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Welcome to the Happy Tree Friends Wiki!

The Happy Tree Friends Wiki is a wiki dedicated to the Happy Tree Friends series. The primary mission of this wiki is to collect information and inform readers about the characters, episodes and anything else related to the series.


  • The wiki was created on January 31, 2008 by Pyro Python. After he created the wiki, he was constantly making new pages about everything about the show.
  • After several days upon the wiki's creation, three users UberScienceNerd, Gala0008 and Mr Alex were promoted as admins on this wiki.
  • From 2008 and onwards, the wiki evolved at a fast rate. Even today, the articles are constantly changed to keep up with updates and new pages are made.
  • On 20th December 2010, the founder Pyro Python left the wiki, and left the three admins to take the job on the wiki.
  • On 5th March 10 2012, CoinsCP has adopted the wiki to become bureaucrat and take the responsibility to make the wiki look better.
  • On 10th March 2012, Lord O' Darkness was promoted into Rollback due to his good contributions and fixing on the wiki. Later on 23rd March, he grants admin right on the wiki. And than finally on 3rd July 2012 he grants the bureaucrat right and remains active today.
  • On 2nd July, W.C. the Producer was promoted into bureaucrat due to constant clean up of vandalism.
  • On the same day, CoinsCP has left the Wiki.
  • On 18th September 2012, Tanzialana was promoted into admin.
  • On 28th November 2012, Your-screams was promoted into admin.
  • On 1st February 2013, Igor Castro Chucre was promoted into admin. But on 31st July, his right was revoked due to inactivity.
  • Three inactive admins, Tanzialana, Gala0008, Mr Alex, UberScienceNerd and Your Screams had their admin rights revoked due to inactivity and the admin right was left unnoticed.
  • On 22nd November 2013, due to W.C. the Producer having PC issues, he promoted Uhohspaghhetiohs into a bureaucrat.
  • On 28th May 2014, Cuddlefan was promoted into an admin due to being very active on the wiki and being friendly to other users. However, on 31st July 2014, his right was revoked by W.C. the Producer due to disagreement of updating the wiki on helping Yong Feng. Later he grants his admin right back by now promoted bureaucrat Yong Feng. But on 12th December 2014 his right was revoked due to inactivity. Later on 24th January 2015 he requested and promised to be back active on the wiki, but due to not finding anything good to edit on the wiki, his rights were revoked on 2nd February 2015 and was given to Sandgar.
  • On 31st May 2014, Yong Feng was promoted into an admin due to his good ideas to make the wiki better. However due to disagreement of updating the wiki, W.C. the Producer revoked his admin right on 31st July 2014. But later, due to community disagreement to what has W.C. the Producer has done and his disrespectful behavior, the community requested to promote him into bureaucrat on 10th October 2014 with the help of Mylittletoaster. After becoming as bureaucrat he remains active and took the responsibility of the wiki. And since he joined the wiki, it's appearance has been greatly changed and updated.
  • After arguments, W.C. the Producer forced Uhohspaghhetiohs to revoke his bureaucrat right.
  • On the same day as Yong Feng got promoted, Mylittletoaster are given a rollback right as a reward for the help. However due to his inactivity, it revoked on 17th December 2014,
  • On the same day, AnimationFan15 was promoted into admin due to his excellent contributions since he joined the wiki.
  • On 23rd October, Rorosilky5 was promoted into admin due to her good contributions and grammar checks on the wiki.
  • On 21st December, Dominik Player 13 was promoted into admin due to his good contributions of uploading many pictures on the wiki. Later on 24th January 2015, his right was revoked due to not making enough normal edits on the articles.
  • On the same day, Sandgar was promoted into a rollback due to his great grammar fixes on the wiki. Later he become an admin on 4th February.

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