• This episode marks The Ants', Sniffles' and The Cursed Idol's first appearances. (The Cursed Idol appears underground when Sniffles is moving his tongue in on the Ants' home.)

    The Cursed Idol looking uglier than ever.

  • This is the first episode to have characters intentionally kill other characters.
  • Since Petunia survived in House Warming, this episode marks the first death involving an explosion.
  • This episode marks the first time where a character's death is not caused by main characters.
  • There's a picture of an adult male ant in the ant family's dining room. According to the creators, he died in the war.
  • This is the first episode without any female main characters.
  • This is the first episode with only one main character.
  • This is one of five episodes where a thought bubble is used. The other four are Can't Stop Coffin, Doggone It, As You Wish, and And the Kitchen Sink.

Cultural References

  • The term "crazy antics" means dangerous stuff.
  • When Sniffles' tongue is going towards the ant's front door, it may be a parody of a game called Gold Well, a popular arcade and now flash game.

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