  • SaenihpNnylf

    Questioning Beliefs

    January 10, 2016 by SaenihpNnylf

    Inspired by Adam's two recent blogs.

    They say that the exception proves the role and whether unique of conventional, all of us have developed opinions or beliefs about the show and it's characters. For this blog, what are some episodes that you feel really put those beliefs to the test. Again, it doesn't matter if almost everyone agrees with you on the belief or if people think you're crazy for believing it, any belief you hold qualifies.

    Here's some of my own might as well start with my most famous you can use my format or make your own:

    • "Lumpy is a genius"... except in Don't Yank My Chain. This doesn't really require much of an explanation. He couldn't tell the difference between Handy and Mole and Lifty and Shifty and used evidence as a sno…
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    Since I'm in a better mood, here is the inversion to the blog I made yesterday.

    Here are my examples.

    Petunia- I Nub You I just feel she is more likable here than she normally is.

    Mime- Mime to Five and Out of Sight, Out of Mime- He's much more of a character in these episodes than he is normally. Much more interesting.

    Russell- Sea What I Found and Get Whale Soon-  More of an interesting character here, especially in a latter.

    Disco Bear- Easy Comb, Easy Go- I don't truly hate him and I like him sometimes but here he is both funny and non-annoying something he never normally achieves.

    Sniffles- Blast From The Past- Again, I don't truly hate Sniffles, and his inventions are always cool, but here he invents something in an episode that is also re…

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  • SaenihpNnylf

    So, I decided this is worth continuing. I have a few ideas. Though this will not be in chronological order, that just simply wouldn't work for this story. It will go in the order that is convenient for the plot and me. I've done this before and I think it will work. Same rules apply to this chapter, if you hadn't figured out the hidden story in the last chapter, maybe this will make it easier.

    December 25th 1956... I'm pretty sure

    If I'm right, today is Christmas day. It seems weird that I know that but I don't even know who I am but I remember one of my comrades talking about the holiday. So, Merry Christmas. That's what people say on Christmas, right?

    Except, usually they have someone to say it to. I don't really think you count as someone …

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    Are there any episodes where you hate/dislike a character you normally like? Any explanation?

    I did a similar blog earlier but this isn't just for your favourites for several characters you like.

    Here are my examples: 

    Lumpy- Don't Yank My Chain I can barely stand Lumpy in this episode, he is normally my number one favourite character, but his treatment of Handy and The Mole is pretty appalling and the only part of his role I liked was his death.

    Lifty and Shifty- Junk in the Trunk I honestly don't know why, but they get on my nerves for some reason here and it looked like they would win throughout. I prefer it when they are less competent but when they actually do something right and are complete jerks like they are here I like them less.


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    BlurB Galleries

    January 6, 2016 by AdamISAWESOME

    So I noticed in a few episode galleries there are a few (sometimes a lot) of images from a Blurb in a gallery. Does it really belong in the same area? I was thinking we should make a subsection for the blurb images (like the storyboard mini-gallery in the gallery for By the seat of your pants.) and replace the current Blurb images with normal ones? Agree? Disagree? (I just think it looks less messy that way)

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    Survival rates

    January 5, 2016 by AdamISAWESOME

    If you worked on the show what would you do to the survival rates for each character? Increase, decrease or stay the same?

    Here is my list below:

    Lumpy: Stay the same. While he is my favourite and you would think decrease would make more sense because of that I don't mind watching him die that much (sometimes it's hilarious watching him die too), and also he has a pretty high survival rate anyway.

    The Mole: Increase. Yes a high survival rate, but it's unfair enough watching him and Handy die since, well, they're handicapped. Plus he's been dying more in the newer seasons so I want to rectify that.

    Cro-Marmot: Decrease. Obvious choice.

    Mr. Pickels: Decrease, but that's because his survival rate is 100%  and I want to see him have a non debatable…

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  • KennyX1994

    Mondo Intro

    January 3, 2016 by KennyX1994

    Hello folks! I have been wanting to create a blog post for a while now, but I have never really been sure what to write about. All the good topics have pretty much already been used already. (Stephanie & AdamISAWESOME) So, I decided to write something different in this blog post instead.

    Do you either prefer the older Mondo intro ("Spin Fun Knowin' Ya" to "Clause for Concern") or the newer Mondo intro? ("The Chokes on You" to "Dream Job"? I have heared different opinions about this and I am curious what you think. Don't forget to motivate too.

    I myself prefer the older intro. Because it fits very well with the HTF intro and it's both creative and well made. It is also animated and that fits very well for an animated show. I watched HTF befor…

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  • SaenihpNnylf

    I'm not sure exactly why I wrote this. It's just a short little one-shot I put together but if it's popular enough and enough people want it, I might consider writing more chapters. I wouldn't set my heart on this though. Even though it's short, make sure to go into this with an open mind and don't take everything you hear for face value.

    July 20th, 1957, approximately

    I'm not sure how much longer I can take it. It's always the same thing no matter what you do. No one ever wins. I guess that's what war is. I wish I knew that when I signed up.

    Then again, I don't remember actually signing up. So, why am I here? I don't remember anything before my battle with General Tiger. Could you imagine? Never remembering anything but war? This is my life,…

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  • Smart zombie

    1. What kind of major or episodic ideas and changes would you have for the season. Here's what I would do.

    • Give Giggles, Nutty, Flaky, Mime and Cro-Marmot starring roles and pop ups as soon as possible.
    • Splendid and Cro-Marmot must die in seperate episodes.
      • Cro-Marmots death has to be onscreen.
    • NO more starring roles for Sniffles until season 5.
    • Toothy, Nutty, Handy, Flaky, Lifty, and Shifty have to survive at least 2 more episodes each. They have been dying a lot lately.
      • Lifty and Shifty need to survive in a starring role.
        • Have at least one episode where only one of the raccoons die instead of both.
    • Mime and Russell need to be better developed, espiecially in their starring roles.
      • Show just how far Mime can go when it comes to breaking the laws of…
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  • Mr Creeper500

    Happy Tree New Year

    December 31, 2015 by Mr Creeper500

    If you live in UTC+2 then you have travelled to the future! Happy South African/Botswana,/Namibian/Zambian/That coveres everywhere I've been new year! 

    And let 2016 be the year the hiatus finally comes to an end!

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  • SaenihpNnylf

    Mr. Pickels Is Not Real

    December 29, 2015 by SaenihpNnylf

    I know this is a huge debate but I will say first and foremost that Mr. Pickels is not real. Mr. Pickels is merely a figment of an active and disturbing imagination. He was created to act as a scapegoat for Lammy in an attempt to possibly excuse the crime's she commits. Also to trick her into committing them in the first place. Mr. Pickels is indeed a very complex and interesting character but he is still not real. The idea that a mere pickle can grow arms, legs, and a face and move around on his own then simply lose them all in a moment's notice is just entirely ludicrous. Mr. Pickels can't be real. As for Royal Flush, may I point out that Flaky's death really didn't require Mr. Pickels being real or Lammy being there at all, she simply c…

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  • Mr Creeper500

    Your HTF Moments

    December 28, 2015 by Mr Creeper500

    Any experiences you've had that rang serious HTF bells.

    A few examples:

    My only personal experience was a few years ago, I wanted to get a glass of water, dropped the glass, tried to catch it, and horribly mutilated my leg. I still bear the scars and a crippeling fear of broken glass.

    The other big one I've had, didn't actually effect me. I recently mentioned Damien, but to sum up he's basically the human version of Insanity Wolf. We were planning on going hunting, me, him and a friend that fled the country due to this incident. We were selecting weapons and I pulled out my stainless steel bowie knife, to which he said: "Let me see that real quick", I, stupidly, agreed. He was relatively good with weapons and I knew he was, impulsive. Soon af…

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    Which episodes make a character behave odd in your eyes? (Or odd considering their nature) Which episodes are the biggest glaring examples for this?

    I will post a few examples below:

    • This Is Your Knife: He is a lot friendlier to Flaky than normal and seems oddly calm and somewhat more nervous.
    • Camp Pokeneyeout: No concern towards Toothy's eye injury. 

    • Every Litter Bit Hurts: The only time she displays her nature as an environmentalist. 
    • A Change Of Heart: She seemed too eager to save Disco Bear's life considering how much she normally dislikes him.

    • See What Develops: Mad at Splendid whom he normally idolizes.
    • Camp Pokeneyeout: He was a lot less nice to Cuddles, outright laughing at his injury. 

    • Don't Yank My Chain: Crueler than usual, and also sl…

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  • SaenihpNnylf

    There's an interesting trivia fact for HTF that I'm having trouble figuring out where to put it and how to best word it. Can anyone help? New users are allowed but experienced users are preferred.

    So, basically, the fact is that all three of the episodes in the TV finale "Friday the 13th" feature an injury that's common in old cartoons:

    • Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow: Hit by own swinging log trap.
    • Double Whammy Part I: Eyes pop out from being hit in the head. (Though, usually they go right back in in old cartoons)
    • Autopsy Turvy (Double Whammy Part II): One of the most famous: Falling grand piano!
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  • Sandgar

    ZwakAttack Wiki

    December 26, 2015 by Sandgar

    I need help writing for the Zwak wiki. I need some transcripts and plots made for the wiki. Does anyone want to help there. Here is the link for anyone interested in helping

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  • BonnieBunny1987

    Merry Christmas!!

    December 25, 2015 by BonnieBunny1987

    Merry Christmas to everyone on this wiki! I hope you're all enjoying your Christmas as much as I am!

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  • HTFan

    Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!

    December 25, 2015 by HTFan

    Hey everyone!

    I just wanted to wish everyone here at the wiki a Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a Happy New Year to each user here! And, I wanted to voice something personal here, since I felt like saying it during this time of the year.

    You know, I must say, in my short time here being active since September this year, I've seen a lot of things happen with this wiki in such a short time. We had our re-introduction of the rollback rights for chosen users (such as me); that little issue with the war against the vandals (not saying it's over, though thank God it isn't drastic like earlier); the absence and return of a loyal member and admin once more, Smart Zombie (great to have you back with us again, man!); a new admin by the name of He…

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  • BonnieBunny1987

    Many people will probably do this too, but my activity will almost certainly decrease over the Christmas period. Not that I've been especially active lately or anything, but this is just a heads up. If I can, I'll make a blog on Christmas Day wishing all of you a Merry Christmas.

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    You may have seen the discussion some of us had on Smart Zombie's blog and we decided to make a poll on it.


    Voting ends in two days.

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  • WhyShouldi

    great stuff

    December 19, 2015 by WhyShouldi

    just tell what you like about happy tree friends.

    (i like their cuteness ;3333)

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  • Sandgar

    Ask Me Anything

    December 19, 2015 by Sandgar

    I am bored, so you guys can ask me what ever you want. I don't care what you ask, though I may have to answer it in private some of the stuff lol. Well ask away.

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  • Smart zombie

    Will there be relationship pages for Pop, Cub, Disco Bear, Russell, Lifty, Shifty, Cro-Marmot, and Splendid? I mean it would only make sense since more then half of the cast have relationship pages. Plus it would give us something new to do on the wiki.

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  • IThrowLemonsAtLife

    Most of the HTF characters went trough some kind of development, got new traits and thus they got more interesting. Is there something more you want to see of them? Or from the ones that didn't change much? What is it? Here are my examples:


    Giggles - For starters it will be nice if she brings back her most notable traits in the TV series. You know... her being and environmentalist and probably a heroine? Her being usually sweet, but not to be messed around with when angry? Also, she has been dating a lot in the last years. Perhaps it's time for her to settle down a bit. I think it would really fit her to act as a mother to the others and be caring to them more often. If she gets herself involved like that, she can get killed in more ways.


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  • SaenihpNnylf

    Co-Authored with HTFan

    "Look out!" An unidentified voice rang out through the street as Mole's car came barreling down, plowing over Nutty and scattering the huge bag of candy he was dragging from the store. The car kept going, missing a screaming Flaky by mere inches before disappearing into the distance.

    With Death sparing her for however long he has decided to give her, Flaky, panting heavily with her heart beating out of her chest (figuratively), slowly pushed herself up onto her feet after dropping down onto the sidewalk for cover. Brushing the small specks of dirt and dust off her chest, she looked back to the direction the vehicle was heading, nodding her head to see it was nowhere to be seen.

    She wiped the sweat off her forehead and l…

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  • SaenihpNnylf

    The votes have been casted and counted and amongst the ashes stands a single victor! The winner of the Most Unique Happy Tree Fan is...


    True to his username, here are Adam's award winning opinions:

    • Splendid is the cruelest character.
    • The Mole is the kindest.
    • Though not smart, Splendid is not stupid.
    • The Mole lives in poverty.
    • Petunia is a "B**** in Sheeps Clothing".
    • Cro-Marmot is his third favorite character.
    • Sympathizes with the Ants more than Sniffles
    • Toothy's death in Eye Candy is worse than Sniffles' in Tongue in Cheek and Petunia's in Wishy Washy combined.
    • The W.A.R took place between Spin Fun Knowin' Ya and Hide and Seek.
    • Flippy snuck into the W.A.R underage.
    • Lumpy's antlers are fake.
    • Nutty's "candy" is actual drugs.
    • Lumpy would be an excel…

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  • Lord O' Darkness

    Title Cards

    December 12, 2015 by Lord O' Darkness

    Such as these:

    Does anyone think we should add them into the episodic infoboxes? Just a thought.

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  • Smart zombie

    I'm Back

    December 10, 2015 by Smart zombie

    I don't know if any of you are wondering why I just left for no reason and at random time but I'll explain why, feel free to read the whole thing if you want. It's because my little brother thought it would be so fucking hilarious if he edited crap on other wikis. He made the account with my IPad. He messed with two wikis (Dora and BFDI) for a bit and for some reason wikia banned my IP address instead of my brothers user. If you don't believe this the name, HTF UNIVERSE and the password is htf it'll say that the expiry of being banned is infinite. Mine only says December 10th 20:55 (which is around 3:55 where I am). So yeah Globally banned.

    I've tried making another account with other computers and used a name, Tastes_Like_Chicken. (I made…

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