• When Giggles dies in Step 36 and after Step 128 (when the stuff burst out of her chest), the blood that leaks out of her body comes out heart-shaped like in her Valentine Smoochie.
  • Despite Flaky's fear of heights and skiing, she seems to enjoy it in this episode. Furthermore, despite the fact that Flaky usually has a nervous look on her face, she mostly smiles in this episode. The only time she is not smiling is when she is about to die. It is unknown why this is the case.
  • This is one of the three episodes to have the word ski in the title, the other two are Ski Ya, Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya! and Ski Kringle.
  • While Lumpy is responsible for all the deaths in this episode, it should be noted that The Narrator is also responsible, since Lumpy followed his instructions with horrible consequences, with The Narrator still praising his work despite the death and destruction it leads to.

Cultural References

  • Some people see this episode as a parody of the classic Disney Goofy cartoons in that this episode and classic Goofy cartoons parody instructional videos and both involve an incompetent character who continuously bumbles through the needlessly complex instructions of an unseen narrator who remains oblivious to the character's constant screw ups and often disastrous results.
    • The opening is also a homage to the old cartoons.


Production Notes

  • Kenn Navarro's voice is sampled for Cuddles when he's dragged through the trees .
  • Despite speculation, Billy West (voice of Ren and Stimpy and Philip J. Fry of Futurama) did not voice the narrator in this episode. The narrator was voiced by Mark Giambruno, one of Lifty and Shifty's voice actors.