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  • I live in Chibougamau, Quebec, Canada
  • I was born on November 24
  • My occupation is Wikia Contributor to and Schoolboy
  • I am Male, and i'm also a plain boy.

Nito1992 is funny..

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WTH? Heck? not hell

See You Later, Elevator

Stuck in elevator


LAAA! (like Angry German Kid's U.T Pela saying meaning)

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Mr Pickels!

SomethingFishy 03

Bathroom Choosing of Flaky from 'Something Fishy'



Teacher Lumpy

Lumpy being teacher

Petunia Intro3



Giggles in-walking


Nutty en-walking

Anime HTF

HTF Humans

Truffles' Cameo


Userbox Russell


Male and Female



lAMMY AND mR pIckels

  • Whistle's Official In-Fact Photo, as seen in 'Doggone It'
  • petunia neat freak
  • OUCH!!!!
  • in rock mole, cat!!!!!!
  • whatever ryu
  • AStruck
Hey guys, i used to be 'LMBFanDymandaFan' in this wiki but my arch nemesis hacked my password again, their names are 'Catmai30F' and 'Zomyfanboy aka Priminztant'. I tried to keep my password be still my own and i tried making it again and it didn't work, so i was so dissapointed of them that i decided to make another account, if you saw my old account 'LMBFanDymandaFan'. I'm now 'Dymandafan664' because i cannot be use to be 'LMBFanDymandaFan' anymore because of my arch nemesis if you have seen my page this time read my saying and think their names, now you guys can now find me as i am my account is 'Dymandafan664' through my old account is 'LMBFanDymandaFan'. So i am a huge huge and very big big big fan of Happy Tree Friends, i first discovered HTF by watching 'Chip Off the OI' Block' on July 23, 2007. The first episode i've seen is Chip Off the Ol' Block on July 23, 2007. I am also a fan of Andrei Thomas or A.T's London Mobile Buddies, a remake of Happy Tree Friends which this show is related to HTF so i first seen it on August 2, 2009. My Favorite Characters are Lifty and Shifty, Flippy and Buddhist Monkey. If my arch nemesises both (if you read my page their's you'll know their names) hack my password one more time i will quit about this wiki and never edit here again. I also own Happy Tree Friends Wiki: The Factor Fantasy my RPG show about the wiki.


Name Guillaume 'Dymanda' Lepage
Age 11
Birthdate November 24, 1999
Likes Happy Tree Friends, London Mobile Buddies (By AT), Sketch Drawings, Eric Clapton Music, Triumph Music, Watching Videos, Editing the HTF Wikia, Caillou, Angry German Kid, Arthur, Angry Video Game Nerd, Supernanny, Charley and Mimo + Tchoupi and Doudou
Dislikes Getting my password hacked, LMB Haters (what A.T says in his confronation and warnings and LAP), Dogmai20F, Sonyfanboy aka PrezDant, Anonymus, Being grounded, People who don't like Eric Clapton Music, Fred, Justin Bieber

Old Account

LondonMobileBuddies Wikia site


About Me (Dymandafan)

I am a plain boy who lives in a beautiful town, Chibougamau, QC in Canada. This town is to cold, sometimes the temperature goes to -40C (extreme cold) but the weather is perfect and is Summer from May to October. I am a big and powerful extreme big fan of Happy Tree Friends, i watch it HTF only on the computer. I am also a fan of Caillou and Charley and Mimmo (Aka Tchoupi and Doudou), those kids show. And i am a fan of Michael Buble, Bon Jovi and Eric Clapton music. (70's, 80's and lap stuff music and 10's (2010) music) and a fan of Angry Video Game Nerd. I am also a fan of Angry German Kid/Der Echte Gangster. I also am a fan of The Weather Network (all of those other HTF fans from the united states those sorts of like Weather are the weather channel) which i have WeatherEye 4.0. My OS is Windows XP and i am a fan of HTF since December 2008 just after Christmas. I also am a big fan of Supernanny since 5 years, i swim at pools (Swimming) and i love internet, wetting things...

That's all Folks!

GuilllepxDymanda! 02:58, December 5, 2010 (UTC)

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