The blurb video was released on December 14, 2012.


  • BlurB!
  • Never noticed the glove on the ladder
  • The glove is funny because it's a Handy episode.
  • For the humour impaired: Let me point out, he has no hands!
  • How many beavers does it take to change a lightbulb?
  • One... as long as he has hands! HAHAHAHAHAA!
  • Oh Great. Now he's ruining the joke.
  • Trippy Film School Shot in 3 2 1
  • Beavers and humans have the same kind of teeth
  • Not any more
  • talk about a glass jaw! HAHAHAHA
  • Try and ruin that joke Handy!
  • Biggest cringe moment in 3 2 1
  • Makes my foot hurt every time.
  • Fun fact: Fish bowl accidents are the number 3 killer of beavers
  • Plates are #2
  • #1...Orcas!
  • (not seen in this episode)
  • Fun Fish Fact: The Fish in the bowl has his lines cut
  • His accent was too thick.
  • Luckily Handy has moved his Anvil and Safe collection from that shelf the day before.
  • Real Fun Fact: Warren nearly destroyed the sound equipment recording this scene.
  • Originally the fish told the "How many beavers does it take to change a lightbulb?" joke here
  • Again, his accent ruined it
  • and his timing was off


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