Many episodes and videos of Happy Tree Friends contain blood, gore, and death. However, there are a few videos which lack this content.

The following videos do not contain any blood, gore or death whatsoever:

The following videos contain only minor, non-bloody injuries or deaths:



  • There are some episodes where nobody dies, such as House Warming, Nuttin' but the Tooth, Out on a Limb, Sight Kringle, Butter Me Up, Tunnel Vision, and Cold Hearted. These, however, still contain blood and serious injuries.
  • Non-bloody videos are usually less-rated than the usual bloody videos. However, the non-bloody videos may make some viewers feel better as the characters do not suffer as much as usual. Many non-bloody videos also better provide the show's sense of humor (probably to keep the viewers satisfied).
  • Nobody dies in YouTube 101: Subscriptions, but there is blood and gore on the images for some of the YouTube videos. However, this does not happen in YouTube Copyright School.
  • Although Nutty's Party Smoochie has only non-bloody deaths, there is blood when the "Toy" option knocks out one of Nutty's teeth.
  • While the actual episode Asbestos I Can Do is free of gore, the video contains clips of gory deaths and injuries from TV episodes. These were added to keep the viewers satisfied. This also happens in Clause For Concern, where there is a scene after the credits where Cub dies, but no one dies during the episode before the credits.
  • In Dream Job, injuries and deaths occur in Sniffles' dreams, but not in the reality of the episode.