• This is one of the shorts that features the "Happy Tree Friends is dead!" message, along with Take Your SeatMoppin UpBite Sized, and Pop & Corn. This is the last time this message is shown, as the "is Dead" part gets erased by Lumpy.
  • HTF Breaks marked a long hiatus for the show, following See You Later, Elevator. The "Happy Tree Friends is dead!" message created controversy, as it caused some fans to believe that the series was being cancelled. However, in this episode, the "is dead!" part is erased. The following episodes, Cheesy Does It and Tunnel Vision, confirmed the end of the hiatus and signaled the making of a new full-length episode.
  • The YouTube thumbnail spoils Giggles' injury.
  • The cries of pain Giggles gives out in this short sound a lot deeper than usual, and the background music sounds like it has been slowed down.
  • This short has the same setting as Bite Sized, except for the fact that a counter is placed instead of the gumball machine where Nutty got his jawbreaker.

Cultural References

  • Giggles' injury is similar to a Nazi's death in "Raiders of the Lost Ark".
    • Giggles' skin melting is also similar to a scene in "Star Trek: First Contact", in which the Borg Queen melts.


  • Shifty suffers a similar injury in Cheesy Does It. However, he dies for his injury, while Giggles survives.

Production Notes

  • Six Point Harness produced the animation of this Break! episode, and the studio, along with Renegade Animation & Ghostbot, would participate on the animation on the series from then on.

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