Cuddles and Flaky

When yin and yang collide...

This article focuses on the interactions between Cuddles and Flaky.


Cuddles and Flaky are visibly friends in the series. Cuddles was the first character to interact with Flaky. When they usually appear, some kind of clash between the two usually happens due to Cuddles' carefree and happy personality and Flaky's concerned and careful behavior making both act differently in situations. Cuddles is also seen making Flaky do dangerous things against her will.

Cuddles’ Side


Cuddles did this to Flaky out of encouragement. Flaky needs better friends.

Though he does a terrible job at it, many would call Flaky Cuddles’ best friend or at least tied with Toothy. They were shown to already be friends by Flaky’s debut episode, Water You Wading For in which though he encouraged her to go into the water with him, he did nothing to force her, though this practice does not carry on to future episodes. After that, they have been seen doing many things together like: camping (This Is Your Knife), going to the water park (Let It Slide), going to the amusement park (The Wrong Side of the Tracks), going on a cruise (Snow Place to Go), going to the zoo (From A to Zoo), and playing soccer (A Change of Heart), however, it is likely that most if not all of these were against Flaky’s will since none of them seem like something she’d enjoy in any situation (though she seemed content in This Is Your Knife). Despite his attitude though, Cuddles presumably tries to save her from Fliqpy in Keepin' it Reel, only to end up (debatably) killed himself as well as her. He also panics and runs away in Class Act when Flaky is skinned even though he barely reacted to any of the other injuries.

Overall though, Cuddles can be considered an absolutely awful friend to Flaky. The most obvious evidence is that he is completely disrespectful of her and her fears by forcing her into his horrifying stunts, even literally latching onto her wrist and dragging her onto the rollercoaster in The Wrong Side of the Tracks after being told repeatedly that she doesn’t want to go and similarly, shoves Flaky down the dehydrated water slide that she dreaded, in Let It Slide. On the flip side, even though he clearly expects her to trust him, he does not put any of his own trust in her, this can be seen in that he completely ignores Flaky’s warnings in Water You Wading For. Also, in Snow Place to Go, he along with Lumpy, Russell, and Toothy volunteer Flaky to retrieve the can from Giggles’ dead body, despite her necrophobia (fear of dead bodies). Despite all of this, we have yet to cover the worst example of Cuddles’ treatment on Flaky which is in Wingin' It, even though he obviously knows that Flaky suffers from motion sickness, he took her barf bag without permission to use as a puppet to play with his own, which he also made into a puppet and just kept playing with it when she was very clearly about to throw up that second.

Flaky’s Side


Horrified Flaky looks at dead Cuddles.

Flaky however, is a much better friend to Cuddles in spite of how he treats her. In Water You Wading For, in addition to trying to warn him that it’s not safe to swim in the lake, she eventually managed to work up what little courage she has to try to save him when he was being attacked by all the sea animals, though these attempts were in vain because the attempts were undoubtably weak because her own fear got in the way and by the time she had finally found an efficient way to save him (by throwing a tube to retrive him from a safe distance) it was too late. She invited him to Flippy’s surprise birthday party that it can be very reasonably assumed that she organized. She also reacts in a horrified way to Cuddles’ deaths and injuries in I Get a Trick Out of You, From A to Zoo, and Wingin' It, though, such reactions are to be expected from her characters and anyone would have received them in the same way.

Flaky is clearly a much better friend, but she has only proven to be a bad friend to Cuddles once. Water You Wading For, she completely lets her fear take over her preventing her from making true attempts to save him despite in many other occasions being clearly shown to be able to be very brave when necessary so she did not see Cuddles’ situation as desperate enough when it was obviously very desperate for Cuddles.


  • Cuddles and Flaky’s colors seem to be switched because red is often used as a symbol for bravery while the slang term ‘yellow’ is often used as synonymous with cowardly.

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