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Cuddles with his friends.

This article focuses on the interactions between Cuddles and every other main character of Happy Tree Friends.


Cuddles is arguably the most well-known and popular character of the series. While a little mischievous, he is outgoing and kind, which makes it no wonder he makes so many friends.



Main article: Cuddles-Giggles Relationship

Initially, Cuddles and Giggles were depicted as friends, but as the series progressed, they seem to have become a couple (most prominently in The Carpal Tunnel of Love and I Nub You).


Main article: Toothy-Cuddles Relationship

Toothy is Cuddles' best friend, as has been shown in a number of episodes. In Blast from the Past, he played with Toothy and comforted him when he got hurt. In From A to Zoo, they teased animals together. They also threw snowballs in Strain Kringle. The one time they did not get along was Camp Pokeneyeout, due to a misunderstanding, but they redeemed their friendship in the end (though this was short-lived, as they are later crushed by a boulder in the same episode.) They are shown to still be best friends in Going Out With a Bang when they light fireworks together.


Main article: Cuddles-Lumpy Relationship

Lumpy is shown to be a good friend of Cuddles. In Spin Fun Knowin' Ya and Blast from the Past, he brought Cuddles, along with Giggles and Toothy, to the playground. In Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow, he played with Cuddles and baked a cake for his birthday party. In Seize the Day, Cuddles and Lumpy play against each other on a video game.


Cuddles knows Petunia as Giggles' friend and thus has been on trips with her, as seen in From A to Zoo and Take a Hike.


Cuddles and Handy are friends most of the time, such as in Home Is Where the Hurt Is, in which he is one of the people Handy hires to repair Giggles' house. On a more negative note, Handy teases Cuddles after the latter loses his arms and is dying of blood loss in The Wrong Side of the Tracks. However, on a more positive note, Handy is the first character to react to Cuddles' suffering in the Claw and tries to save him from the claw.


Main article: Cuddles-Nutty Relationship

The relationship between Cuddles and Nutty seems to be at a neutral level. They are shown to be friends most of the time, with some exceptions being Sweet Ride, and the False Alarm episode.


Both being Toothy's closest friends, Cuddles and Sniffles almost always appear with Toothy when together, in such episodes as Class ActFrom A to Zoo, Party Animal, and Take a Hike. In Wipe Out!, the two were briefly seen playing with a beach ball. However, on a more negative note, in Camp PokeneyeoutSniffles attacked Cuddles with his own invention after Cuddles attacked Toothy.



Pop hits Cuddles.

Cuddles has never directly interacted with Pop. Their closest interaction together is in And the Kitchen Sink when Pop hit Cuddles with h his car.


Their only interaction takes place in Cubtron Z, in which Cub/Cubtron kills Cuddles by using him as a crayon. Cuddles actually looks excited until his demise.


Main article: Cuddles-Flaky Relationship

Cuddles and Flaky are shown to be very good friends on a number of occasions, such as in Water You Wading For, Let It Slide, and The Wrong Side of the Tracks. However, they usually are not compatible due to the former's reckless behavior and the latter's cautiousness.

The Mole

Cuddles and The Mole seem to be friends for the most part. However, sometimes, things do not go so well due to The Mole's blindness. Examples of this are in In a Jam, in which The Mole accidentally kills Cuddles and mistakes him for a chair afterwards. In Home Is Where the Hurt Is, they operate a wood chipper together until the Mole unknowingly killed Cuddles. In A Sight for Sore Eyes, Cuddles watches as The Mole drops something in his drink, which makes him sick.

Disco Bear

Cuddles dislikes Disco Bear for apparently kissing Giggles in YouTube 101: Subscriptions, and for hitting on her constantly. However, they work together in the fire brigade in Who's to Flame? and ride a roller coaster in The Wrong Side of the Tracks, with no obvious issues held against each other in either cases for an unknown reason.


Cuddles is friends with Russell, as he was seen riding his ship along with several other characters in Snow Place to Go. They also play baseball with Toothy and Cro-Marmot in Can't Stop Coffin.

Lifty & Shifty

They appear in the same episode on several occasions but rarely interact. Their prime interaction was Junk in the Trunk, where Cuddles unwittingly helps Lifty and Shifty with their scheme, until they steal his pet mouse and get him killed. Also, in a rare moment they show concern for others, Lifty and Shifty attempted to save Cuddles in Claw. Based on these two situations, their relationship together is similar to the Lifty-Shifty relationship, liking each other, but sometimes taking advantage of each other.


Cuddles and Mime can be considered friends. A particular example is when Mime approaches Cuddles' house to warn him about Sniffles' drill machine in A Hole Lotta Love. Cuddles also buys a guitar from Mime in In a Jam. They both appear together in Party Animal to help with Flippy's birthday and in Home Is Where the Hurt Is when they work together to build a house for Giggles.


STV1E13.3 Cro's a pretty lady

Cro joins in Cuddles and Toothy's game.

Cuddles and Cro-Marmot are friends, as is indicated in Autopsy Turvy (Double Whammy Part II), in which they and Toothy play dress-up. In Can't Stop Coffin, they're seen playing baseball together.


For the most part, Cuddles is friends with Flippy, as indicated in This Is Your KnifeParty Animal and Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow. He is one of the characters that has taken advantage of Flippy at least once. However, like most characters, he greatly fears Flippy's evil side.


Cuddles seems to be a fan of Splendid. He appears in Wrath of Con to listen to his speech, along with various other characters. He interacts with Splendid again in Just Be Clause when he gives him his Easter basket filled with eggs that need delivering, after getting sliced apart. It's unknown how Cuddles thinks off Splendid since the last thing he witnessed was Splendid tearing his ears off.


S4E1 Lammy and Cuddles

Lammy with Cuddles.

So far, the closest thing of an interaction between the two would be in You're Kraken Me Up, in which they stand beside each other watching Lumpy.


  • Pop and Mr. Pickels are the only characters Cuddles has yet to interact with.

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