Lumpy and Russell

While they're stranded, a friendship blossoms.

This article focuses on the interactions between Russell and Lumpy.


Early in the series, Lumpy was the only one to interact normally with Russell, and although Russell is much more sociable towards other characters now, he and Lumpy are still very good friends.

Russell's Side


Now it's completely dark, courtesy of Lumpy.

Russell has consistently seemed to be close friends with Lumpy, certainly more than he is with any other character. They are shown going for a fishing trip together in Sea What I Found though it is unknown who's idea it was and later in the episode, against logic, Russell trusts Lumpy to administer oxygen to him while he goes under water to retrieve the sunken treasure. In fact, in Get Whale Soon, Lumpy's death was enough to get Russell in his flipped out state which (unlike Flippy's) is a fairly rare thing for him to do. He is also shown to be a huge fan of Lumpy's band in YouTube Copyright School. Russell also tried as hard a possible to avoid hitting Lumpy with his truck in Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow. However, in Get Whale Soon again, Russell gets annoyed at Lumpy accidentally blowing out the last match.

Lumpy's Side


Lumpy and Russell in a band together.

Though it could be said that Lumpy has closer relationships with some other characters such as Toothy, Cuddles, or Flippy, Lumpy sees Russell as a good friend. It is possible that he was the one to invite Russell to go fishing with him in Sea What I Found though it could have been the other way around.

In a Jam not only shows them in a band together, but once Russell dies, Lumpy chooses Cuddles as his replacement, the only reason being that he lost his eye, reminding him of Russell. Lumpy also tried to save Russell in You're Kraken Me Up.

However, in Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow, Lumpy seems completely unphased by Russell's remains splattering on the phone booth. Most notably, in YouTube Copyright School, Lumpy gets upset when Russell tries to use his band's work to gain fame on the internet without permission.



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