• So I became a HTF fan several months ago, and it is now probably my favorite show. Being a fan of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I know that the brony fandom has a ton of fan-made songs, but when I looked for the same kind of thing for Happy Tree Friends, I could find no fan songs on YouTube, besides remixes of the theme song. That was one thing that inspired me to make this. The second thing that inspired me was I told my two best friends that Flaky was my favorite character in the show, and jokingly said that I had a crush on her and would like to marry her. Of course, my friends took that seriously, and that was the second inspiration I had to make this song. I also made this a parody of a song from the brony fandom called Love Me Cheerilee. So here it is, my very first HTF fan song: Love Me Flaky!

    Dash-N - Love Me Flaky (Happy Tree Friends fan song)03:19

    Dash-N - Love Me Flaky (Happy Tree Friends fan song)

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    • That's cute, though blog posts are used for these sort of things. I will listen to your fan made song later though.

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