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HTF Break

HTF Break logo.

HTF Break is a small series of Happy Tree Friends shorts.


HTF Breaks are a series of short Happy Tree Friends episodes, going for around a minute each. Four episodes have been aired so far, the first two having a video game theme. HTF Break may be similar to the Christmas Kringles. The graphics and animation are similar to that from the first to second seasons of the Web series since From A to Zoo. The opening shows a circle with the "Happy Tree Friends" title in it. A few seconds later, a chunk of the circle at the bottom right corner gets bitten off like a cookie with the word "Break" written next to it. Afterwards, the rest of the screen gets eaten away while we hear munching sounds.

List of HTF Break shorts

Seize the Day

Cuddles suffers a seizure while playing a video game with Lumpy. Lumpy tries his best to help, but only makes matters worse.

Chore Loser

Pop tells Cub to do his chores, but Cub experiences some problems. Meanwhile, Pop takes a fancy to Cub's video game. Although he ends up liking it a little too much...

Deck the Halls

Warm your hearts on these chilly winter nights by having our cute cast of Happy Tree Friends characters sing you a Holiday carol.

We Wish You

Warm your hearts on these chilly winter nights by having our cute cast of Happy Tree Friends characters sing you a Holiday carol.

Happy New Year

HTF characters go to the theaters to watch a film in the New Year, but they didn't know there was a deadly surprise waiting.

Take Your Seat

Flaky gets lucky when she finds an empty seat in the theater, but her luck soon runs out.

Moppin Up

Lumpy mops the floor but forgets to put up the wet floor sign - until Sniffles comes along.

Bite Sized

Nutty gets a nice good ol' sweet snack, but the snack seems inappropriate for his teeth.

Pop & Corn

Cub finds out that too much popcorn is bad for him.

Butter Me Up

Giggles wants some butter for her pop corn, only for her to end up "buttered".

Cheesy Does It

Shifty decides to eat some pizza while its hot, but he should've let it cool down before attempting to eat it.

Tunnel Vision

Mime is enjoying the movie with his cup, but The Mole wanted a seat in a row behind Mime.


The claw machine wants Cuddles, but only to hurt him.


  • Most of these breaks are animated differently from the rest of the series.

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