• This episode, along with Eyes Cold Lemonade, first premiered on the Happy Tree Friends Volume 2: Second Serving DVD. Prior to the DVD 's release, these episodes were not available on the internet.
  • Despite having a full head of hair in this episode, Cub is always seen as having no hair in other episodes where his hat is off.
  • At the end of the episode, there is a picture of Cub lacking his beanie.

    This is how Cub is supposed to look like after Pop cutting his hair.

  • Pop appears to give Handy's signature scowl when he notices the razor is not plugged in, making this one of nine instances where Handy's scowl is done by another character. It is also done by Flaky in Rink Hijinks, Russell in Get Whale Soon and Snow Place to Go, Nutty in Nuttin' Wrong with Candy, Sniffles in In a JamLumpy in Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow (twice), and Petunia in I Nub You.
  • When Cub is playing with the shaver, his voice is sampled from Rink Hijinks.
  • Despite there being no female characters in this episode, there is a female voice actor, Dana Belben, who voices Cub.

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