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Cuddles with Flippy, Toothy, and Giggles
(in Dick Figures form)
Season: Irregular Episodes
Starring Roles
Happy Tree Friends - New Season Teaser01:03

Happy Tree Friends - New Season Teaser

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Next Episode Cubtron Z

New Season Teaser is an Irregular episode of Happy Tree Friends. It is a crossover between Dick Figures (the speech and the animation style) and Happy Tree Friends (the character design). It is also an April fools joke by Mondo Media.


A montage is shown about a new show called "Dick Tree Friends", which they renamed "Happy Tree Figures".

Cuddles then walks up to Flippy, Toothy, and Giggles.

Another montage is shown to "advertise" the new show. After it, Flippy is shown to have stabbed Giggles and Toothy and starts shooting at Cuddles.

It then starts saying "Coming Soon", then shows a troll face with "U MAD BRO?" under it.


  1. Giggles is impaled in the chest with a knife.
  2. Toothy is stabbed in the mouth with a knife
  3. Cuddles gets shot in the head numerous times.


  • Both titles "Happy Tree Figures" and "Dick Tree Friends" and how the "show" is supposed to work out are played on Dick Figures, another popular series by Mondo.
  • This is the second April Fools joke for Happy Tree Friends. The other was when Lumpy won Vote or Die.
    • Also, the thumbnail for this video is the same as that video for an unknown reason, possibly a reference to the upcoming episode (Royal Flush). It could also be to trick the viewers as if the video will be about Season 4 with an episode starring Lammy & Mr. Pickels (which is what the upcoming episode will star indeed).
  • While in their Dick Figures forms, Toothy didn't have his tail, Flippy didn't have his ears, and Cuddles didn't have his tail.
  • According to this episode, Giggles is the first female character to appear in an episode with breasts. Also, Giggles is the third character to smoke in the series (after Pop and Lumpy).
  • This is the only episode where a character is killed with a firearm, despite the rules of no firearm kills. However, it could be possible that they gave firearms in this short because of the different animation style and the different theme; HTF is colorful and gory, while Dick Figures is simple and raunchy.

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