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A list of the 24 Main Characters of the Happy Tree Friends series.


A yellow rabbit who has big ears, pink cheeks and a fluff of fur on his head that looks like his tail. He also has pink bunny slippers. He is sometimes shown to be rebellious and often does things that are extremely dangerous. He is considered the series mascot and has the highest death count in the series.


A pink chipmunk with a red bow on her head. She was the first female Tree Friend introduced. She is generally considered a girly girl along with her best friend Petunia.


A purple beaver with freckles and huge buckteeth unlike the others (hence the name "Toothy"). He is friends with Cuddles and many of his injuries pertain to his eye. Many people consider him the most undeveloped character in the show.


A blue moose with mismatched antlers. He is extremely dimwitted, which often leads to the deaths of many other characters, but ironically, he has had more jobs than any of the other Tree Friends. He is the biggest of the main characters and is usually portrayed as an adult. He appeared the most, starred the most, survived the most, and killed the most.


A blue skunk with a pink flower head accessory and a tree air freshener necklace. She is generally considered a girly-girl along with her best friend Giggles. In later episodes, she seems to have OCD and feels the need to keep everything clean.


An orange beaver with amputated hands, a tool belt, and a yellow hard hat. His amputated hands cause him trouble and disabilities that result either in death or killing another Tree Friend. He is the Tree Friend that most often does construction work and is perfectly capable of doing this without hands... as long as he's offscreen.


A jittery green squirrel with a candy addiction and a candy outfit, consisting of three lollipops on his head and a candy cane on his chest. He is shown to have an addictive personality as seen in the False Alarm episode, since after getting over his candy addiction, he gained interest in video games and quickly became addicted to them. Eating sugar makes him go hyper and somewhat insane.


A brainy blue anteater with big glasses and a mouth on his trunk. Sniffles is the smartest character in the Happy Tree Friends series, but sometimes he lacks common sense. He makes many inventions, but these almost always get himself or someone else killed. He often attempts to eat a family of ants, but the ants kill him in the most gory and sadistic ways possible.

Pop & Cub

Pop and Cub are two tan father-and-son bears, Pop appears wearing a 50's kind, also he is always seen smoking a pipe. Cub wearing a diaper and a beanie. Cub appeared without Pop in some episodes. Pop usually cause misfortunes to his son casually or negligent ending with Pop and Cub damaging to try to fix them. Other times it's Cub which carry extremely sorry for dangerous activities.


A red, nervous porcupine with dandruff on her quills (hence the name "Flaky"). She is usually very nervous due to a fear of dying. She is also shown to be a coward and is highly unstable. For a long time, her gender was never made clear, though hints always leaned toward her being female. Eventually, Flaky was announced to be female.

The Mole

A blind lavender mole with black glasses, a black trench coat, a cane, and a mole near his nose. Due to his blindness, some of his actions get him and the other Tree Friends killed. He often does things blind people shouldn't be doing, such as reading and driving. His archenemy is The Rat. 

Disco Bear

A golden bear with an afro and '70s style clothing. He is also fat as pointed out in Ipso Fatso. In most episodes, he is seen trying to fawning at the girls such as Petunia and Giggles, but they simply find him to be a nuisance.


A turquoise sea otter with pirate accessories. He has the overall appearance of a pirate, but after Season 1, he lost his five o-clock shadow. He is often seen doing water-related activities.

Lifty & Shifty

Lifty & Shifty are green kleptomaniac raccoons who steal whatever they can when possible. You can tell them apart by Lifty wearing nothing and Shifty wearing a green fedora. Shifty was the first Tree Friend to be created, way before Cuddles. Even though they are brothers, they don't get along sometimes, which often results in the failure of their plans (especially by them dying). They have the lowest survival rate of all the characters.


A purple reindeer with a mime-like painted face and striped shirt. He is meant to be entertaining but results in others around him getting killed or getting himself killed. He normally rides a unicycle while juggling three balls. He does not talk because he is a mime, which normally results to the Tree Friend he's communicating to not to understand him, which in some cases cause many deaths. For example, in the episode Who's to Flame?, he tries to tell the fire department that the house is burning down, but since they're talking over the phone, Lumpy the firefighter can't understand him and hangs up. Later, the Mime sees more firefighters and tries to communicate with them using body motions, but they still don't understand.


A green marmot who wears a leopard-skin loincloth and holds a club. He is frozen in an iceblock and lives in an apartment that is mostly ice. Despite being frozen, he can perform many tasks when offscreen. He often drives around in an ice cream truck.


A green bear with army clothing. Whenever he sees or hears anything that reminds him of war, he flips out and think he's back in the war, which results in everyone's death. He is the most famous and one of the most popular characters in the series.


A blue flying squirrel with a red superhero mask. He causes more harm than good and bears some similarities to Superman, such as being allergic to kryptonut.

Buddhist Monkey

A yellow monkey that starred in his own special episodes. The first episode was "Books of Fury", and he was featured a second time in "Enter the Garden". If you watch closely on Blind Date, the movie being played is "Books of Fury", in "Rink Hijinks" there was a picture of him on a crane machine, and in "Keepin' it Reel" he was on a movie screen once again. He is the only star-character that hasn't died. Buddhist Monkey has undertaken more adventures in the spin-off Happy Tree Friends Action series: Ka-Pow!

Lammy & Mr. Pickels

A purple sheep with a purple bow and a white jumper representing her wool. She appears to be schizophrenic due to her imagining Mr. Pickels brutally murdering everyone (unless Mr. Pickels is an actual living thing).

A pickle with a tophat and mustache. He is similar to Flippy's dark side due to a likeliness of violently killing everyone he is near. He is also Lammy's 'imaginary' friend that only she can see in animated form. However, in Royal Flush, Giggles is able to see him. At first, Lammy thinks of him as nice, but Mr. Pickels then starts causing chaos, from ripping the head off Petunia's teddy bear to running over Handy with his own truck.

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