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Prehistoric Sniffles
Prehistoric Sniffles
Gender: Male
Species: Anteater
Color: Blue
Relatives: Sniffles (descendant)
Episode Count: 1
Kill Count: 1
Deaths: 0-1 (1 from Regular Episodes)
First Appearance: Blast from the Past
First Victim: An ant From Blast from the Past
First Death: Blast from the Past (Debatable)

Prehistoric Sniffles is a minor character of Happy Tree Friends.

Character Bio

Prehistoric Sniffles is a blue anteater who appeared in Blast from the Past. He is similar in appearance to Sniffles, only he has thick eyebrows, wears caveman clothing and has a primitive spear. He was shown to be friends with The Ants' ancestors. When Sniffles came from the future in his time machine to make sure that everything would be perfect for the playground, he ate an ant as he was leaving. When Prehistoric Sniffles saw this, he also ate an ant (who was once his friend) and realized he liked the taste of it. Because of what Sniffles did, a rivalry started between ants and anteaters. He is likely to be Sniffles' ancestor. Since he lived thousands of years ago, he is dead by the Happy Tree Friends time span.

Episode Count

  1. Blast from the Past

Kill Count

  • Other: 1 (One ant)

    To think good friends would become deadly rivals.


  1. It is unknown how Prehistoric Sniffles died, but as he lived thousands of years ago, one can almost be certain he died. It is possible that the family of the ant he ate killed him, like the present ants do with Sniffles. (Debatable since he could have been frozen like Cro-Marmot) (Most likely permanent)


  • He is the second prehistoric character, after Cro-Marmot.

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