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HTF 71 Royal 03
Giggles, Petunia and Flaky's
last poker match.
Internet Season: 3
Episode: 71
Production Number: 317
Aired: April 27, 2012
Writers: Ken Pontac
Warren Graff
Kenn Navarro
Director: Kenn Navarro
Episode List: Internet Season 3
Starring Roles
Mr. Pickels
Featuring Roles
The Cursed Idol
Flippy (on a card)
Nutty (on a card)
Happy Tree Friends - Royal Flush03:19

Happy Tree Friends - Royal Flush

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Next Episode Brake the Cycle

Royal Flush is an episode of the Happy Tree Friends internet series, the seventeenth of season three, and seventy-first overall.


Lammy finishes making sandwiches and answers the door to reveal Petunia and Giggles. Lammy allows them in. Lammy hears another knock at the door, and Flaky is seen in the doorway. She nervously chuckles, and everyone looks at each other and then they allow Flaky to join in with them.

Everyone is then seen playing poker. Mr. Pickels gets in a sandwich as Lammy comes by with a tray, ready to pick the sandwiches up. Lammy brings the sandwiches by and after everyone has ate the sandwiches and Flaky has had her drink of water, Flaky has to go to the toilet and runs to the bathroom.

Lammy, Giggles, and Petunia wonder what's going on. As Flaky steps by the sink nervously, a bit of blood drips on the floor. It is revealed that a pickle (Mr. Pickels) that was in her sandwich is in the toilet that she just defecated, along with some blood.

Flaky gets scared about this sight, while Petunia cleans the crumbs on the table, holding a tray of lemonade. Lammy wonders what is taking Flaky long and knocks on the bathroom door.

Flaky is plunging the toilet, while Mr. Pickels comes out and pulls a mat that Flaky is on, causing her to trip. Lammy finally comes in and sees Flaky impaled by the plunger.

Giggles sees a pickle on the table while Lammy shuts the bathroom door scared. Lammy sees the pickle as Mr. Pickels and she runs to stop him and the way she holds cards that Mr. Pickels was holding causes them to fly out of her hand and impale Giggles in numerous places.

Petunia gets scared when she sees a small topping from the sandwiches on the floor and vacuums it. She then vacuums Mr. Pickels, who climbs out the other side, and Petunia looks inside the tube and impales herself mistakenly with the tube.

Lammy comes in and sees Petunia and runs over to help her. Apparently, when she tries to pull it out, she pulls Petunia's eye out. Petunia's air starts to suck out, and Lammy sets it backward, causing Petunia's body to inflate and explode.

Meanwhile, Mr. Pickels uses the same plunger that killed Flaky to flush down Flaky's corpse successfully.


"Take the plunge!"


  1. Flaky is impaled in the mouth by a plunger.
  2. Giggles is sliced to pieces by poker cards that were flung accidentally (not intentionally) by Lammy.
  3. Petunia's internal organs get sucked out by a vacuum, and she explodes when Lammy sets the vacuum from suck to blow.
  4. Since Truffles is briefly seen inside Petunia when she explodes and disappears after only a few frames, he could have died when Petunia exploded.


  1. When everyone is playing poker, Flaky's quills pass through her chair.
  2. When Petunia looks at her poker cards (before she giggled) she holds her cards with one hand but in the next scene she holds them with two hands
  3. When the vacuum was sucking out Petunia's internal organs from her right eye, her left eye is missing its eyelashes.
  4. The Cursed Idol and Truffles' sailor hat can be seen in the background when the girls are playing poker, however in the next shot when Lammy is bringing them sandwiches, they both disappear.
  5. When the vacuum was sucking Petunia's eye, you can see a portion of her brain go along with it, yet when she explodes into pieces it can be seen falling to the ground, still intact.
  6. Lammy's bow switches sides numerous times, sometimes during continuous shots.
  7. When Lammy lifts Flaky's body out of the toilet, Flaky doesn't have any quills with the exception of the little patch on top of her head.
  8. In order for Mr. Pickels come out of Flaky unscratched, he must have been swallowed without her chewing, which is odd to happen, as Flaky would choke attempting to eat the pickle whole.
  9. When Lammy comes in with the sandwiches, Giggles opens her mouth like she's confused, but instead of her voice coming out, Flaky's voice came out of Giggles body.
  10. Petunia's thumb is shown at the bottom of her palm when she looks at her cards.


  • The name of the episode derives from Royal Flush, the highest ranking standard poker hand, in which Petunia had before Lammy brought the sandwiches.
  • Storyboards for this episode were shown on Facebook and Twitter by Mondo Media on March 26, 2012.
  • The episode was uploaded on YouTube on May 6, 2012.
  • When Mondo Media uploaded the blurb for Nuttin' but the Tooth to YouTube, they put a binary code in the description. If you were to use a binary code translator, it would come out: The brand new Happy Tree Friends episode, Royal Flush, will be out at the end of April!
  • This is the first time Lammy's house is seen.
  • If one looks closely to the shelf on the left when the group is playing poker, The Cursed Idol can be seen.
  • Also, in the opposite corner of the room, Truffles' sailor hat can be seen on a table next to a plant.
  • In a re-uploaded version of the episode, Truffles himself can be seen briefly in the middle of Petunia when she exploded, as if Truffles was actually inside her.
    • Before this re-uploaded version came, this used to be the most recent episode without Truffles.
  • Mondo uploaded the "Eleventh Hour" TV episode mix (Wingin' It, Tongue in Cheek, Easy Comb, Easy Go) onto YouTube the exact same day as this was posted on the Happy Tree Friends website.
    • This makes it the second time a Happy Tree Friends video is uploaded to YouTube the same day a new video is posted to the website. The first time was with Bite Sized and Pop & Corn, respectively.
  • This is the third time the amount of female characters outnumbers the number of males in an episode. The first was in Stayin' Alive, and the second was in Boo Do You Think You Are?.
  • The cards used are the same cards from Lumpy's Lame Card Trick .
  • Evil Flippy and Giggles (the two characters who dated in On My Mind) are seen on the cards. Nutty is also seen on a card impaled to Giggles' head during her death.
  • For the first time in the internet series, Petunia's obsessive-compulsive-disorder is revisited since the TV episodes Wingin' It, Home Is Where the Hurt Is, and Wishy Washy.
  • Lammy is heard singing in the credits.
  • This episode could further indicate that Mr. Pickels is a living creature, as he was able to kill Flaky, dispose of her corpse, get into the table confusing Giggles and come out of the vacuum cleaner without Lammy's involvement.
    • It is also interesting to note that Mr. Pickels actions in killing people happened only in his and Lammy's debut, where Lammy tried to stop, but somehow got involved in killing the characters, but in this episode Mr. Pickles' actions were clearly visible to the audience even when Lammy wasn't seeing him.
      • However, Lammy was around in all of his moving scenes.
  • The "Y U No Love Cro-Marmot" gag re-aired on the credits.
  • Although Lammy mainly speaks her "Bahs" in this episode, her tone and expression depicts the words "I wonder what's taking her (Flaky) so long?" when she is curious on why Flaky is taking so much time in the bathroom.
  • Since Flaky was nervous at entering Lammy's house and the others felt confused about her presence, it is implied that Flaky wasn't invited to play, but decided to drop by or arrived there by coincidence.
  • This is the most recent appearance of Mr. Pickels as an living character if the featuring pop-up of All Work and No Play isn't counted.
  • This is the first time we see Petunia's OCD outside of the TV series. She was seen vacuuming a few bread crumbs off the table with a hand vacuum. Later, she screamed in horror as she saw an olive with a toothpick on the floor.
    • If you listen closely when she's trying to find something to clean, you can hear her panicking.
  • The YouTube thumbnail spoils Flaky's death.
  • We actually get to see all the female characters in this episode. (Flaky, Petunia, Giggles, And Lammy)
    • This is also the only episode that stars all female characters, and doesn't star any male characters (Truffles' cameo doesn't count).
  • If you listen closely to the theme song in the credits, you can hear Lammy's voice singing to it. This is the only episode so far to have this version of the theme song with Lammy.
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