The theme song is the tune that plays at the beginning and end of virtually every episode of Happy Tree Friends, with a few exceptions.


Happy Tree Friends - Learn the lyrics of the theme song00:20

Happy Tree Friends - Learn the lyrics of the theme song

The Happy Tree Friends theme song with karaoke.

Happy Tree Friends Theme Song EXTENDED09:49

Happy Tree Friends Theme Song EXTENDED

Part 1:


Doo Bee Doo Ba Doo Bee Doo

Doo Bee Doo Ba Doo Bee Doo

Doo Bee Doo Ba Doo Bee Doo

Doo Bee Doo Da Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo


Do Do Do

Do Do Do

Do Do Do

Do Do De-Do Do Doo

Part 2:

[No Lead]

[Background same as Part 1]

Part 3:


La La La La La

La La La La La La

La La La La La La

[No third line]

[Background same as Part 2 and 1]


  • Based on the voices scatting the theme, it sounds like the singers are characters such as CuddlesGiggles, and Toothy.
  • The theme song has been used since the first episode.
  • Every time the theme song ends, characters can be heard cheering before the episode starts.
  • The tone of the theme song sounds different on most of the "Classics Remastered" episodes.
  • A YouTube user named TheSweetShock has created a remix of the theme song. It can be heard here.
  • The only episode so far where the theme doesn't play both at the beginning and at the end is in Pet Peeve, as the credits played with Lumpy screaming.
  • At the end of the episode Royal Flush, you can hear that the theme song was also played with Lammy's "baa" noises.
  • The two characters who die in the video are the same characters who star and die in the episode Sweet Ride. They are also the two characters who donated blood in In a Jam to The Mole, who coincidentally is the character who kills Nutty and Cuddles in the theme song video.
  • The key of the song is A major.
  • The tempo of the song is approximately 170 bpm.
  • On Halloween episodes, the tempo is slowed down to about 150 bpm, and an organ is heard in the background to make it sound spookier. Also, instead of characters cheering when the song ends, it plays a scream by Lumpy.
  • In YouTube Copyright School, the theme song is performed by Lumpy, Giggles, and Petunia in their group called Lumpy and the Lumpettes.

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