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Still Alive is a package of five new episodes of Happy Tree Friends. It was first announced with a teaser released in late October. Over a month later came a promo with the same name, stating that the episodes would be available for digital download to help boost profit for Mondo Media, as budget issues were the main cause of the hiatus.

On January 16th 2017, Kenn stated that the sale "did well, but fell below what was expected".  



You're upset
You can't find new episodes
You think HTF is dead
You're wrong
Happy Tree Friends Still Alive
Launching in December
Five all new Happy Tree Friends episodes
You're welcome


Bring HTF home for the holidays
Five new episode, +bonus features
Available to own, Dec 22, On digital download
For only $6.99. Think of it like donating blood to Happy Tree Friends alive!
Pre-order now and get everything for only $4.99
That's all five episodes, behind the scenes bonus features, and...
You get the first episode immediately! To watch as soon as you order
Make the holidays come early. Order yours today
Available December 22, every purchase helps to keep HTF alive

Still Alive Out NOW!

It's the ho, ho, holidays!
Give yourself a gift
5 brand new episodes
Get 'me NOW!
Help support the show
Become a blood donor!
Get storyboards, Behind-the-scenes footage and more!
Don't cry if you can't pitch in. We still love you.
They'll be FREE in the future. (But not the bonus materials).


(Still Alive Order)

  1. Going Out With a Bang
  2. A Handy Nanny
  3. An Inconvenient Tooth
  4. Just Be Clause
  5. In Over Your Hedge

(Free Release Order)

  1. An Inconvenient Tooth

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