flaky: im glad were done the musi ( musical bell rings) awwwwwwwww

Flippy: no need to be crazy it's lovin time in to save our lives

cuddles,flaky,russle: you guys don't want to kill us

lammy: because were are so niccccccccccce

flaky,petunia,giggles,lammy:it's loovin time for the scrabbbbbbbbbs

everyone:it's lovin timmmmmmmme........ it's lovinn timmmmmmmmmme forrrrrr the scrabbbbbbbbs

toothy it's craz..... oh no

every one ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

flippy: go goat go

flaky: go camel

toothy go stick

now we build the raft


flaky again

flippy: were gonna die if we don't row at the right

cuddles: what are you talking about it'sw rowing timme

flaky we gotta get out of here because it's rowing timmme

team fun : becasuseeeee it's rowwwing timmmme

team extream: rowwwwwwwing timmmmmmmme

team fun becauseeeeeeeeeee it'ssssss rowwwwwwiwng timmmmmmme

team victory becauseee it's rowwwwing timmme it's crocidle seasonnnnnn

all contestants becccccausssssssseeeee it's roewwwwwwwwwing timmmmmmme

team victory: because it's rowwwwwwwwing timmmmmmmme yeah timmmmmme

team victory were gonna die if we don't speed up

team extream : because because it's rowwwwwwwwing timmmmmmmme

crazyflippy: our winner is team fun

team extream your coming to eminanation

the loser will be thrown out


mole your out

see ya next time

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