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Gender: Male
Interest(s): Sneaking
Species: Chameleon
Color: Green
Episode Count: 1
Friends/Allies: Flippy
Mouse Ka-Boom
Enemies/Rivals: Tiger General
Tiger Soldiers
Kill Count: 1
Deaths: 1 (In Ka-Pow!)
First Appearance: Operation: Tiger Bomb
First Victim: Tiger soldier From Operation: Tiger Bomb
First Death: Operation: Tiger Bomb
Voice Actor/Actress: Alan Lau

Sneaky is a character of the Happy Tree Friends spin-off series Ka-Pow!.

Character Bio

Sneaky is a dark green soldier chameleon who allied with Flippy and Mouse Ka-Boom during the Vietnam war. He is an excellent soldier, as he can camouflage his body to blend in with his surroundings and can climb up walls. He has a long tongue, which he can grab enemies and objects with. He was killed when Flippy threw a knife, intending to kill several tiger soldiers, and hit him while he was invisible, pinning him to a wall. His body was further damaged in an explosion which, if he wasn't all ready dead, finished him off. Flippy hid inside his corpse to hide from the Tiger General and his soldiers. When Flippy flipped out, he bursts out of Sneaky's body, ripping it to shreds. Flippy then used Sneaky's ribcage to kill the Tiger Soldiers.


  • His tongue and the environment (e.g. Barbed Wire)

Kill Count

Tiger Soldiers: 1 (Operation: Tiger Bomb)


  1. Operation: Tiger Bomb: Stabbed with a knife; body caught in an explosion. (Possibly permanent)


  • Sneaky is the first and one of the few anthropomorphic characters who aren't mammals (he is so far the only anthropomorphic reptile character of the series). There is a possibility that more non-mammalian characters will be featured.
  • He is the third character Fliqpy used as a weapon to kill another character, the others being Cuddles in This Is Your Knife and Flaky in Keepin' it Reel.
  • He is the second character to have an extremely long tongue, the first being Sniffles.
  • Like Lumpy, Russell, Mr. Pickels, and Flaky, he does not have visible ears. Though this is natural considering his species.
  • Like Mouse Ka-Boom, Sneaky's death is not permanent, as Kenn Navarro has said he will be in more episodes with tongue gags. But with Ka-Pow! no longer producing episodes, it is unknown whether or not this will come true.
  • Sneaky is the only one of the three commandos to not sport a beret.
  • He is somewhat similar to the Smoker from the Left 4 Dead games. Though, this is likely a coincidence, since Sneaky made his debut before the release of the first Left 4 Dead game.

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