The Crow is a crow that appears in Aw, Shucks!, serving as the enemy of Lumpy for wanting to eat his corn cob.

Character Bio

The Crow first appears flying onto Lumpy's corn cob, shortly being shooed off by Lumpy. It soon pecks on the cob as other crows invade the cornfield, at which point Lumpy orders a scarecrow. After the scarecrow is incinerated, Lumpy resorts to chopping the crow's tree down. The bird flies into his home, angering Lumpy into destroying everything in an attempt to kill it with his axe. Later, Lumpy tries to throw a rock at the crow, but instead hits a bee hive and leads Toothy to his demise. The crow makes one more appearance after the calamity at the fair, eating a kernel from the now burnt cob as the episode ends.





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