General Trivia

  • Despite seeming to be very intelligent, Sniffles often lacks common sense, which usually ends up causing his demise.
  • He started the rivalry between ants and anteaters in Blast from the Past by eating a prehistoric ant in front of a prehistoric anteater.

Who'da thought this little move would screw Sniffles over in the present five times?

  • He has a lot of money, as is shown in the episode We're Scrooged!, possibly because his intelligence allows him to have high-paying jobs.
  • Just like Handy and Cub, he sometimes does not seem to mind when characters are injured or dead around him.
    • In A Sight for Sore Eyes, he shows no concern when Toothy breaks his head in half and dies, he just watches. (Debatable, as this could be because he can't see after his glasses broke)
    • In In a Jam, he (along with Handy) shows no concern when Cuddles slices his eye in half. He also seems to be more frustrated at Handy's death instead of being shocked or concerned.
    • In We're Scrooged!, he is not shocked to see Lumpy lose his eye and leaves.
    • In Concrete Solution, he just stares at The Mole's dead body and does not seem surprised in the slightest.
    • In Pet Peeve, he is aware that his pet is acidic, but does not bother treating Lumpy after he pulls the blob away from his leg.
  • Sniffles is the 6th character to come back to life after dying in an episode, as he died in Crazy Ant-ics and appeared later in Treasure Those Idol Moments.
    • Toothy and Cub also died before appearing again in Treasure Those Idol Moments, but Sniffles is counted as the sixth since he appeared in the episode after Toothy and before Cub.
  • He was seen without his glasses in A Sight for Sore Eyes and briefly in Tongue Twister Trouble.
  • Despite being a "nerd", Sniffles is pretty athletic. He can run fast, jump far, and is very strong as in Idol Curiosity. However, he is seen having difficulty while lifting a bowling ball in Spare Me.
  • In Season 3 and Season 4, his alliterate sentence is: Science is seriously satisfying!.
  • Despite his attempts to catch ants, he almost never succeeds at catching and eating them at all, an exception being when he eats an ant in Blast from the Past.
  • He may have been based on the aardvark from the "Pink Panther" show. Both are colored blue, usually fail to catch ants, and tend to get injured quite a lot.
  • In the ant episodes, he is also a lot like Aardvark from the 60s theatrical cartoon series The Ant and the Aardvark. Both characters repeatedly go after the same ant/ants in exceptionally creative ways, only to very painfully pay the price.
  • Sniffles may also be based on Arthur the Aardvark, as both characters are smart and wear similar-looking glasses. Coincidentally, both characters started off with long noses that were eventually made shorter, though Arthur's more so than that of Sniffles.
  • He is the only character who is an animal that is not native to North America. Anteaters are found in South America. As such, his species is out of place with the setting.
  • He is the first main character to act as a villain.
    • He is the only main character to act like a villain in their debut to become a normal character in future appearances.
  • Sniffles appears as a boss in Deadeye Derby.


  • Sniffles is the first and so far only character to have his fingernails seen in an episode. In Tongue in Cheek, the ants painfully open one of his nails and pour salt under it.
  • It is possible that Sniffles wears a shirt the same color as his fur (similar to Lumpy in a few episodes), considering his pocket protector.
  • In addition to his snout, his ears and tail are also unique.
  • Some people mistake him for an elephant because of his trunk-like snout. However, his ears and tail are not like an elephant's and his mouth is on the tip of his snout.
  • Sniffles' snout was long in the first two seasons of the internet series. During the TV series, though first shown in Suck It Up, his snout became shorter.

    Sniffles' snout designs over the course of the series.

    • In Internet Season 4, his snout became slightly smaller and straight (like it appears when he is facing the front). Now his snout can transition between curved and straight in episodes such as Pet Peeve.
  • Like real anteaters, Sniffles has very poor eyesight (though he wears glasses to help himself see). But unlike his species, he has teeth.
  • Sniffles was originally planned to be a squirrel.
  • Sniffles has the longest tongue length out of all of the characters, which is not at all strange considering his species.

Episode Statistics

Kills and Deaths


  • He is one of the male characters with a female voice actor. The others are Cub and Mime.
  • Sniffles and The Mole are the only characters to regularly wear glasses.
  • He is one of the three characters who have poor vision, the other two are The Mole and Russell.
  • He, Nutty, and Russell are the only main characters to debut in a solo episode.
  • Sniffles' pocket protector tends to move positions on his chest; much like Lumpy's antlers, Lammy's bow, Nutty's eye and candy, Russell's eyepatch and hook, The Mole's mole, Handy's tools, Flippy's beret, and Cub's diaper pin.
  • Sniffles is one of the four blue main characters, the others being Lumpy, Petunia, and Splendid.
  • Sniffles is one of the two characters whose animal species is completely carnivorous. The other character is Russell.

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