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The Giant Crab

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The Giant Crab
The Giant Crab
Gender: Unknown
Interest(s): Killing
Species: Crab
Color: Purple
Episode Count: 1
Friends/Allies: Char Sui (summoner)
Enemies/Rivals: Buddhist Monkey
Deaths: 1
First Appearance: Three Courses of Death
First Death: Three Courses of Death

The Giant Crab is a minor antagonist featured in the Buddhist Monkey episode Three Courses of Death.

Character Bio

The Giant Crab is a gigantic purple non-anthropomorphic crab summoned by Char Sui to help kill Buddhist Monkey. Char Sui either summoned it from his hat or turned his hat into the giant crab. Char Sui and The Giant Crab nearly succeeded in killing Buddhist Monkey, but the creature was destroyed when Buddhist Monkey summoned fire and boiled it to death in a lake. Its death is likely permanent as it has not returned in later episodes. At the end of the episode, one of the crab's giant claws floats over to Panda Mom, who rejoices over all the fresh crab meat she could eat (she was poor and had nothing to eat but a cooked fish skeleton).

Episode Count

Kill Count



  1. Three Courses of Death: Boiled to death in a lake by Buddhist Monkey.


  • It may be based on the Japanese Spider Crab, which can grow up to four meters long including its legs.
  • It is the first non-anthropomorphic enemy faced by Buddhist Monkey, as well as the first non-anthropomorphic enemy in Ka-Pow!.

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