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This ride doesn't seem to be lovely.
Episode List: Love Bites
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HTF - My Better Half

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My Better Half is the fifth of the Love Bites shorts.


Riding on a wooden swan, Petunia and Handy are on a lovely Tunnel of Love ride. All is peaceful until Petunia notices some floating logs on the water stream. Later, Handy sees a swan ride on the ground nearby, sliced in half. Neither of the couple know what's going on until Handy gets sliced by a saw on a sawmill right in their path, while Petunia can only scream in horror.

Ending Tag

  • I think we should SPLIT UP! 

After the ending tag, a sliced Petunia gets thrown onto a pile of already sliced logs.


  • Handy and Petunia (death off-screen) get sliced in half by a giant buzzsaw.


  • Petunia's bones were not visible when she was sawed in half.

Where are her bones?

  • Petunia's tail wasn't cut in half since if it were, the inside of her tail should have been visible.
  • The saw couldn't have thrown Petunia and her car freshener onto the log pile.
  • The car freshener around Petunia's neck should have still been around her neck and got sawed along with her body.
  • It would be hard for the saw to cut Handy's helmet, or possibly the buzz saw is really sharp.


  • This is the second episode to show Petunia's relationship with Handy, the first in I Nub You. However, it is debatably also shown in House Warming, where Petunia hugs Handy for building her a treehouse.
  • This is the first (and only) Love Bite short where nobody survives.
  • This is the first Love Bites short where both the male and female protagonists die.
  • The sliced swan ride on the ground looks empty, as no remains are shown. It's possible that the couple who rode on that swan ride saved themselves from the sawmill or the ride is already empty from the start.
  • For some reason, Petunia didn't jump off the boat when she had the perfect chance.
  • This the second Love Bites episode to star Petunia since I Heart U.
  • This is Handy's first death which did not take place in a regular episode.
  • Handy and Petunia's death is similar to The Mole's death in Don't Yank My Chain. Additionally, Handy and The Mole also starred in that episode, but with Handy being able to get away from the saw.
  • For now, this is the last Love Bite.


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