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Maybe they should blow on it first.
Season: HTF Break
Episode: Break 11
Title Reference/Pun: Easy does it
Starring Roles
Cheesy Does It00:22

Cheesy Does It

Previous Episode Butter Me Up
Next Episode Tunnel Vision

Cheesy Does It is the eleventh HTF Break short.


Lifty and Shifty spot a box of pizza sitting on the counter of a concession stand. Shifty quickly grabs a slice and takes a bite out of it, but the very hot and sticky cheese ends up melting his cheeks and one of his eyeballs. The pizza box, which is bearing the HTF break sign, falls to the ground. Wrapping paper then covers the screen, followed by a red gift ribbon with a tag. The tag reads:

To: The Fans

From: Mondo

Note: HTF is back, Baby!


  • Shifty's face melts due to piping hot cheese on the pizza he took a bite out of. (Confirmed by Kenn Navarro)


  • Seeing how the pizza melted Shifty's face, the hand he used to hold the slice should have melted as well. (Debatable, because he was holding the crust, and not the cheese.)


  • This episode indicates the end of the hiatus of Happy Tree Friends. The series was previously on a long hiatus following the episode See You Later, Elevator. Due to this and several HTF Break episodes with the message Happy Tree Friends is Dead, many fans feared that the series was cancelled.
  • This is the only episode in the entire HTF canon to have one of the raccoon brothers die while the other survives.
  • There are no female characters in this episode.
  • Shifty's death is similar to Giggles' injury in Butter Me Up.
    • Which is also the break before this one.
    • His injury is also similar to Paul Taylor's death from "The Blob", which is from the 1988 remake.
  • Like most episodes, the YouTube thumbnail spoils a character's (Shifty's) death.

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