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Love Bites

The "Love Bites" Title Card in Widescreen Format

Love Bites are a series of Valentine's Day-themed Happy Tree Friends shorts.


Love Bites is a series of Happy Tree Friends shorts, going for around a minute each. The graphics and animation are similar to that from the third seasons of the Web series and/or the TV series. The opening shows a bleeding cracked heart with a bandage attached to the middle of the crack and a green arrow pierced through it with the words "Happy Tree Friends" without its original Happy Tree Friends opening theme song. Each episode of Love Bites stars two main characters (male and female) on a romantic date which quickly goes horribly wrong.

Unlike the main show and the Kringles, the morals used in every episode are phrases usually said in relationships about to break-up, like "We don't see eye to eye anymore".

List of Love Bites shorts


  1. Love Bites are shown in widescreen format at On YouTube, MondoMedia provides HD for all the Love Bites shorts.
  2. Cuddles and Giggles have not yet starred in a Love Bite, but are likely to in the future.
  3. Flaky and Lammy are the only females who have yet to star in a Love Bites episode.

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