• This is the first Buddhist Monkey episode of the Ka-Pow! series.
  • This is now available in HD on YouTube.
  • Buddhist Monkey's ability to summon fire may be a reference to fire bending from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • This is the first time Buddhist Monkey sheds blood from an enemy.
  • Buddhist Monkey's appearance in the flashback is a reference to Bruce Lee 's outfit from Game of Death .
  • This episode shows that Buddhist Monkey used to have hair.
  • This episode has a different intro to the other Buddhist Monkey episodes.
  • This episode, for the first time, offers a chance to find out if characters in Buddhist Monkey's universe resurrect like the characters in the main series, depending on if Char Sui is ever seen again. In previous Buddhist Monkey episodes, only Generic Tree Ninjas die which, like Generic Tree Friends, there seems to be hundreds of.

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