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Who Am I? Sit Back And I Shall Tell You


I look worse than this when I encounter bad grammar and spelling.

Hi! My name is Flur- Also known as Amazondrag or Gemma but stick to calling me Flur please! Im a friendly female artist at the age of thirteen, Im also addicted to literature which makes me a grammar freak, I also cannot stand text-like language. Ive been into Happy Tree Friends for several months and I am enjoying it a lot! Dont be afraid to ask me anything or talk to me! I like making friends with people!


Mime and Petunia ( I Heart U) (2)

Adorable enough, yes?

*Flaky is metrosexual.
  • Mime and Petunia are in love.
    Physician Lumpy

    Flippy was not the only kind one to Flaky...

  • Giggles, somewhat liked Disco Bear before she was impaled by a teapot.
  • Cub can talk, but poorly.
  • Happy Tree Friends is not dead.
  • The Mole is not at an old age.
  • Giggles and Nutty were siblings in Dunce upon a time.
  • Character relationships should not be judged in Party Animal.


  • Ameteur artist on DeviantArt.
  • Writer on DeviantArt.
  • Voice actor for Whitestorm on YouTube. [2009-2010]
  • Voice actor for Lily on youtube.
  • Animator.

Favorite Characters Of Happy Tree Friends

My overall favorite Happy Tree Friend character has been Mime for quite a long time now. Ive had some people
GET A JOB MIME, Oh right...

Oh boy, Pirates.

asking me why I like him the most, I like him not only because hes adorable, but he is hated by some people just because he is a mime, it makes me sad to see that in people. Also Mime amazes me how he cannot scream when he is in terrible pain, like in Wingin it, he didnt make a sound when his face was torn off.


Ive had tons of characters ive made in my life, my first ever character I created was in 2008, I was a huge fan of the game Super Smash Bros Brawl, I made a Pit-sue character who was a stupid angel stick-girl with a pink robe, I only drew her a few times... I later created my character Star the Dawnslash, back then she was a small blue cat with pink hair, chest, paws and tail, her name used to be AmazonCat, later I changed her design, gave her purple-red stripes on her face, tufts on the tips of her ears, gave her a new pattern on her paws and heavily changed her tail giving it an eye-orb which is now known as her third eye. I also renamed her 'Amazonstar' after the leader cats in the Warrior Cats series written by Erin Hunter. After a year, Star had been renamed to her current name now, her species was changed into an alien called Dawnslash, her nose was also removed and her ears enlargened and became floppy. I dont draw Star as much as I used to, but she is still my primary character who I will keep forever.

A while before I changed Star, I came up with a ton of characters, Mia used to be my primary human character, I just dumped her since she was my character for Harvest Moon fandom which I have offically left now. I have more animal and other specied characters than I have than humans...

Character Names and Species

  • Star the Dawnslash
  • Flur the Armadillo
  • Lily the Squrriel
  • Relic the Corgi
  • Tobiah the Skunk
  • Bino the Elephant (Inspired)
  • Boing and Spring the Kangaroos
  • Thunder the Armadillo
  • Coal the Koopaling
  • Ahmyst the Koopaling
  • Ox the Deer-Squrriel Hybrid
  • ChexPuff the Mew
  • Vincent the Loudred
  • Zip the Frog
  • Cynthia the Bugwulf
  • Stan the Shinx
  • Sami the Eevee
  • Kuru the Bat
  • Neighburu the Beast of Darkness
  • Shadowstripes the Shadowclan Cat
  • Bluboo the Hamster
  • Clay the Otter
  • Cupcake the Otter
  • LuNa the Sketchy Black Zombie
  • Amondardi the Wish-Giver
  • Blaze the Icekitten
  • Hypno the Cow
  • Double-F the Tabby Cat
  • Cherry the Neko
  • Question-Mark the Deer

Future-Planned Characters

  • A Giraffe HTF OC
  • A Mystical Fox Beast
  • Another Deer-Squrriel hybrid
  • More Koopaling Characters
  • Another Human Character.

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