staring rolesv




featuring roles

disco bear



lifty and shifty


flippy and cuddles are seen talking to disco bear about the murder of giggles. Then disco bear explains that all he saw was the body with the note they found. after flippy and cuddles left disco's house they heard a scream and saw disco's dead body. then, they interaget lammy she said that _____ was the killer but before she can say the criminals name the light went out and they find lammy dead. then, flippy and cuddles talk to flaky who was second best dective in happy tree town flaky found evidence of who the murder is then lifty and shifty appear and hits and kills flaky with a cignade then they found out lifty and shifty are the killers then after chasing them lifty was stabbed by the pipe that was on the car and shifty was slapped and then ran over by the mole then cuddles and flippy high fived each other then they walk over the horizan

the end'

congratulations to the new admin clamshot

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