The Reindeer is a non-anthropomorphic character in Happy Tree Friends.

Character Bio

The Reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) is an animal that lives around where the main characters live.

It made its biggest appearance in the Reindeer Kringle when Petunia saw the deer and went up to it. It then kicked her in the the face several times, knocking her out and possibly killing her. It is usually seen in the background, grazing, when someone is killed. It can be seen in the background in Milkin' It when Lifty is impaled on a tree and again in Class Act when Cuddles is forced through the face hole of his Christmas costume.


Kill Count


  1. Class Act: Killed in explosion (Debatable).
  2. Just Be Claus: May have fallen to its death after colliding into Splendid. (Debatable)

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