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Toothy's Turtle
Name: The Turtle
Owner: Toothy
Gender: Unknown
Animal: Turtle
Color: Purple
Appearances: 3
Kill Count: 1
Deaths: 0
First Appearance: "Junk in the Trunk"
First Victim: Lumpy from "Letter Late than Never"
First Death: N/A
Voice Actor: N/A N/A

Toothy's pet turtle appears in Junk in the Trunk. It also appears in episodes without Toothy and can be extremely aggressive, as shown in Letter Late than Never when it chases and chows down on Lumpy's entire body, swallowing him whole.

Character Bio

The turtle (Testudines) is a possible reoccurring animal character in the series. It appears as Toothy's pet in Junk in the Trunk, where it was seen with Toothy. In Letter Late than Never, a pet turtle (possibly the same one) is also seen, but unlike the one mentioned before, this turtle is very violent. It attacked Lumpy the mailman and chased after him, leaving bloody scars on him. The turtle is shown to be very determined as it did not give up on chasing Lumpy until it finally caught and devoured him whole. There is a chance that it is a different turtle to the first due to the inconsistent behavior. The terrapin appears again in A Sight For Sore Eyes in Lumpy's closet, only without the flame design.

Number of Kills


  • None


  • The tortoise's flame design in Junk in the Trunk is ironic because those designs (usually on cars) are meant to signify serious speed, and the tortoise, by nature, is incredibly slow.
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