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Lumpy's Elephant
Gender: Male
Species: Elephant
Color: Violet
Relatives: Lumpy (Owner)
Episode Count: 2
Kill Count: 3+
First Appearance: Mime to Five
First Victim: Mime From Junk in the Trunk

Lumpy's Elephant is a non-anthropomorphic purple elephant that belongs to Lumpy and appears in Junk in the Trunk.

Character Bio

Lumpy's elephant (Elephantidae) appears in Junk in the Trunk. It is fair to assume the elephant to be male, judging by the way Lumpy told him off (Lumpy was heard saying "Bad boy!" to him). He is Lumpy's pet and he is kept inside a giant hamster maze. Just like Mime and real life elephants, he is very fond of peanuts.



  • Mime - 1 ("Junk in the Trunk")
  • Cuddles - 1 ("Junk in the Trunk")
  • Shifty - 1 ("Junk in the Trunk")


  1. Mime to Five - May have been possibly eaten alive by Lumpy's Killer Ducks (not seen, debatable).


  • Another elephant appears in By The Seat Of Your Pants. Though unlike Lumpy's Elephant, this one was orange instead of purple.
  • Lumpy's Elephant is afraid of mice, as is not true for real elephants, contrary to popular belief.

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