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LBE3 Petunia Giggles
Mime and Petunia are in love...
But not for long!!
Season: Love Bites
Episode: Love Bite 3
Starring Roles
Happy Tree Friends - I Heart U (HD)00:46

Happy Tree Friends - I Heart U (HD)

Previous Episode Sea of Love
Next Episode On My Mind

I Heart U is the third of the Love Bites shorts.


Petunia is sitting on a tree stump, plucking flower petals, when Mime comes walking by and spots her. Mime and Petunia look at each other affectionately and Petunia turns away, giggling shyly. Mime draws an imaginary dotted-line heart and blows it towards Petunia. She opens her arms to receive it, but it shatters to pieces upon touching her, puncturing her face. Not noticing her pain, Mime shoots a dotted-line arrow at Petunia, piercing her eye and killing her. Mime is shocked upon noticing that Petunia is dead.

Ending Tag

  • You broke my heart!

The final scene shows Mime struggling to open an invisible door. When he does, he immediately runs in and slams the door (possibly landing in another dimension).   


  • Petunia is shot through the eye, into the brain, by a dotted line arrow.


  • Petunia is severely lacerated around her face by a dotted heart shattering on her face.


  • This short shows that Petunia and Mime might have crushes on each other.
  • This is the first Love Bites short not to have a character in pain as the ending iris is shown.
  • The "game" that Petunia was playing at the beginning of the short would have ended with "He loves me not." 
  • This is the first Love Bites short not to star Giggles. This would later happen again in My Better Half, in which Petunia stars as well.
  • This is one of the very few episodes where Mime makes some noise.
  • The YouTube thumbnail spoils Petunia's death.
  • The way Petunia giggles in this episode is sampled from Giggles making the exact same sound when she discovers Whistle in Doggone It.

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