The Blurb video of Eyes Cold Lemonade was uploaded on December 12, 2012.


  • BlurB!
  • Lemonade stands are the number one small business in America.
  • Number 2... Starbucks!
  • Rules for a successful business:
  • Rule #1: Open your stand where nobody is.
  • Rule #2: Drink all your inventory.
  • Rule #3: Never cut off your finger.
  • Well done Giggles!
  • Rule #27: Straight nails work better than crooked nails.
  • See! We told you!
  • Rule #168: Avoid getting Lemonade in areas with no skin.
  • See! We told you!
  • See rule #27
  • Rule #492: Hand squeezed lemonade is delicious!
  • that's not a joke, we really love it!
  • Rule #4: Using knives when you can't see is safe and fun!
  • especially for those of us watching out of harm's way.
  • Again, don't mess with Rule #27
  • REAL FUN FACT: Kenn wasn't sure what the inside of an eyeball should look like so he Googled it.
  • He was grossed out by what he found and stopped searching.
  • In the end, he went with a grapefruit sort of look.
  • See, we're not monsters!
  • FUN FACT: Eye ball juice is delicious!
  • but naturally bitter.
  • so I like mine with sugar
  • and a slice of grapefruit
  • er, I mean, eyeball!


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