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Lame Card Trick

Pick a card. Any card. It won't end well.

Lumpy's Lame Card Trick is a game available on Youtube. The link can be found here.


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In the game, Lumpy is shown as a magician. He magically poofs up a pair of teeth, then shows the player six cards which are soon layed flat on the screen. The player must then select any of these six cards, each leading to another link. In the link, the chosen card is taken away, flipping over the remaining cards. Captions then say that the card is not there and that the player has made Lumpy look like a real magician. Before the video ends, Lumpy plays one more magic trick which goes horribly wrong. The player can then choose to play again.

Card 1

The first card in the row is chosen. Lumpy accidentally makes his hand disappear.

Card 2

The second card in the row is chosen. Lumpy attempts to pull a rabbit (Cuddles) out of a hat. He grabs onto Cuddles' ears, and pulls out Cuddles' head.

Card 3

The third card in the row is chosen. Lumpy reveals three small balls in his fingers. One of these happens to be his eyeball, which is then revealed to have magically come out of Lumpy's eye socket.

Card 4

The fourth card in the row is chosen. Lumpy does a trick with Chinese linking rings, eventually suffocating himself as one of the rings ends up around his neck.

Card 5

The fifth card in the row is chosen. Lumpy reveals a blue cloth coming out of his mouth. He tries pulling the cloth, eventually ripping out his skull.

Card 6

The sixth card in the row is chosen. Lumpy makes a dove disappear and then accidentally makes his head disappear.


  1. Cuddles' severed head is pulled out of Lumpy's hat.
  2. Lumpy presumably suffocates from having a ring around his neck (debatable).
  3. Lumpy pulls his skull out of his head.
  4. Lumpy most likely dies when he makes his head disappear.


  1. Lumpy makes his hand disappear.
  2. Lumpy magically removes one of his eyeballs.



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