• This episode marks the first time a character unknowingly consumes the remains of another character. Other instances include Eyes Cold Lemonade when Giggles drinks Petunia's blood, thinking it's lemonade, Can't Stop Coffin when The Mole eats Cuddles' eyeball, thinking it's an apple, The Chokes on You, when Flaky eats pieces of Lumpy's hands thinking they're doughnuts and Put Your Back Into It, when Russell serves Disco Bear's corpse to Giggles for dinner.

    Petunia is a cannibal!

  • This is the first episode to air in 2001.
  • Despite being kleptomaniacs, this is one of the rare times where Lifty and Shifty had a good reason to steal, because all of the food in their fridge had run out.
  • This is one of ten season one episodes with no quick shot moment in it. The other episodes are Pitchin' Impossible, House Warming, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, You're Bakin' Me Crazy, Hide and Seek, Sweet Ride, It's a Snap, Off the Hook, and Happy Trails Pt. 1.
  • Since Lifty and Shifty were both pulled back by sausages only Shifty was holding on to, Shifty technically killed Lifty.
    • This would make Lifty Shifty's first victim.
  • This is the first episode in which Lifty and Shifty die different deaths.
  • Throughout the episode, Lifty and Shifty use the same laugh (Tee-hee-hee-hee-hee).
  • This episode makes Lifty and Shifty the 11th and 12th characters to come back to life for another episode.
  • Had Lifty not been pulled, this would have been the first episode where one of the raccoons dies and the other survives, however the HTF Break, Cheesy Does It became the first episode where it happened.
  • There was a shoe in the freezer.
  • For many years, people have speculated that Lifty had survived because only his tail was getting sliced up. It wasn't until August 10, 2015, that Kenn Navarro confirmed that Lifty died in this episode.
  • This is one of the three episodes whose morals are the shortest ones, the others being Whose Line Is It Anyway? and Off the Hook.

Cultural References

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