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We Wish You
The HTF gang goes Christmas caroling once again.
Season: Irregular Episodes
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Oh Xmas Tree01:07

Oh Xmas Tree

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Oh Xmas Tree is an irregular episode of Happy Tree Friends.


Cuddles, Giggles, Toothy, and Lumpy arrive at the door. They all sing the Christmas carol "Oh, Christmas Tree". When they finish singing, the door closes with a message saying Happy Holidays! from Happy Tree Friends. Afterwards, four presents appear on screen, each leading a link to several kringles:


  1. Toothy doesn't have buck teeth.
  2. According to where Lumpy is standing, we should have seen some of his leg.
  3. Cuddles is not holding his candle correctly.


  1. No one died in this episode. This is one of the episodes to feature no deaths and no pain, the other three being Deck the Halls, Intimate Spotlight, and We Wish You. Other episodes featuring pain, but no deaths include Nuttin' but the Tooth and Out on a Limb.
  2. This is the fourth time that Cuddles, Giggles, Toothy, and Lumpy have gone Christmas caroling (after Deck the Halls, Kringle Karols, and We Wish You), indicating that they do it each year.
  3. About 18 seconds into the video, Giggles messes up on the song. This was done for humor.
  4. This song is briefly heard in No Time Like the Present.  

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