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Featured Article - Happy Tree Friends: The Movie (2015)

The Happy Tree Friends Movie
It's finally here! It's LONGER, it's FUNNIER and GORIER! It's the first full-length feature film about the #1 cartoon in the whole gore genre! And it's coming our way 2015/16!

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Dream Job (March 28 2014)

Dream Job
Sniffles' plans to have a good night sleep are ruined by you-know-who.
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  • ATrules

    Second TV season?

    March 26, 2015 by ATrules

    What do you guys think the chance of a second TV season is? I think if the movie does well, then a network like Adult Swim, Comedy Central or FXX might consider producing another TV season. That's just what I think, what about you guys?

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  • Miss icyfox


    March 23, 2015 by Miss icyfox

    Hey guys , it seems that I've been inactive as I mostly like fan wikis , but I'm quitting the normal animal jam wiki! This wiki should return to my favorites soon!

    Bye for now


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  • Yong feng

    Character template

    March 21, 2015 by Yong feng

    The template has now a build in of SectionsTabNav. And the template should be changed to Character rather Infobox Character.

    |Epcount = 23 |Friends = Flaky
    Mouse Ka-Boom |Enemy = Tiger General
    Tiger Soldiers
    Evil Flippy
    Mime |Love = Giggles (in On My…

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The primary mission of the Happy Tree Friends Wiki is to collect information that will be useful to people who are new to the Happy Tree Friends series and even those who are familiar with the show. This wiki serves as a network of user added and editable information for the whole series.


Happy Tree Friends is a Flash cartoon series by Mondo Mini Shows, created by Kenn Navarro, Aubrey Ankrum, Rhode Montijo and Warren Graff. Since its debut the show has become a popular internet phenomenon and has won a cult following. As indicated on the official site, the show is "not recommended for small children". Notwithstanding the cute appearance of its characters, the show is extremely violent, with almost every episode featuring blood, gore, and violent deaths. The show is so violent, it was banned in Russia!

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