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Deck the Halls
The Original gang bring you the
best christmas carol you'll ever hear.
Season: HTF Break
Episode: Break 3
Title Reference/Pun: Deck the Halls
Starring Roles
Happy Tree Friends Break - Deck the Halls01:05

Happy Tree Friends Break - Deck the Halls

Previous Episode Chore Loser
Next Episode We Wish You

Deck the Halls is the third episode in the HTF Break series.


A door opens to show Toothy, Giggles, Cuddles & Lumpy standing outside. Cuddles starts singing "Deck the Halls" and the others join in. Giggles then sings the second verse and the others join in again. Toothy sings the third verse and the others join in again. Finally, Lumpy sings the final verse and the others join in to end the song. After they finish singing, the door closes and it says "Happy Holidays! From Happy Tree Friends".


  • Toothy has normal buck teeth.
  • It would've been impossible for Lumpy to put on the hat he's wearing because of his antlers.


  1. No one died in this episode. This is the third of four episodes to feature no deaths and no pain, the other three being Asbestos I Can Do, Intimate Spotlight, and We Wish You. Other episodes featuring pain, but no deaths include Nuttin' but the Tooth and Out on a Limb.
  2. This is the first HTF break that doesn't involve video games.
  3. This is the second time that Cuddles, Giggles, Toothy, and Lumpy have gone Christmas caroling, indicating that they do it each year.
  4. "Deck the Halls" could be a second version of Kringle Karols, only without bloody deaths and/or painful injuries whatsoever.
  5. "Deck the Halls" is the first of two Christmas-themed HTF Breaks in 2008.
  6. If one listens carefully, Lumpy sings a line from a different verse than the others. This isn't surprising given Lumpy's character.

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