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This article is to inform about Truffles' minor cameos. If he ever does become a main character, his appearances will be no more important than those of other characters; thus this article may be changed or deleted and these images would most likely be moved to a gallery.

Despite losing to Lammy as the new main character of Happy Tree Friends, Truffles has made cameo appearances throughout the show. Truffles usually appears just before something bad happens (similar to the Cursed Idol). He also usually appears in scenes with female characters.

These cameos may be evidence that Truffles could be introduced as a main character in a future episode. For now, his cameos seem to be a regular gag in the show.

In Episodes

A Bit of a Pickle

Truffles' episodic debut. He appears behind some bushes before Petunia pours Lammy some tea. Ever since then, he has appeared in every regular episode in the Internet series.


Truffles manages to sneak himself into Lammy's first episode. Undetected.

See You Later, Elevator

Appears behind a tree when the burnt bodies of Handy and Pop fall to the ground. He remains there when Giggles is crushed by the elevator and Lumpy runs out with the lower half of Cuddles' corpse.


Truffles witnesses the accident from the safety of a tree.

Stealing the Spotlight Blurb

Truffles makes two cameos in this episode:

  1. When Nutty bends over to get the christmas lights, his head can be seen far in the distance.
  2. He appears again behind Pop & Cub's house when Giggles and Petunia arrive to see the decorations.

It may be possible that he was killed by Lumpy's burning lights, but it may not count as Blurbs are not canon with other episodes.

Take Your Seat

At the eleventh second of the video, he appears behind Giggles and FatKat.


Truffles manages to get into his first HTF Break-briefly.

Wrath of Con Blurb

Truffles appears in front of Flaky when Splendid arrives for his speech.

As with Stealing the Spotlight Blurb, it is possible that he was killed, though this episode was non-canon. As the other characters were burnt, suffocated, and finally killed off by the explosion, it is likely that Truffles died as well.


Truffles arrives just in time for the bloodbath.

Clause For Concern

When Pop does his job as a mall Santa, a smiling Truffles can be seen walking towards him for a present.

This would be the first time Truffles is seen in an episode fully exposed, moving his body, and making a new facial expression other than his usual grumpy-looking face. This further increases the likelihood that he could be given larger roles in future episodes.

Nak yeah

Truffles wants a present from Santa Claus Pop.

The Chokes on You

When Flaky is ordering a doughnut, Truffles, along with Lammy and Mr. Pickels, can be seen in the background.


Truffles wants to follow Lammy and show her his jealousy more, huh?

Royal Flush

In the original episode, Truffles' sailor hat appeared to the right of the screen when everyone was playing poker.

Later, it was mentioned in the HTF Facebook page that the episode would be re-uploaded with a "blink and you'll miss it" moment. This version included Truffles briefly appearing behind Petunia when she exploded (though only his head appears and he vanishes in the next frames). Although it is hard to see, Truffles was smiling.

Brake the Cycle

Similar to his appearance in A Bit of a Pickle, he can be seen behind a tree to the left of the screen when Lumpy gets set on fire.


Truffles wants to see Lumpy's new stunt!

Random Acts of Silence

At the beginning of the episode as the screen pans left, Truffles can be seen looking at a book shelf. This is the second time his full body is exposed, however, he is seen facing to the rear rather than the front.


Truffles is looking for a good book to read.

Breaking Wind

When Lumpy is tied by the microphone cord, Truffles appears hiding behind the barnhouse. It is likely but unknown if he was killed by Splendid's gas along with everything else on earth (save for Splendid, who only survived because of his superpowers).

Breaking Wind Truffles

Truffles is seeking for safety from the tornado.

All In Vein

After vampire Lumpy crushes Giggles like a juice box, Truffles' crushed body is seen along with Lammy and Mr. Pickles'. This marks the Truffles' first confirmed death, along with Lammy and Mr. Pickles.

Lammy dies

He must have tasted like bacon or pork chops or ham.

Bottled Up Inside

Truffles appears behind some trees when Russell tries to get into his car.


Truffles sees Russell's dilemma and decides to do nothing about it.

No Time Like the Present

When the Mole's head lands on a snowman's body, Truffles can be seen beside a distant tree.

Wtf 033

Truffles looks at the snowmole.

By The Seat Of Your Pants

After Lumpy dives in the water, a beheaded Truffles can be seen on the left side of the pool. This time he was killed, his facial expression shows that he actually suffered and experienced pain in his death.


Truffles' head on the left side of the pool.

You're Kraken Me Up

When lifeguard Lumpy sets off to save Russell and Giggles from a giant squid, Truffles is seen underneath a beach umbrella.

YKMU Truffles

Truffles is under the beach umbrella on the far left.

All Work and No Play

Truffles appears behind a tree when Lumpy goes to have lunch.


Truffles the professional video bomber. Videos don't lie.

Buns of Steal

Truffles appears behind the bakery near the end of the episode (when the closing iris is shown).


Truffles' cameo.

Put Your Back Into It

Although very hard to spot in this episode, he can be seen behind a tree outside Disco Bear's house (bottom right of screen).
Truffles near the Disco Bear house

You gotta look hard to see this one.

Camp Pokeneyeout

The writers confirmed that Truffles is in the episode during the live event for Deadeye Derby, though he is hidden very well.

Dream Job

Truffles can be seen behind a tree during one of Sniffles' dream deaths.


Even in your dreams, he'll find you.

In Other Works

Winner video

This is Truffles' first ever cameo. He briefly appears when Lammy and Mr. Pickels are announced the winners of Vote or Die (just before the balloons cover the screen). He appears to be mad (as shown by the look in his eye), as if he were jealous about Lammy winning the contest.


Someone's jealous of Lammy's victory.

127 Hours Trailer Spoof

In this spoof trailer of the Danny Boyle film 127 Hours made from the episode Out on a Limb, Truffles appears at 0:51 at the montage.


Who knew Truffles could be in this but not in Out on a Limb?

Double Vision: Level 11

Truffles appears in level 11 of the game, Double Vision.


Truffles knows just how to get into his first HTF game-but not be in black and white like Flippy and Flaky were.

Run and Bun

In this game, he is seen as an obstacle. He would pop out of a bush whenever the player bumps into it.

RnB screenshot 4-680x379

Truffles wishes he had a ride like that.

Truffles' Video Bomb Competition

Truffles is stated to be a "professional video bomber" in the promo and is the main star of the contest.

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