• When the episode ends, a text will appear saying "Thanks for being a blood donor _______." The buyers name appears at the end of the sentence.
  • This is currently the only HTF episode ever that needs to be paid for in order to be viewed, seeing as how the five Still Alive episodes will all be posted on YouTube by MondoMedia.
  • When asked if this episode counted as an irregular episode, Kenn Navarro replied with, "I don't think they should be considered "episodes." I would categorize it as one of the "bites.".
  • This is the first irregular episode to air since Cubtron Z.
  • This episode is involved in most of the Still Alive advertisements.
  • This episode shares several similarities to A Change of Heart.
    • Lumpy is a doctor.
    • Lumpy accidentally causes a character to flatline.
    • In both episodes, when the patient flatlines their bodies move and gag in their hospital beds.
    • Lumpy comes up with a quick idea to save the dying patient.


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