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The Dark Shadow Lord is the main antagonist of the Happy Tree Friends spinoff series Buddhist Monkey.

Character Bio

The Dark Shadow Lord is Buddhist Monkey's arch enemy and the main villain of Buddhist Monkey. He is black with red eyes. He hates Buddhist Monkey, and he often sends Generic Tree Ninjas and warriors to kill him. Despite this, Buddhist Monkey might not even know The Dark Shadow Lord exists. Though it never actually shows what animal he is, judging from his shadowy silhouette he may be a yak or a Chinese dragon.

In Three Courses of Death, it is revealed that he sent the Generic Tree Ninjas after Buddhist Monkey and most likely sent them in Enter the Garden and Books of Fury. He has dark shadow powers, which he uses to kill his men if they fail him. His right-hand man is Char Sui, a pig warrior whom he sends to kill Buddhist Monkey. Buddhist Monkey kills Char Sui, angering The Dark Shadow Lord, who watches the fight from a magical cauldron, even more. He will likely appear in future Buddhist Monkey episodes and it can be assumed that he and Buddhist Monkey will eventually fight in person.

Episode Count

  1. Three Courses of Death

Kill Count

  • A Tree Ninja (for his failure).

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