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Happy Tree Friends Break - Chore Loser
Cub loves his game,
but what happens next?
Season: HTF Break
Episode: Break 2
Title Reference/Pun: Sore loser
Starring Roles
The Dog
The Cursed Idol
Happy Tree Friends Break - Chore Loser01:01

Happy Tree Friends Break - Chore Loser

Previous Episode Seize the Day
Next Episode Deck the Halls

Chore Loser is the second episode in the HTF Break series.


Cub is playing on a Game Boy and having fun. Suddenly Pop comes in and is annoyed that Cub isn't doing his chores, so he gives a rake to Cub and sends him outside. Pop then sees the Game Boy on the chair and sits down, proceeding to play it. Through the window, we see Cub outside raking up the leaves when a dog comes over to him. He pets the dog, who seems friendly enough, when, suddenly, the dog viciously attacks Cub. Cub screams for help, but Pop is too focused on the game to hear his son's cries for help. The dog rips Cub to pieces, causing his guts and limbs to hit the window and slide down like Tetris pieces. All the while Pop continues playing the game. The dog then comes into the living room with one of Cub's limbs in its mouth. Pop pets the dog in awe, but before the episode ends the dog growls, presumingly preparing to attack Pop.


  1. Cub had the skin on his left arm ripped off by a dog, and was then torn to pieces by the dog.
  2. It is debatable that the dog killed Pop, but nothing is seen or heard to prove this (he survived an attack from a similar dog in Doggone It).


  1. Cub's game platform immediately shuts off when Cub sets it on the couch.
  2. Even though all four limbs are stuck to the window, the dog came running in with another limb.
  3. Though the skin was ripped off Cub's hand, both of his hands have their skin when they hit the window.
  4. Pop's robe seems to be shorter in this episode.


  • The dog is similar to Whistle from Doggone It, only it is blue. In addition, the dog in this episode was not provoked by whistling, but rather whenever he was petted.
  • This marks the second time a character's guts have slid down a window, resembling Tetris pieces. The first time was in the False Alarm episode.
  • The Cursed Idol can be seen sitting on a shelf above the chair Pop and Cub sit on. This may have been the cause of the dog's aggression.
  • If Pop survives, this would be another episode in which Pop survives and Cub dies.
  • There are no female characters in this short.

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