These locations were naturally formed rather than built or constructed. Each one has its series of hazards that can cause harm to characters who aren't careful or just purely unlucky. Some real-life countries and landmasses also exist within the show.

Natural Areas

The Beach

The beach is where the characters go to enjoy the waves. Mime once worked here as a lifeguard, though he soon quit after failing to save Sniffles from drowning. Surfing competitions were also held here, which were regularly won by Lumpy, an extremely skilled surfer, until Cro-Marmot froze the sea, causing the death of most other contestants and winning by default. Pop buried Cub in the sand, but failed to take account of the rising tide when he bought ice cream. The waters are dangerous, filled with hazards such as sharks, sea urchins, and even buoys which might impale an unfortunate surfer. There are areas for fishing, and also a dock for ships. Lumpy also works there as a lifeguard and The Mole operates a surf shop there.

The Mountains

A mountain is first seen in Ski Ya, Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya!, in which is very steep. It has a ski lift on it, and a ski resort is at its base. In Ski Patrol, many mountains appear with many being used for skiing. There is also a ski lift, which connects one of the mountains to the ski resort.

The Lake

A lake, first seen in Water You Wading For, this body of water is inhabited by dangerous piranhas, seals, alligators, and a giant whale. In Every Litter Bit Hurts, the water was safe to swim in and located next to a giant dam. Lumpy, the garbage man, was caught dumping his trash into the lake, enraging Giggles. Thanks to her efforts, and the destruction of the dam, the lake once again became a clean, safe place to swim.

The Desert

S3E5 Exhausted

Lumpy in the desert.

The desert which Lumpy got lost in in Just Desert. It has many dangers such as sweltering heat, mirages, cacti, vicious packs of vultures, and deadly sand storms. At the end of the episode it is revealed to have been close to a beach which Pop and Cub were at, indicating that Lumpy died only a few feet away from being rescued.

The Cliff


What a romantic place.

In the episode Blind Date, Disco Bear parked his sports car on the cliff, inside it he was trying to seduce Petunia, but then, The Mole driving his car, pushes Disco Bear's car, making it fall and explode causing Petunia's and Disco Bear's death.

The Forest

Maybe not part of the natural locations since most of the Tree Friends live in trees. Lumpy takes Nutty, Petunia, Toothy, Flaky, Sniffles, and Cuddles there for an outing in Take a Hike. Nearby this forest is a canyon, where Toothy, Sniffles, and Cuddles (and possibly Petunia if she wasn't already dead) are impaled on sharp rocks. There also seems to be a vast desert in the middle of the forest, requiring a lengthy hike to get through it (this may be the same one Lumpy trekked through in Just Desert). The Forest also made a appearance in Out on a Limb.

Prehistoric time

Prehistoric time.

Prehistoric Jungle

An ancient jungle that was inhabited by dinosaurs. It first appeared in Dino-Sore Days, where Cro-Marmot is seen unfrozen, which makes him vulnerable to attacks, like getting his organs knocked out of his body. It also appears in Blast from the Past, when Sniffles goes back into time and eats one of the ants, starting the rivalry between the anteaters and ants after his descendant eats another ant.

Countries and Landmasses

There are many countries that are in both our world and the Happy Tree Friends universe. Some of the Happy Tree Friends come from many countries around the world.

USA flagUnited States of America

United States of America is a country on Earth. The United States is the home country of Happy Tree Friends. It is supposedly where most of the Happy Tree Friends live and where most episodes are set.

Canada exsist in HTF

What is presumably the Canadian flag in Don't Yank My Chain.

Canada flagCanada

Canada is a neighboring country with the United States. It is possible that in the episode Don't Yank My Chain, Handy and The Mole were making their way to Canada when their vehicle was stolen by Lifty & Shifty, and then were arrested by Sheriff Lumpy. They appeared to have been incarcerated in a Canadian prison (as shown by a Canadian-looking flag, though this isn't concrete proof that this took place was Canada).

China flagChina

China is a country in Asia. It is likely the home of Buddhist Monkey, Sensei Orangutan, and Panda Mom. Buddhist Monkey's episodes take place here.

Japan flag Japan

Japan is an another country in Asia. One of counties portrayed in the series. Back in Buddhist Monkey's time, the Generic Tree Ninjas lived there. Godzilla, a famous fictional monster originally from Japan, also appeared in Wingin' It. In said episode, Flaky may have landed the plane in or near Japan, as it was confirmed that she was eaten by Godzilla at the end.

Vietnam flag Vietnam

Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia. During the Vietnam War, Flippy, Sneaky and Mouse Ka-Boom fought against the Tiger General and his soldiers. During the war, Flippy developed his trademark PTSD, causing him to flip out and kill his friends whenever he is reminded of the horrible event.

Indonesia flag Indonesia/Malaysia flag Malaysia

Because of Orangutans do not exist in China, Sensei Orangutan is estimated to originate from Sumatra Island (Indonesia) or Borneo Island (Indonesia or Malaysia).

France flag France

France is a country in Europe. It is also the home country of Flippy's ally Mouse Ka-Boom. Debatably, it may also have been the original home of Mime, Lammy, and Mr. Pickels, due to their appearances.

Flag of Mexico (reverse) Mexico

Mexico is a country whose southern portion is covered in rainforests. Long ago, an ancient Mayan civilization was built here. As seen in Idol Curiosity, a Mayan temple is guarded by a mysterious earthquake and flesh-eating flowers, making it a challenge for Sniffles to get the cursed idol, which was on top of the temple. While anteaters naturally live in southern Mexico, Sniffles is not from there, but it is possible he or his ancestors arrived from there long ago.  

The Arctic

The Arctic is an icy region at the top of the world. It is a dangerous place for Happy Tree Friends to go, especially with a hungry orca lurking beneath the ice.

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